10 Rules for a kick-ass party

Spring hints that the season of loud parties is just around the corner. Instead of waiting until the thermometer rises to 30, we suggest throwing a cool and hot home party! Two entertainment experts, Time Out and Rich, have gathered the best ideas and tips on how to throw the coolest party within four walls that your friends will remember for a long time.

Express Preparations

To party to enjoy not only the guests but also the organizers, it must be perfect, and the beginning, that is preparation, and the action itself. Tip one: Buy everything you need is better in a hypermarket – so you save a lot of time. On the way there, in traffic, think of a scenario for the party – for example, in the spirit of flamenco or cabaret. Then make a shopping list and strictly follow it without distractions. That way, in half a day you’ll be able to prepare for everything.


Decor is the raisin that’s usually missing at house parties. Universal holiday decorations will be garlands hung on the walls, against which, incidentally, the most successful bows for Instagram are obtained. Perfectionist organizers can go further and thematically decorate the house. For example, safely place cacti around the apartment, hang a sombrero and buy false mustaches for guests on a Mexican night. Another option is to throw a girly gathering in pastel colors with a rain of satin ribbons and bouquets of tulips or a bright pin-up party to celebrate the arrival of spring.


Guests gradually flock, and there comes a time of awkward silence – some have yet to meet, some are still mentally at work. The main thing here is not to delay the moment and quickly treat your friends to an aperitif, which will smoothly prepare them for the raucous fun. The aperitif should not be flashy or very heavy. Mango Rum Collins or Grape Cobbler cocktails with Rich juice are ideal.

Melodies and rhythms

Music is perhaps the most important thing at a party. At the very beginning it should be a light background of conversation and the latest gossip. And in the midst of the party – to motivate even the most humble guy. As practice shows, when guests are “fresh”, they prefer to discuss their subtle musical tastes and express “fi”. We please the music lovers with light funk, disco 70’s or instrumental hip-hop. And after that, we play everyone’s favorite 90’s pop compilation.

A savory appetizer

With food as with alcohol – the main thing is not to go to extremes. Lack of appetizers is fraught with too groggy guests, who like elephants in a china shop will demolish your favorite vases and souvenirs. An abundance of food is long and costly to prepare. The way out is to prepare a few appetizers and one main dish that will please even the most accomplished gourmets. For example, quiche with salmon and tartar of strawberries and tomatoes. As a last resort, you canapés with cheeses and fruits in a hurry or ordered pizza will always help.

Games, contests, charades

A long night is ahead, in which there will be everything – the joy of new acquaintances, laundering of bones to the absent, coquetry, unrestrained fun and dancing. To keep the guests continuously fun not just at the expense of alcohol, arrange a few games and contests. At the peak of popularity – twister, pantomime, scrabble and mafia, just do not recall competitions from your brother’s wedding with bananas, balloons and chairs.

Topics of conversation

A good party depends 99% on organization. The host should set the tone – having fun himself and keeping an eye on the mood of the guests. You’re likely to have to be the center of attention, so prepare a few topics to save awkward moments. For example, discuss the results of the Olympics or future travel, most importantly – not a word about work, exes and Moscow weather – it’s boring.

Singing, Karaoke

There are always shy singers in the company who snatch microphones from each other in the morning to sing the final theme from Titanic. Turn on karaoke in another room and a little before everyone, including the neighbors, gets ready for bed. That way the singers won’t interfere with the dancers and can even have a soprano contest.


Let’s tell you a secret – almost everyone goes to a party for the purpose of making new and pleasant acquaintances. That’s why a lot of unfamiliar guys and girls will make it really memorable – because there is a chance to meet the one. Even if innocent coquetry will not bring anything but embarrassment in the morning – it will be remembered by the guest and leave a feeling that he did not come/dress/beauty for nothing.

Beautiful Finale

Finishing the ball beautifully is even more difficult than starting. You are running out of strength and there is only one wish – to go to bed and pretend to be a sleeping beauty at least for the next thousand years. Knowing this peculiarity of the body, prepare the beds in advance, you will not be able to get everyone out anyway. Set yourself a reminder to be sure to wash off your makeup before going to bed and put a bag of Rich tomato juice in the fridge – it will save you in the morning in combination with tobasco sauce, spices and lemon juice.