10 Signs you’re dying as a homeless person

Any object at home or at work broadcasts to you the signs of a “rich and successful man. Chicks from insta look invitingly with open eyes, ready to open their juicy lips for your junior. And somehow it becomes a little embarrassing not to be successful.

Clearing the boss’s heel, getting ahead, rushing, reaching, catching up, rushing at full speed, tearing and throwing – this is a small list of things you need to do in order to climb Mount Olympus.

And you do not understand – but why do you need it all? Why jump over your head, all this trouble? I have every right to be an honorable, totally unsuccessful beggar, or don’t I? I can’t decide for myself how to live my life?

One dude analyzed the centuries-old history of the successful and famous, and deduced a fundamental framework that will keep you from being one of the many, allow you to stop suffering from remorse.

The top 10 signs that a mom won’t see a successful son

  1. Every Monday you start to change your own life, but … in fantasy

After an exuberant binge with similarly unsuccessful comrades at the end of the week, your head is filled with thoughts – something has to change, you can’t go on like this.

I will definitely start on Monday, but maybe not this Monday, but next Monday, or on my birthday, or when the Moon changes with the Sun.

You have holy faith in your updated version, which will reach everything at the snap of your fingers. Instasamos will begin to ooze the juices of desire and love from the kind of person you imagine yourself to be.

Employers will passionately narc…call your phone, cut off your emails, because they saw you as a super power super employee. They all want you like the coveted Afon of the latest model.

Just remember periodically that corporations can put any crap into their iPhones, even if they cover them with bullshit cameras on all sides – they’ll get away with it.

But your erotic-moist fantasies about sacred change will simply dissipate like dust kicked out of a carpet. You’ll run out of fantasies, wasting energy on them. The more Mondays and birthdays you flip through, the less chance you have of fulfilling even a tenth of your dreams.

  1. Responsibility? Nope, haven’t heard

It’s not about you, man. It’s your boss who doesn’t understand how to run a company, because he doesn’t understand. His assistant, who sneakily puts sticks in your not yet BMW wheels, is to blame.

The bastard neighbor is also to blame. Because of his quarrels with another girlfriend you do not sleep, and therefore at work, do not work at full capacity.

It’s my mom’s fault. Why didn’t she raise me to be a real man?

What about my girlfriends, the bitches? It’s their fault if you have to spend a lot of dough on them or they don’t spread their pumped legs when you need them.

Friends are just as much to blame! Was it hard to take that easy case for me to make money?

At the end of the day! It’s the government’s fault! If you’d managed the country better, you’d have lived differently.

Everyone is to blame, without exception. And you – white and fluffy. It’s not your fault.

  1. You drop everything halfway

You never follow through. “Oh, that’ll do!” – is a phrase burned into your booze-expanded liver. It’s a motto for life – well, successful people have mottos, don’t they?

All around you are telling you in unison – well, at least try to finish something. Well, at least a year at work.

But you don’t give a shit. You have to enjoy life, you have to live it in such a way that you have something to tell your children about. And you’re bouncing around in jobs, jobs, part-time jobs, like a hedgehog in the grass in a thick fog. And it’s as if you have something to remember and nothing to tell. Because you seem to have results, but you’re not proud of it.

4.Your blue, no, pink, ugh! In short, the main dream is to wake up a billionaire

Obviously, you won’t tell anyone about such a dream. But you can here. Let’s be honest, do you have some crazy thoughts in your head? You’re going to wake up, and in an instant, everything will change dramatically.

You’ll wake up from your dream, and you’ll see around you a gorgeous bedroom, five concubines with rose petals (no less!), washers of your desirable body, etc.

And you get it all for FREE. Just like that, no studying, no interviews, no work, no struggles in the team and no life at all.

A snap of the fingers and pop – life shines with new colors. Chicks with stunning figures in one voice singing serenades, bowing, and you, like Don Corleone, are already preparing to make a decision on the business that suddenly fell down. What is it – to rule the destinies!

No way?

  1. The others are no match for you!

Gates is a creep who wants to exterminate the undesirable for the “golden billion” and is chipping people. Durov is a moron who stole the Vk idea from FB. Musk invented Tesla in a cannabis frenzy, and your boss is generally a transit passenger who was put in office for the sake of ticking a box. Your neighbor drives chicks around in the new Mazda his daddy bought.

But you alone are honest, stylish, athletic, intelligent, intelligent, knowledgeable in ethics of communication and behavior, with a great sense of tact and a great sense of humor. Put you on the throne right now instead of Peter the Great and put a wig on your super head. You are simply underestimated.

You don’t understand that your name is nobody. You’re a bagel because you look like a zero. And all because no one knows about your thoughts on how to turn things around globally. And only actions will save you, but you have to spend energy on them. It’s much easier to spend it on thinking.

  1. Only thieves and crooks succeed

You blindly believe that all the rich people around you are thieves, no otherwise. But you are a crystal honest, noble, you should not stoop to their level and take money from the poor and the needy.

The word “embezzled” burns all your bridges and cuts off the road to your prosperous life. That’s the way your father lived, that’s the way your grandfather lived, and that’s the way you should live.

  1. Study? Come on…

Don’t make me laugh! Study! I’ve done school, I’ve done university, and I’m back on the books?! No way! What’s the point? The magic phrase “ok, google” solves all the questions – get the answer you want.

Self-education? Have you seen how much those courses cost? The crooks are scamming the suckers, and the suckers are paying them a lot of money for nothing. I wish they’d give it to you, you’d find something to use it for.

  1. Whining and sniveling are your eternal companions

You’re reflexive about life. Every failure drives you into a corner. You start whining, sniveling, drooling – aah, now you won’t get up off your knees! You’ve lost and you can’t ride that horse. You’re not like the rest of them, remember?

After that comes the procrastination. Thoughts rage in your head, wailing about how to live your life now, and you lap them up, savoring them from every angle. You fall into grief and curse yourself for failing, blaming yourself for what you could have done…and didn’t.

You find yourself in a quagmire in which you are comfortable. You become a toad, getting high on the stinking swamp. And you go to the bottom – to booze, not wholesome food. Already almost a bum.

  1. What’s new? No! Not mine!

You are afraid of failure and block everything new in life. You worry about what they’ll say if you fail. That’s all they want. You let out a fart, and they’ll say a ton of shit came out.

You’re terrified of other people’s reactions, the haters, the other winners. Is it new? Nah, not mine.

  1. What is “plan B”?

You can’t answer the question – what will happen a year from now? You go into a stupor or you convulse. You put everything on plan A and you’re hysterically afraid it won’t come true. And it won’t. You live through the day, and you’re fine.

What, are you going to die a bum?