10 Options for earning money for students

Every year the number of young job seekers who want to find a job or a part-time job without interrupting their studies increases in the labor market. In what fields can a student work as a part-time student?

Today’s younger generation wants to become financially independent from their parents as quickly as possible. This is dictated not only by the inherent needs of young people, but also by the need to cover basic expenses themselves. The economic crisis has had a negative impact on the financial capabilities of many Russian families, so students help their parents in this way. Every year, the number of young job seekers who want to find a job or part-time work without interrupting their studies increases.

In what areas can a student get a part-time job?

Traditionally the most student-friendly areas are: retail, customer service, sales, hotel and restaurant business, advertising. Young people most often turn to part-time work in catering establishments – this segment is the leader in terms of the number of young people employed. In addition, students can always consider 10 “classic” options as part-time jobs.

  1. Sales consultant

Depending on the load, as well as the place of work, at such a position can receive from 10,000 to 50,000 dollars per month. For example, the income of a sales assistant in a mobile electronics showroom is 20-35 thousand, and in a store of brand clothing and accessories – 30-60 thousand.

  1. Loader

10.4 thousand job offers for loader in Moscow posted. The average salary for them is 22,000 dollars.

3. Barista

The average salary of a barista is 30,000 dollars. And the advantage of such employment is the development of communication skills.

  1. Merchandiser

In such a position, you can not only moonlight (income – from 12,000 to 28,000 dollars), but also develop skills that will be useful when you enter the labor market as a young professional. Such experience will be especially useful for students of marketing and advertising

  1. Cashier

The cashier can count on an average salary of 22,000 dollars.

  1. Tutor

Tutoring requires exceptional self-management. The income depends on the workload and the rate per hour of work.

  1. Call Center Operator

The average salary is 23,000 dollars.

  1. Waiter

Average income – 25,000 dollars.

  1. Freelance

Copywriter, SMM-manager, etc. can earn 15,000 – 50,000 dollars.

  1. Administrator (e.g. at a fitness club)

For such positions, you can earn between 15,000 and 30,000 dollars per month.

In addition to these “traditional” options for student earnings remain such positions:

– Courier: this position allows you to form a schedule by yourself. But it is worth remembering that most orders are placed in the evening and delivered in the first half of the day;

– Secretary, laboratory assistant: an opportunity not only to work in their own institution, but also to be on good account with influential teachers. If you demonstrate your activity and diligence, it is possible that in the future you will be recommended as a good employee to a larger employer;

– Translator: an ideal opportunity for a successful career start for those who know foreign languages. Apply to large companies and send your resume directly to employers you are interested in. It’s worth trying even if the company doesn’t have any open positions – sometimes it works out well for the proactive job seeker.

Requirements for student employees

The main requirement for an employee who combines work with training is a high responsibility and the ability to competently manage their time. That is, it is important to develop time management skills. In addition, most employers put at the forefront initiative, communication skills and the ability to quickly assimilate new information.