10 Ways to get money for a business from scratch

All novice entrepreneurs have one question in common – where to get money for business? To organize your business, you will have to try: desires, business ideas, and even a full business plan is not enough. An obligatory step – search for finance.

You can save up yourself or find a sponsor who is ready to invest money in your business. And if you are earning little or not working at all? Where to look for investors? How do you get seed money and start a business from scratch? You will find the answers in our material, as well as tips on how to search for finance for your business.

10 tips on where to get money to start a business

Starting your own project is a risk, and finding your own finances does not always give a positive result. When you think about how to find money for business, there are dozens of options in the head: borrow from family, go to the bank for a loan, rent a room or sell the house, car. But how do you choose the right way?

Here are some tips for a beginner entrepreneur. We will analyze 10 options, where and how to look for money for business.

  1. Borrow from relatives, friends or acquaintances…

The first thing a budding businessman thinks about. Your friends or relatives can have impressive savings and you don’t think long about where to get the start-up capital. But if there are other options, it’s better to give it up and we’ll explain why.

Relatives and friends will have to be persuaded to make a down payment. If the case goes bankrupt and the finances are gone, the relationship with friends and family can go bad. The money will have to be refunded anyway. If you delay paying back the debt, you risk being left without friends and ruining your relationship with your family. Remember that loved ones are more valuable than money.

  1. Take out a loan

Finance for business can be obtained from the bank. The institution provides loans for furniture, apartments, cars, repairs, recreation or treatment. But even here the loud phrases “You need money! Ready for anything!” will not work. In banks do not scatter money, if the client’s arguments are only strong desire.

Loan for business from scratch is easier to get in a microfinance organization (MFO), where they give microcredits around the clock, without guarantors, interest and references to the card or cash. The bank needs to provide collateral, guarantors, positive loan history and information about stable income. But business money with interest is an additional risk that will be a heavy burden from the very beginning of the project. And if the case goes bad, you can be left without business and with an unpaid loan.

  1. Sell real estate

One of the most serious steps to find money for small businesses. Apartments and cars are assets that can provide financial support. To start a business from scratch, real estate and movable property can be a start-up capital. When you need money for a business, you can sell the property:


If you have a normal car, you can get a significant amount of money for it almost immediately. That’s enough capital to start the project. In this case, there is a risk of losing property, but you don’t owe anyone anything. And if you think about where to get money to start a business when there is no car, there is the second option.


Property that’s not really necessary. Country plots as dead money if they’re worthless. Small businesses are quite affordable if you can borrow money to start a business from your own “stock”. If there is a plot of land near the summer house or it is in an ecologically clean area, you can get a decent capital to start a project.


It’s the most risky option. To decide to sell a house or apartment is worth it if you are at least 50% confident in the success of the case. In order not to lose a place to live and not to lose money, think carefully about this way. But business money in debt will weigh more on your conscience than losing your property. You can sell the apartment without intermediaries or through an agency. In any case, you should take quality photos of the apartment.