10 qualities of a real woman

A man’s view of what a real woman should be is an intriguing topic. So without further preamble and reasoning, meet a man’s view of real women!

A real woman should be.

  1. Loving.

No matter what they shout feminists, the most important quality in a woman for any man – is the ability to love, to give his warmth and tenderness. She can be as beautiful, rich, sexy, but if she does not know how to sincerely love her man – she is unlikely to find true mutual feelings.

  1. Kind.

Generosity – a male quality, and kindness – a female quality. She must be able to forgive mistakes, not only of others, but of her own. As Napoleon Bonaparte said, “a beautiful woman like eyes, and good heart; one is a beautiful thing, and another – a treasure.

  1. Feminine.

She must look like a woman and behave accordingly. Femininity is difficult to describe in words. It is either there or it is not. It is safe to say that boy-babies are a forced product of nature – they are not real women.

  1. Wise and patient.

And it’s not about a degree or academic knowledge at all. Only innate, natural wisdom, allowing a girl to look into the depths of the human soul and see the essence of things, makes a real woman out of her. She understands the laws of nature and relationships at a genetic level. She knows how to enjoy life.

  1. A good psychologist.

How else can she manage a man so masterfully? She understands the people around her and why they think and act the way they do. This ability is given to all women by nature as a tool in choosing a man (the father of their future children).

  1. To be able to be defenseless and strong.

But only next to her man. In this way, she expresses her trust in him. But when there is no young man around, a real woman does not put down her hands and do not cry about destiny – she builds her own future and knows how to be strong.

  1. A hard worker.

She likes to give her warmth, her labor. “Glamorous pussies” with rich “daddies”, concerned only with buying a new pair of boots… you know, right? Hard work is not so much about making money (let’s leave that to men) as it is about taking care of the house and children.

  1. Housewife.

Her house is always tidy, her husband is fed, and her children are dressed. Period.

  1. Fair.

She will not allow her man to commit mean and unworthy of respectful deeds. Naturally, she will never lower herself to such things.

  1. Different.

She will smell fresh in the morning, delicious pies in the daytime, and expensive perfume in the evening. Depending on the situation and life circumstances, she can be sexy, housewife, gentle, sweet, stubborn, tough, strong, weak – she knows how to be anything!