10 Ways to have a great vacation in just 1 day

Feeling tired? Haven’t been on vacation in a long time and aren’t sure you’ll be able to get away anytime soon?

So you have to rest the next weekend. You can have time to rest and recover in just one day. The main thing is to do it correctly.

Go to bed early

Here everything is obvious: if you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t rest, no matter what you’re doing. So try to be in bed at least an hour earlier than usual. If you can’t fall asleep right away, read a book. Just don’t watch soap operas and don’t go on social networks.

Turn off your cell phone and the Internet

This is the first thing to do after you wake up. Because usually the first thing we do in the morning is check to see what’s new on Facebook or Instagram. Researchers talk about a real addiction we’re all subject to. The brain is information intoxicated, it needs a detox. So turn off your devices and start your morning without them.

  1. Go into nature

It is possible to restore strength with the help of the world around you, even in the snow, even in the heat, even in a thunderstorm. Another thing is that the usual format of recreation in nature will not suit you. If you have a dacha, you will work there anyway, and if you invite friends for a picnic – everything will again turn into a classic “kebab” and you actually will not see nature itself. So invite only one person with you – your best friend or loved one. And go for a walk in the park.

  1. Arrange a session of animal therapy

There are three kinds of highly developed animals, the communication with which transforms tortured office workers in the blooming and joyful vacationers: horses, dogs and dolphins.

A swimming session with dolphins is an expensive treat and not available to everyone for geographical reasons, but dogs and horses are everywhere. If you chose hippotherapy, keep in mind that just a ride on a rental horse will not give the full range of sensations, especially if you’re afraid of horses. It is better to look for equestrians among your friends: they will allow you to enter the stall, talk to the horse, treat it and even brush it.

If you are not ready for this (because it’s scary and smells bad), there is another option – contact zoos. They were actually invented for kids, but who says adults can’t take advantage of that? Go pet ferrets, rats, pet parrots, hamsters – well, and dogs, they’re usually there. Children’s delight is assured!

  1. Shopping, ma’am!

If you usually get tired of shopping, that doesn’t mean you can use it to relax and unwind. It means usually going shopping when you literally have nothing to wear. You realize that you simply can not afford to go away empty-handed, and it’s annoying, because there is no choice: you have to take what you are given, you can not go barefoot or without a coat.

  1. Play tourist

Even if you are still in school and had time to cross all the attractions of your city, within 100 kilometers of him for sure there is something interesting. And there’s no need to plan an excursion in advance: take a friend, get in the car and go and explore the surroundings. On your own.

  1. Break it off!

In the literal sense of the word, break away from the usual activities. If a normal day off involves going to a nightclub, go to a museum. If you used to relax at home, with a TV series and cocoa – plan the day so that you’ll be back before midnight.

  1. Relax

The best way to rest your body is to go to a spa. If you’re low on funds, opt for a massage only: a chocolate wrap smells good, of course, but it’s not much use. But a good massage will allow you to relax and stop thinking about work, besides it is really useful.

Did not have time to make an appointment in a spa? Go to the baths! In the most ordinary, classic bath.

  1. Spend time with your loved ones

Go to grandma and help her boil a ton of jam apples, and then definitely take her to a restaurant – when was the last time she was there? Invite your mother to the movies.

In general, choose a loved one with whom you haven’t communicated as well as you should in a long time.

  1. Idle

If you feel too exhausted even for a walk in the park, don’t do anything at all. Not at all. You’re perfectly capable of lying in bed all day, watching a movie and munching on pizza – don’t cook, of course, order it. The rule of “no social media day” still applies, but you can watch a show, why not?

The only condition: if you feel that you can no longer do nothing, because it’s awfully boring, in any case, do not take up general cleaning! And everything else in your one-day vacation you can easily afford.