10 Foods you need to eat at night to lose weight

The common rule “If you want to lose weight do not eat after 18.00” is a myth. In fact, there are products that are not only possible, but also need to be eaten at night if you want to lose weight.

The main principle that needs to be guided by those who want to lose weight: the female body reacts very painfully to a hunger strike. Our body is imprisoned for carrying children, so it perceives a lack of nutrients and strict diets as a distress signal. When you are starving, your body instantly switches to a mode of energy conservation, and instead of spending calories, it starts to store them. You didn’t eat after 18.00, but went to bed at midnight and couldn’t fall asleep from hunger? Rest assured; your body will stockpile all that you eat in the morning.

So, what is worth eating at night if you want to lose weight?

1. Dairy products. Kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese, natural yogurt – all these are sources of light protein, which is perfectly absorbed, does not overload the body and is not deposited in the form of excess fat. The main rule – all these products must be savory! The optimal portion is 200 g.

2. Milk. Warm milk before bedtime is a classic of the genre. It not only contains protein, but also tryptophan, this amino acid soothes and causes drowsiness. And the better you get enough sleep, the lower the risk that you will want to replenish your energy reserves with the help of sweet and fatty foods the next day.

3. Eggs. It is also a source of healthy protein. The best option is 2 hard-boiled eggs, or an omelet from two eggs, cooked with tomatoes and spinach.

4. Poultry meat. Skinless chicken or turkey meat will maintain a good metabolic rate and will not interfere with a good night’s sleep. It is a source of vitamins A, E, B and a whole complex of minerals. In poultry meat there are practically no carbohydrates, so you can not be afraid of a figure. An ideal serving is 100-150 g of chicken breast (steam or boil) + as many fresh vegetables.

5. White fish. There is a very low percentage of fat in fish, but there is a lot of useful protein. For a late dinner, choose low-fat varieties – cod, pike, hake.

6. Steamed vegetables. After heat treatment, fiber from vegetables is easier to digest. Vegetables for dinner can be boiled, stewed or cooked in a slow cooker. They will be perfectly digested and work as a natural sorbent – they will remove toxins from the intestine. The main rule is to cook without oil and salt as little as possible.

7. Berries. In one glass of strawberries or blueberries – no more than 70 calories, and vitamins and antioxidants – a huge amount. And fiber and pectin’s will also stimulate the intestines.