10 Commandments of men

Always and everywhere, acting like the master of life is the key to your success. Once you realize that, you’ll really be the master of life.


Never be embarrassed, never be shy, never be lost or stewed. Your self-confidence can’t break through anything. Never resent the behavior of other people. You can let go of the ironic half-voiced remark if the situation requires it, but never get out of balance, both externally and internally.

You always have to be calm. And then your calm will be passed on to the girl walking next to you. It’s dark and desolate outside, and there’s a crowd of evil bogeymen coming towards you? Spreading shoulders, raising your head, walking at the same pace as before, you are strong and calm. This is your neighbourhood, your city, your universe. There are no bogeymen, there are just passers-by.

“At this rate, no one will even try to run over you.”

Something was said afterwards – confidently and loudly in response, and all the business. If there is no way to avoid a conflict and really begins a mess, from which you can not get out of a competent conversation – fight. Get high from the very process of fighting and do not be afraid of anything. Are you a man or what? You see, your chances are absolute zero and you’ll just get killed – run. Don’t be afraid to sound like a coward, you’re not afraid of anything.


And don’t make excuses to the girl for anything. You do what you want, and you don’t have to explain anything. A girl would rather be lying in bed with you than carrying flowers to your grave. In fact, never make excuses for your actions, your deeds and your words. Don’t apologize if the situation really doesn’t require it. You decide what you do, you always have confidence in your actions and you don’t have to apologize to anyone.


Be nice to people and warn them, but don’t swagger and begrudge. If someone deliberately infringes on your dignity, put him in his place immediately, but calmly and without hysterics.

With girls, by the way, you have to follow that rule, too. Never be afraid to put in place a girl who starts to bury herself. It’ll only add to your points by showing her who’s the owner and the master of ceremonies. Remember: any woman needs a man who’s stronger than her morally and physically. Even the most emancipated feminist in her heart dreams of having a man who can stumble on the shoulder and feel protected from everything in the world. No girl has yet left me when I tried to run over her with a return kindness. On the contrary, their eyes were beginning to glow with happiness, and they immediately demanded a lot of sex.


But never humiliate people for nothing, don’t mock them – that’s how you show your weakness. Never tease the weak, don’t hurt animals, don’t despise the poor. You’re a tough guy, and you won’t let anyone down in case of anything, but you don’t enjoy the process itself.

Learn to be above the crowd and love people at the same time. It’s not that hard if you understand that there’s something bright and positive about every person. And once you learn that, people will love you back.

Why do you need all this? Because women will start loving you too. And the whole pickup truck for you to turn into a real paradise – chose a girl, showed her how good you are (and without any stress – because you do not play the play, but really like this) – and all things. Take her and take her to your bed. And she will be with you as long as you want, and she will be happy infinitely.


Don’t ever be offended. Never at all. You just can’t be hurt or upset. You can’t even get angry – to any hit-and-run you respond in the same way, but very calmly, with a direct look in the eyes and a mandatory smile. In general, a direct look into the eyes combined with a smile is a very powerful thing. Women can’t resist this case. Any hit-and-runs after that tend to end. For a while, after which she will try to hit again. And she’ll definitely do it.


Treat everything with a healthy amount of humor. Make jokes where your jokes are appropriate. Don’t turn into a nerd. You have to combine everything I’ve described above with a little bit of slack. So on one side you’re Prince Charles and on the other you’re a bit of a bully without a king in your head. Such a sweet, bitter and very mysterious combination. You can be relied upon in the most important things, but you are completely unpredictable in the smallest things. You must have a mystery in you. Never open yourself up to a woman to the end, never give her reason to think she knows you “from and to”.


And don’t you ever complain about her life or other people. You’re always doing great and the best. You have to radiate life energy. If you feel tired and out of shape, it’s better to cancel a date at all than go out like that. When you go to a meeting in black thoughts and wrinkles on your forehead, it’s even worse than appearing in dirty and mint clothes. You’re gonna pass on your spirit to the girl and leave the worst impression of yourself.

Remember forever: You’re doing great in your life. When you’ve got that idea, you’ll know it’s true. And women will reach out to you – they feel successful men and want to be with them.


Under no circumstances should you talk to her about money unless she provokes you to do so. Money doesn’t matter to you. Yeah, it’s good to have it. It’s even better when it’s a lot, but you haven’t thought about it. You don’t work for money, you just get high on your job. Actually, all you do is get high. And money’s a boring and uninteresting topic, which you don’t really care about. Let it worry the people who have problems with it. You don’t have any problems in your life. Do you drive an old car? So what? You love your car, it’s nice to drive. You’re enjoying everything and getting high in your life. You’re successful, you have a good and interesting life. You’re bald early, aren’t you? You’re high on bald, and that’s it. And so on, it’s the same.


Don’t forget about such important things as posture, gait and posture. You have to keep your head high, not slouch. Are you shy of being big? There’s nothing to be shy about, most men envy you. It’s no secret that a woman wants to have a man who’s taller than her. So you’re very lucky to be able to take pictures of girls with extra-long legs who are suffering from having dicks around them. Show everyone how tall you are, straighten up. It’s a dignity, not a flaw. Spread your shoulders, do not shuffle your legs, go as the master of life – calmly and with dignity. On the face is always an expression of self-satisfaction and harmony with the world around. And the shadow of a light half-smile, which is always ready to materialize into a wide open smile, if you see a man who wants to smile. Whether it’s an old acquaintance or a girl you liked.

In a static position, your posture should also radiate confidence and affection for the world around you. Do not intertwine your arms and legs in tight knots – this closes you from reality. Do not hold your hands to your face, not three eyes, do not cover your mouth during the conversation, do not scratch your nose or head. It’s all self-confidence. The posture must be natural and relaxed. During the conversation, look at the person you are talking to, not to the side, but do not rub your eyes through it if the situation does not require it. Make people feel comfortable talking to you. Watch how your voice sounds. Speak clearly and intelligently, but don’t scream. Women like it when a man speaks clearly but softly, in a low voice. And don’t forget to smile more often. But don’t turn into Guimplen. It should be as much as it takes, not as much as it takes. Know how to be serious, too. Anyway, work on these moments, don’t let your appearance get away with it, and you’ll be fine.

Do not be sad

You must always be in a good mood, you must always feel interesting and attractive. You should always have an internal life rapture switch on everywhere. You have to be pepper, ivy and jabbed. As if you’d had a couple of glasses of cognac I wrote about above. Just learn to induce and maintain this mood without any stimulants.

“If you can’t, anchor yourself on this case.”

And when you’re in that mood, people around you will feel it, and they’ll be interested in you. Try to be always and everywhere in a good mood, and people will reach out to you, including pretty girls. An expensive dressed handsome man with a face like “don’t get in, kill!” is much less interesting for them than an ordinary guy, from whom waves of friendliness and joy come.

After I was in a state of intoxication in my life, waitresses, saleswomen, secretaries and hairdressers always flirted with me. When I walk up to the counter or cashier’s desk, I immediately notice them assembling, fixing their hair and starting to smile barely noticeably. Don’t be lazy to smile at the girl and say a few friendly phrases, even if you’re not going to have any relationship with her. Thus, you get used to easy and free to communicate with people, get a lot of hat acquaintances and do not stop to feel their growing appeal.

The main thing in your mood is that you know that you can do whatever you want. You’re determined to win and succeed. You’re a man in your prime and fantastic shape. They need you a lot more than you need them. The whole world is yours.