10 Reasons why guys don’t look stylish

Often the desire to look stylish and original plays a bad joke with guys. It is impossible to insure yourself against this. Neither the cost of things, nor the imitation of celebrities, nor personal charisma will not save you if you keep stepping on the same rake typical mistakes.

Add to your bookmarks 10 typical mistakes and reasons why even with all the zeal some guys can not look stylish.

  1. Tags and labels

A lot of guys are sure that if they bought more expensive clothes, everyone should know about it. The paradox is that the most expensive brands don’t put labels on the most prominent places. It’s the middle and the second lines that suffer most.

So to impress someone with what you have saved up on branded jeans is unlikely to succeed. Bet on how the clothes look at you, because if it looks bad, even left on the sleeve price tag will not save!

  1. Clothes in a cladding

At the show, the costumes literally crack at the seams on the models, in magazines they sit as tightly as possible, but in real life, the suit and shirt in the cladding is more likely to lead to an abundance of creases and creases that will not decorate either clothes or figure. If you have an excellent pumped-up body – it can still save somehow, but if with a light tummy and slouch you chose a tight shirt and cracking at the seams of pants, there is no chance.

  1. Women’s clothes

The line between men’s and women’s clothing is now so tentative, especially if you have a size S, that jump over it in an effort to be a little more original – it’s simple! The result is not originality and elegance, but perplexity on the part of others. Less flirting with women’s stuff, more attention to the male classics!

  1. Masquerade costumes

Trendy magazines like GQ, working under the slogan “I’m not gay, but I’m learning!”, really like to do masquerade shots. Here are all the pirates, here are the bikers, here are the sailors and so on and so forth.

All this looks bright in the magazine and causes a desire to imitate, but in real life it only causes associations with the guy who escaped from the masquerade. There’s no point in skinning yourself and pretending to be a biker if you don’t know what a choper is and don’t know how to make a “rosette”.

  1. Lingerie Show

Most of the time, of course, guys get along with low-fitting jeans. Especially if they’re orange panties with skeletons. Believe me, it’s not attractive or original. Choose underwear of neutral colors and try to make sure that only you know about its availability.

Another common mistake is underwear shirts and T-shirts as outerwear. They always look too careless, especially when combined with jackets.

  1. Incorrect use of accessories

Rider boots and suspenders look really cool. But the former are appropriate only at the racetrack, and the latter is better still to fasten to the pants, not to a sweater. Choosing one or another accessory, do not forget about its original purpose.

  1. Plenty of costume jewelry

Costume jewellery is always redundant. It can be introduced if you are a dandy and everything else has been honed to perfection. But the necklace in the form of a snake on a greasy shoelace combined with a T-shirt does not add points, and very much the opposite. Didn’t you have enough toys as a child? Or did you have 40s of your kind?

  1. Glasses

Hipster Fashion has rehabilitated the glasses and now guys with poor eyesight can no longer complex. But if you put two guys next to each other – one with glasses and the other without, there is a high probability that both the girls and the employer and the ATM will give preference to the second. The image of a nerd can be touching, complaining, sympathetic, but never delighted. Glasses only go to brutal dark-faced males.

  1. Excessively elegant

It’s cool that you’ve read all the books on the history of men’s suits and skillfully combined a stripe, cage and peas on a breastplate, but who needs it in line at McDonald’s? This acrobatic may impress someone at fashion hangouts, but outside of them is more likely to cause a wide range of unnecessary associations.

  1. Lack of an ass

I won’t talk long about how important it is to watch your figure, but nothing spoils a guy like X-shaped thin legs and flat ass. In the morning, before breakfast, the legs were spread wide, the socks were pointed to the sides at an angle of 45 degrees, the knees look at the socks and squat to the level of the knees, deflecting the lower back. Not squatting children, but with tension, as they do during qigong gymnastics. And in the process, you should feel all three muscles that make up your ass.

In the end, well-fitting pants get rid of the question – where is the belt? You don’t need it!

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