10 Ideas to make this summer your best

Summer has already started, which means it’s time to plan for it. There must be rest, entertainment, self-development and some space for improvisation. After all, all the interesting things happen unexpectedly. Before you only the best ideas for summer 2020!

For each summer season we make a lot of plans. And we come up with new ideas how to spend it fun, interesting and useful. But to make it happen at once can be difficult. And in pursuit of productivity it is easy to forget about the most important thing – the pleasure of each sunny day. We’re offering you a minimum list. In it only that really will help to spend the best summer and get a lot of new experiences, benefits and pleasures.

  1. Read the books

As trivial as it may sound, summer vacation is the best time to read all the literature that you have not reached during the year. Don’t be afraid to take serious books. Hot summers are somehow easier to take. To make it more interesting, get your friends involved. Arrange a kind of Challenge: who will read more books before September. You can also take part in an online relay race or join a real book club. An easy competitive spirit and the opportunity to exchange ideas with similar literature lovers will surely contribute to more satisfaction from reading.

  1. Practice in the open air

It’s in the air, forget about the gym for a while! You can run in the park or on the waterfront, exercise on the playground in the yard or have a mini championship with friends for your favorite sport. And cycling through the city’s beautiful scenery will bring double pleasure: useful and exciting. Even in a bustling metropolis, it’s better to work out on the street. Studies confirm that the city air is not a hindrance. Just drink plenty of water.

  1. Start to finally get some sleep

Many urban residents have a very sleepy schedule, especially in the autumn and winter. Summer is the perfect chance to get it right. When can’t you get up so early and feel cheerful and full of energy? To keep your sleep strong, don’t eat in front of it. Put your gadgets down early. Better read it, think about something nice. Take care of the comfortable temperature in the room. The bedding also affects sleep. It’s very nice to sleep on light silk sets in the heat, which are almost not heated. Try to keep the same regime all summer, including during your vacation. After all, you’ll have to go back to working weekdays. And if you sleep well, you’ll feel great all year long.

  1. Take a vacation out of town

The best option in this difficult post quarantine time is the summerhouse. Even after spending part of the weekend in the garden, then you can have a great rest. If this is not possible, organize a trip outside the city at least for a day. Forest, mountains, river – many options. Take a walk, swim, breathe fresh air, fire delicious kebabs, communicate with family and friends – this is what summer is for.

  1. Plant something at home

If you don’t have a summer cottage, and you can’t take away your craving for nature, organize small seedbeds right on the balcony or window sill. Under these conditions, greenery grows well. But with some effort, even fruits and berries can be grown. The Internet is full of tips for beginner gardeners. The first time you can’t do anything. But it won’t be boring for sure, plus you’ll spend more time in the air.

  1. Master new skills

Spend your free time benefiting – learn something new. Enroll in courses or study tutorials online. In the cold season often do not have the strength and energy to study, but in the summer of enthusiasm even more! In three months, it is quite real to learn a new skill at a good level. Who knows, maybe in autumn you will become an expert in classical music or an experienced gardener? Even in the warm months, when the shelves are full of fresh fruit and berries, you can learn a lot of new, delicious and useful recipes. But try only what’s really interesting to you. And don’t be upset if something doesn’t work out right away. After all, the main thing is not the result, but the process.

  1. Travel the country

It’s still unclear where we’re going to go this year. But we’ll probably all be able to travel around our home country. The easiest option is to visit places in town where you haven’t been yet. There must be some museums, galleries or just a beautiful park. If you can, make sure you go to nearby cities. We are sure that you have not visited all the reserves and have not seen all the sights of your homeland. Besides, it’s much cheaper than a holiday abroad. To avoid unnecessary expenses, plan the route in advance, think over the program, book accommodation.

  1. Find an unusual hobby

Agreed, there are so many soap operas coming out now that the question “What to do in your spare time?” does not have to be raised. But you can watch the new series in winter. And when the weather is so nice outside, you should try something new. The list of possible hobbies is simply huge: photography, video shooting, scrapbooking, needlework, drawing, nature observation and so on. Choose what your soul lies in. And devote time to this throughout the summer, then by September you can already boast of good skills.

  1. Enjoy the art of summer

If you really want to see a movie, do it in a special atmosphere. There are open-air cinemas in almost every city right now. Or you can easily arrange one with your friends. Find a projector, prepare something delicious and make a list of your favorite movies and the latest novelties. On a warm summer night it’s also great to listen to music. Attend concerts in parks, stop to support street musicians. For a pleasant experience, follow simple advice: use sun protection during the day and mosquitoes in the evening. Bring a rain jacket or rain jacket if it’s likely to rain. Also don’t forget about snacks and drinks.

  1. Just relax

You won’t need any plans or checklists for that. You don’t have to sign all three months by the minute, you can keep the right to rest. Just let yourself do nothing for a while and enjoy every moment of the long-awaited summer. We all sometimes need to get our problems and things out of our heads and relax properly. And in summer, it’s the best way to do that.