10 TOP brands of underwear for men

Men’s underwear is the most necessary part of the closet. If the shirt can be replaced with a T-shirt, and the pants – with shorts, then underwear is indispensable nothing, unless you are certainly not ready to completely refuse to wear underwear. The quality of sewing, the composition of the fabric and the convenience of the style depend on the well-being and even the health of the man. Studies have already proved the impact of underwear styles on reproductive function, so their choice should not be disdainful.

Fortunately, today there is a huge assortment of various models available for the strong sex. The best brands of men’s underwear offer beautiful and quality products, which can be purchased in brand stores, stationary outlets, as well as online.

In order not to get confused in the variety of firms, styles and styles, let’s consider the best brands of men’s underwear closer. The selection is made on the basis of data on the number of sales and popularity of brands.

The most famous manufacturers of men’s lingerie

Not so long ago, the list of men’s intimate life consisted of “family members”, shirts and underpants. It was believed that this detail of the closet is not visible to anyone, except for loved ones, which means that its aesthetic data have no special meaning.

Times have changed, modern underwear is experiencing a heyday associated with a change in mentality and habits of men, who began to more closely monitor their appearance. They go to the gym, forming a beautiful body, which is not ashamed to demonstrate to others, and for this it is necessary to wear underwear that corresponds to his inner world view.

Demand gives birth to supply, and today the market for men’s underwear is not inferior to that of women in terms of the number of elements. In addition to a dozen items of underwear (briefs, boxers, slips, hips, tanga, etc.), the arsenal of modern men is available:







and even erotic clothes.

The world’s lingerie brands compete with each other to draw attention to their products. Fighting for the buyer, manufacturers use higher quality fabrics and invent more and more perfect styles.

Our selection of the most popular men’s lingerie brands looks like this:

Calvin Klein

Emporio Armani

Hugo Boss


Polo Ralph Lauren


Tommy Hilfiger

Andrew Christian



Calvin Klein

The legendary trading house is the master of the fashion industry for men’s lingerie. He was the first to offer models of fit silhouette, making underwear an instrument of attraction and sexuality. CK underwear combines high class style and comfort. Despite the fact that the first collection was released back in the 80s, to this day Calvin Klein underwear remains the most popular and sold. Every self-respecting gentleman’s closet should have boxers or briefs with a recognizable inscription on the elastic elastic band.

Emporio Armani

“Daughter” of the famous house Giorgio Armani, specializing in the manufacture of premium-class products. Armani’s underwear chip is an extraordinary sense of comfort, which is achieved through the use of soft natural fabrics, and an exceptional design that matches the spirit of the time. The best brands of men’s underwear necessarily include expensive and refined Emporio Armani products.

Hugo Boss

The flagship brand from Germany, which creates luxury models distinguished by German precision and attention to detail. The collection includes a wide range of briefs, boxers and trunks, made exclusively from high quality fabrics: a mixture of cotton and elastane. Status models of men’s body can be characterized as a union of formal dress code and athletic motives. The products provide a comfortable fit and the necessary support.


The style of this brand is designed for people who are free from stamps and prejudices. The company produces excellent lingerie made of elastic jersey with unusual spectacular design, experimenting with textures and materials, using inserts and metal parts. Diesel underwear will lift your spirits even on the saddest of days.

Polo Ralph Lauren

The company creates a beautiful environment for everyone who appreciates beauty and quality. For over 40 years, Ralph Lauren has been offering not just clothes, but a way of life that is designed for the chosen ones, and everyone dreams of becoming the chosen ones. The brand motto is “always keep up with the times”. The collection of men’s lingerie includes trunks, boxers and briefs with low and medium neckline and recognizable logo on the belt. Color palette: monochrome tones in addition to iconic: red and blue. Polo Ralph Lauren underwear style is a combination of strictly English aristocracy with American freedom and comfort.


The company is positioned as a manufacturer of clothing for travelers. Exofficio branded underwear is designed for those who prefer an active lifestyle. It is also perfect for wearing every day, especially in summer. The vultures and boxers of this brand are made of a mixture of high quality nylon (94%) and Lycra (6%) and dry much faster than those made of cotton or other fabrics. This nourishment will ensure freshness and comfort during active rest, which is especially important in hot days.

The main advantages of products:

breathable properties;

lightness and airiness;

UV protection of fabrics;

impregnation with special composition Aegis Microbe Shield, which destroys the environment of microorganisms;

antibacterial properties that have been preserved for several years;

resistance to repeated washings.

The technology affects only microbes located on the surface of textiles without affecting the useful microorganisms of human skin.

Tommy Hilfiger

A national treasure of American fashion and one of the most famous designers of our time. The company has a policy of “selling the highest quality at affordable prices” and offers a quality closet for men who appreciate conservative, respectable design adapted to modern trends in fashion. It is a brand of men’s briefs of the middle segment of the fashion industry, different:

perfect fit;

well thought out tailoring;

soft and strong fabrics that retain their properties for multiple washings;

expressed motives of sport and active rest in everything.

Laundry is most popular among men from 25 to 40 years. The main colors are red, white, and blue (colors of the U.S. flag), and the most popular colors are checked. Annual sales volume of Tommy Hilfiger products exceeds 6.7 billion dollars.

Popular lingerie brands are not only prestigious Hugo Boss or Armani, but also modern democratic models for free, relaxed, ready for experiments and sexual adventures of men. Let’s continue the list of young, but already popular designer houses.

Andrew Christian

American designer – a revolutionary in the modern men’s lingerie industry. Thanks to a completely new approach to clothes creation, Andrew Christian products are in demand in any age category. The main zest is in details. With the help of a special cut that visually corrects some parts of the man’s body, create panties and trunks, in which every man feels like a real macho.


Spanish brand for energetic and self-confident men, who are not afraid of life’s obstacles, are distinguished by their masculinity and sexual appeal. The goal of designers is to create comfortable lingerie, which is a tool for self-expression. This is how underwear with innovative technology such as “Push up” with extruded molded details and seamless models of increased comfort appeared.


The brand came from a distant continent, the birthplace of kangaroos and koalas. Due to the creative design, focused on the most masculine detail of male appearance, Australian lingerie is very popular in many countries around the world.

Interesting men’s lingerie brands are not limited to only a dozen brands. The list of designers working in this niche is constantly growing, offering new ideas for creating high-quality and sexy models.