10 reasons to choose a hostel instead of a hotel

Before going on vacation or a business trip, you should consider where you are going to stay in an unfamiliar city. Even if you plan to spend a few days, it is important to stay in a comfortable place that provides comfort and safety. There are not many options – rental apartments, hotels, hostels.
Living conditions in a hotel

Hotels, especially five-star, comfortable accommodation, a full range of services, restaurants, spa salons. Employees of hotels carefully monitor the order, guests do not have to worry about the safety of things. Around the clock availability of hot water, fresh linens, perfect room cleanliness is not even talking about. No need to think where to eat, hotel restaurants offer treats for every taste.

If you have guests in your room, you can order dinner in the room. Hotels offer entertainment for all tastes, there are beauty salons, billiards, bowling and more. This attracts tourists, but most of them are immediately scared off by the prices. For the stay at the hotel you will have to pay a tidy sum, it is not for everyone.
Hostel Advantages

Hostels are small apartments for visitors are becoming increasingly popular. Vacationers, students on vacation and business travelers appreciate the benefits of this type of housing:

Compared to a hotel, a hostel offers a minimum of services, so the cost of living is affordable to everyone. If you stay in a dormitory that can accommodate up to a dozen bunk beds, you will have to pay quite a bit. If you like peace and quiet, you can rent a private room, which is almost the same as a hotel room, but the price is much lower.
Some establishments offer breakfast.
Hostels keep their rooms and common areas clean and dry daily.
Equipped kitchen allows you to save money and cook your own food. This is especially important for people who need to follow a diet. Citizens who come to work from different regions of the Russian Federation and from abroad in search of shift work prefer to cook food, it is cheaper and tastier.
The establishments have common areas where you can relax, meet new people and have interesting conversations.
The hostel near metro Chernyshevskaya maintains a warm friendly atmosphere, here you can get acquainted with visitors from different countries, make friends, organize a joint party, go on an excursion or the beach. Most of the guests are travelers, interesting, relaxed and cheerful people.
Hostel staff treats all guests in a friendly way, this is an important difference from the primitive hotel staff.
People who regularly stay in hostels treat each other with understanding, here other values are different. They try not to disturb their neighbors and respect their privacy.
Measures are taken in the hostels to keep personal belongings safe. In the rooms lockers, and valuables can be placed in a safe at the reception.
You can stay in the hostel for workers for any length of time, the linen will be changed regularly.

Of course, in a hostel it will be difficult for a person who prefers solitude. There is no possibility for privacy, there will be people around all the time. It is better for such person to stay in a hotel. In the hostel no one can guarantee the safety of things, it is better to put valuable things in a safe. The level of comfort is lower than in the hotel, shower and bathroom in a common area. There are hostels in every major city.