10 Reasons to travel alone

You don’t know whether to travel alone or find a traveling companion? Today we’re going to give you 10 reasons why it’s better to travel alone. You don’t have to convince your friends to go with you or look for travel companions on Internet forums, because it’s so nice to travel alone! Today we’re going to give you 10 reasons why traveling alone is better than traveling with company. Each person has his own pace of life: one might get up in the morning and tidy up in 10 minutes, while another might need at least a couple of hours for that, some like to come to the airport in advance, and some are sorry to waste time when you could have had time to visit a couple of museums. So when we travel, we feel discomfort from having to wait for traveling companions or, on the contrary, from being nervous and in a hurry. Traveling alone, you can exist at your own pace.

No need to agree on a plan

When traveling alone, you can spend the day in a spa or a car museum, stop for a few hours at a major mall or lay on the beach a week covered with a perfect “chocolate” tan, dine three times in a row or “hang out” for the night at the club, and you do not have to convince anyone to keep you company, no need to agree the route and disregard their own desires to maintain relationships. Do not have to share Living together means that you will constantly have to compromise and share a lot: for example, the room may be the only outlet, and all the phones, computers and cameras require charging, and you will need to decide whose equipment is more important. Or your traveling companion thinks he’s entitled to use your toothpaste or shampoo (without even trying to take his own from home). And some people think it’s okay to constantly climb into your plate and try everything you order.

Even someone you know long ago, if you are in the same room with him, can give you a lot of surprises: suddenly it turns out that you sleep too lightly, and your neighbor snores loudly, and it is impossible to wake him up, even to tell him about it. Or he used to run to the bathroom ten times a night and rattle the doors, and you wake up at every rustle. It is just as uncomfortable to live together if your mate prefers warmth and is afraid of drafts, and you are used to airing the room and sleeping with the window open. No one to break the loneliness Every person from time to time needs a break from people and be alone with yourself. If you share a room with a friend, then you won’t have a second of loneliness. Most likely, you won’t be able to sit in silence (because your neighbor will want to talk or he’ll turn on the TV), you won’t be able to reflect on what you saw during the day without answering “what are you thinking about” questions. No one will remind you of “home” problems Sometimes we buy tickets, hoping to take a break from stress at work or from some family turmoil. Inviting someone you know to travel with you, in fact, you put these home problems in your suitcase: choosing a friend as a traveling companion, on vacation you will inevitably discuss common friends, if you go with a colleague – can not avoid talking about the office. Completely disconnect and forget everything will succeed only if you’re alone.

More chances to make new friends

Travelling alone you have a much better chance of meeting new people and making friends in different parts of the world. You’ll constantly have to ask all sorts of questions to the locals, and probably some of them will agree to show you the city, take you to a fancy club or even invite you to a family celebration. And other people psychologically easier to start a conversation with you when there is no one around.

If you go on a trip with friends, your adventures, especially the ones you want to hide, are bound to become public: your acquaintances, a few hundred people on Facebook, and finally your parents will know about them. “Good” friends are sure to take pictures or film you falling off an elephant, and then even put it all on the Internet. It is clear that it will be especially interesting for friends to gossip about your love affairs or lack thereof. And traveling alone, you can tell your comrades only what you want.

No one will judge your work If you were the organizer of the trip, then prepare yourself that throughout the voyage will have to listen to all kinds of comments: someone will not like the hotel, someone will blame you that you offered to buy tickets for a bad time, and the third will think that you poorly thought out the route, and, of course, no one to thank for the gigantic job you did. And even if everyone participated in the organization, then during the trip you will be reminded of everything you suggested. The only way to avoid this is to travel alone.

You learn to take responsibility for your actions

And finally, traveling alone, you learn to plan and take responsibility for the consequences of your actions: If you entered inaccurate information in the ticket or booked a hotel on the wrong date, if you were robbed, because for some reason you decided to turn into a dark alley, or you got lost in the Chinese countryside, where no one understands English, and you have no idea where your hotel is, then you will not be able to blame the travel agency or comrades in a mistake – only you will be guilty, and therefore responsible for the consequences and seek a solution will have only you.