10 most popular sports in the world

There is a great variety of sports in the world. That’s why it’s hard to say which one is the most popular. Everyone has his or her own preferences for sport. Then the question arises, what is the criterion for determining the popularity of sport?

Everything is simple here: such criteria include fame itself, the number of spectators (media rating in the media).

We present you the top 10 most popular sports with millions of fans all over the world.

  1. Golf

GolfGolf is known primarily as a game of the rich. To understand why this is the case, simply estimate the size of the course and estimate its cost. Moreover, golf is one of the oldest sports.

There are more than six hundred million fans of this sport around the world, which makes it a top official sport.

  1. Rugby

Rugby Rugby has many names and varieties. This game is often confused with American football, which is associated with the same shape of the ball and similar rules of play, but it is a very different sport, born in the UK.

Rugby is not popular in Russia, but in South America, New Zealand and Argentina, the picture is quite different. In recent years, the number of fans of this sport has risen to as much as 200 million people.

  1. Table tennis

Table tennis Probably one of the most popular games among young people. Besides, table tennis is also the fastest sport.

According to statistics, today there are more than 300 fans of such tennis. Interesting fact: table tennis was invented in the USA, and in China it is considered one of the most popular sports.

  1. Hockey

HockeyPaloosely, it’s the most male sport I’ve ever seen. Hockey is a national game of “northerners”, which includes mainly Canada, the United States, Russia and Finland. In the subcontinent context, hockey is the second most popular sport. But gradually it was recognized by the whole world, and now it has millions of fans in every corner of the globe.

It is worth noting that hockey is not only played with ice hockey: there is also ball hockey, grass hockey and air hockey.

  1. Basketball

Basketball is the most popular game among American youth, especially black youth. There is an opinion that in America every second one is born with a ball in hand. And this is not an empty sound.

By the way, all basketball players are united by one dream – to get into the National Basketball Association (NBA).

  1. Baseball

Baseball is the national American game of baseball. But in addition to the United States, this sport has also found recognition in China and Taiwan.

Baseball fans can be found in 11 countries around the world, and in total there are about six hundred million of them. Interesting fact: baseball players are considered to be one of the richest athletes.

  1. Volleyball

VolleyballAll 900 million people are fans of volleyball all over the world. At first it was just a beach game of “fun for the sake of”, but then volleyball became an official sport, which is practiced professionally.

At the moment, sportsmen from more than 100 countries participate in this game.

  1. Tennis

The top three leaders of our rating are, of course, opened by a big tennis game. The number of fans of this sport is approaching one billion people! The most popular venues for big tennis are America and Australia, where the world-famous Wimbledon tournaments are held.

Some pleasant statistics: Russian tennis players Maria Sharapova and Anna Kurnikova are recognized as the most beautiful tennis players in this sport.

  1. Swimming

SwimmingPeople were able to swim a few millennia B.C., and their styles resembled modern brothers and rabbits. To date, it is engaged in 8, 1% of all engaged in sports, which is explained by the huge health benefits of water sports, and the practical absence of injuries and contraindications.

During swimming, many muscle groups from all parts of the body are involved, which provides intensive training, as well as swimming – a great way to harden.

  1. Football

Football – the most popular sport in the worldThe images of football existed in ancient times, but the official date of birth of this game is 1848, when the rules of the game were recorded. Today, 8.4% of athletes play football, and more than a third of the world’s population are fans.

Football is the most popular sport in Russia. During the game, oxygen consumption triples, not to mention muscle development. In addition to physical development, football also helps to learn tactics, and many people can’t do monotonous exercises for a long time, and the gaming nature of this sport ensures steady interest.

What about track and field athletics?

AthleticsUndoubtedly, athletics is the most popular field in the world sport, but it consists of several kinds of athletics, each of which is not so popular separately. Today we have considered the specifics, so we did not include track and field athletics in the top 10.

Statistics of people involved in sports is an integral part of a healthy person’s life. It is the very same link without which a healthy lifestyle as such is impossible. In the conditions of modernity, constant changes, some sports are becoming a thing of the past, some, on the contrary, occupy their place on the pedestal of honor and popularity, and some are just beginning to gain momentum.

The most popular sports remain unchanged. You can hardly imagine a world without football or hockey, for example. Sport is a legacy that we must pass on to succeeding generations for the health and prosperity of the world’s peoples.