Изготовление и наполнение аквариумов по заказу

Aquaristics is a rather complicated science. Many dream that their apartments and offices decorated beautiful aquariums with fish, but do not know what side to approach the realization of this idea. After all, it is really difficult – to fill an aquarium on their own, given the compatibility of its inhabitants with each other, and create the right microflora. Therefore, the manufacture of custom-made aquariums – a business that certainly has high prospects.

The project does not require high investments. It is necessary to rent a workshop space of about 30 sq.m. and purchase the necessary equipment and materials. The staff will consist of 2-3 specialists, one designer and one accountant.

The range of custom-made aquariums can be very diverse. Basically, there are three main species – freshwater, marine and pseudomorphic (imitating the marine environment, but inhabited by freshwater inhabitants). Externally, aquariums can have any shape, they can even be built into furniture and walls.

Of the equipment will require special tables, mounting gun, a variety of knives and cutters, grinding machine. All this will cost about 30,000 dollars. Approximately the same amount should be put on purchase of materials and auxiliary tools.

The cost of one finished aquarium depends on its size, complexity of manufacturing and filling. Practice shows that investments pay off quickly enough. The standard markup rate in this business is 50%, sometimes higher. Even more can be earned by providing services to their own aquariums, but this will have to hire additional staff and purchase additional equipment.

You can see the profit margins on one simple example – an aquarium without filling. The cost of a finished container for fish in the volume of 250 liters is about 150 dollars. In retail, such an aquarium is sold for 480-500 dollars. On a day specialists are able to produce 5 units of products worth 45 000 dollars. We deduct the cost of materials, staff salaries, rent and taxes from this money – we get about 40 000 dollars of net income per month!