10 Things you need to know about life

We search the web for interesting materials and share the best of them with you. One of the users of the popular Quora website asked a question: what should everyone know about life? Former police officer and priest Justin Freeman gave a not too specific answer to this question.

1. Remember, no one cares about you. And if not, you don’t have to worry about it. Did you buy a new car? Nobody cares. Yes, you’ll be asked questions for a couple of weeks, not because someone cares about your life, but out of idle curiosity. And in three weeks, for everyone around you, your new car will merge with an endless stream of the same ones crawling in traffic outside their window. Your new vehicle will not worry them any more than you – other people’s cars. Did you buy a new knickknack? A new closet? Did you have dinner at a fancy restaurant? Did you go on holiday to Bali? Nobody cares. Try to make sure your happiness doesn’t depend on the people around you, because they have no opinion. And if they do, it’ll be either envy or hatred.

2. However, some people are an exception. There may be someone in your life who cares. True, he will still be interested in you, not your things, but because he will appreciate you, he will be interested in what interests you. And now, when you talk about any nonsense, you will look into your eyes, catch every word, and you will know that you are not alone. 10 things to know about life

3. Life needs to be spent with people like that. To be friends with them, and to marry them, too. Work with them and rest with them. No matter how much energy you have, you will not turn someone who doesn’t care about you into someone who is interested in you.

4. Money is very cheap. I mean, there’s a lot of it – trillions of dollars circulating around the world, and its value is mostly invented by us. Be generous and do not try to subdue your whole life to the desire to take a little piece of this huge pile. One of my acquaintances was very eager to save at least $100,000 – and for this purpose he worked and refused himself in many ways. Eventually he saved up the desired amount, but almost immediately after that he died of cancer. I have no doubt that his wife’s new husband appreciated his efforts.

5. Money is very expensive. Sometimes it’s hard to get the right amount, just like predicting financial trouble. So be reasonable. Try not to take a loan secured by assets that can become cheaper, and never get into debt to make fun of ego (see rule #1). Nowadays debt has become the norm, but one should not thoughtlessly take it as an attribute of maturity – debt usually means lack of balance and in some sense loss of control. Avoiding debt for education is difficult, but it is not a given – my wife and I spent ten years in college in total, and at the time of graduation did not owe a cent. If you have to borrow money for education, at least make sure it’s an investment, not a net liability. Otherwise, it is impossible without tears to look at people who are in debt for tens of thousands of dollars for some kind of general humanitarian education simply because they do not know what they want from life. If you do not know what to do, go to Europe for a month – spend less, but learn more.

6. Learn the art of rhetoric. The ability to speak drives the world. If you understand this mechanics, you can, after ignoring the performance, look behind the curtain and understand who pulls what levers. Not only will you acquire immunity against advertising, marketing, salesmen and sweet-talkers and liars, but you will also learn to influence people with words. By learning this power, you will be able to convince people, give them confidence or calm the child. But keep in mind that in any discussion your opponent is not the person who stands opposite, and ignorance itself.

7. You are responsible for everyone around you and you yourself are responsible for yourself. We are responsible for all people, at least in the sense that we recognize their human dignity. However, we often have to go beyond that and become the voice of those who do not have a voice of their own. You read these words, but there must be other people around you whose burden is heavier than yours, and they also need human warmth, respect and chance. And vice versa, you are responsible for yourself. No one will succeed for you and no one will make you happy. That’s your job.

8. Remember the black swans. Sometimes the most meticulous plan can become a victim of chaos, and if you have no reserve – financial or emotional – you will become a victim of this chaos. Don’t be afraid of risks, but don’t forget about reserves. There are people who think that having a plan B is a sign of lack of faith in success, but I suppose they don’t live in such a way that they only have enough money for dinner tonight. You need to always have something to lean on. 10 things you need to know about life

9. We need people around us at the same time – and we can do without them. Man is a social animal, and regardless of the theory of anthropogenesis that you believe in, it’s hard to deny it – “we” are always more than “I”. Nevertheless, the meaning of life is not to “find your soul mate” – this idea was sold to you by Disney cartoons. All this nonsense about just believing and never stopping searching is just a deception, at least arithmetically. Build your life, and if you meet someone you want to include in it – believe me, you will understand.

10. Always give more than you’re expected.