10 Useful tips for bearded men

We have collected the best tips that will help you not only to grow a beard, but always keep it in perfect shape!

A chic thick beard can be a real pride for a man. But it’s not so easy to look after.

We’ve put together the best tips to help you not just grow a beard, but always keep it flawless! What’s it gonna take?

  1. To lead a healthy life

Today you can find many tips on what oils and balms to use for rapid hair growth. Unfortunately, there are no miracle remedies. Yes, castor and stubble oils do speed up hair growth. But they do not have a tangible effect, only a small one. Especially oils will be useless if the beard does not grow at all. But lifestyle has a really big impact on hair growth.

Also, to grow a beard, you need to raise your testosterone levels. And this can be achieved through regular sports training and other physical activity.

So remember – in order to become the owner of a thick beard, it is important to eat properly, to abandon bad habits, try to avoid stress and be physically active.

  1. Regularly brush your beard

If you decide to grow a beard, it must be combed from the beginning. Even if it’s still very short. This way you direct the hairs in the right direction, and they get used to it. Also, by regularly brushing your beard, you give a massage, which is necessary to improve blood circulation. And this stimulates the hair growth. In addition, brushing exfoliates dead skin.

  1. To be patient

Patience and only patience is exactly what you will need throughout the growth of your beard. This also applies to the initial stage when it is just beginning to grow; and the time when the beard will be fully formed in a few months.

In the first few weeks, you’ll have to endure a little itchy feeling. And get used to the fact that daily facial hair care is necessary. In the morning, give it 5-10 minutes of your time, and your efforts will not be in vain.

  1. Only shave after taking a shower

In order to properly hydrate the skin and reduce its irritation, it is recommended to shave not before taking a shower, but afterwards. Hot water and steam will perfectly hydrate and steam your skin, open pores, and the shaving procedure will be easy and enjoyable.

  1. Know how to hide your balls

It happens that men in some areas of the face beard grows badly, or maybe even completely absent. This depends on the individual characteristics of the body, as well as heredity. All kinds of oils and balms are unlikely to help. However, you can disguise it. It is enough to grow more hair on neighboring areas, and thus cover these areas of the face. Or you could just grow a lush mustache or change the shape of your beard.

  1. Give preference to dark clothing…

This advice is particularly relevant for those with long beards. The fact is that even thick vegetation on a light background seems rare and not very attractive. Therefore, it is desirable to abandon the light clothes and choose clothes to match the color of the beard. So it will look denser and neater.

  1. Got it neatly

Cat Matroskin gave practical advice to men with beards and lush mustaches. It is necessary to eat a sandwich by turning it bread upwards so as not to get the hairs dirty with oil and all kinds of sauces. So the mustache and the beard will always be clean and tidy.

  1. It’s the right thing to do with selfies

To make your beard look more spectacular in the pictures, you need to shoot selfies by bending your neck back. This will make your beard look thicker visually. Also, in order to highlight your cheekbones and show your beard in all its glory, it is desirable to take a photo in profile and half turn.

  1. Use a special cutting apron

If you don’t go to barbershop and take care of your beard yourself, you need to buy an apron on suction cups. Hair will fall on the apron and you won’t have to clean it up after the haircut. You’re just gonna shake it off in the garbage can.

  1. Align the contours using a special ridge

The beautiful beard shape is very important. After all, an uneven beard with sloppy edges is not quite a pleasant sight. In order to cut the beard and make a smooth and beautiful edging, you should use a special pattern comb. With its help, it is easy to shave off extra hair and make the contours of your beard perfect.