10 Ways to have fun

Options for an unusual holiday for every taste and wallet

Have you seen the romantic comedy “Exchange Vacation” where two girls swap homes for a while? The heroine Cameron Diaz from sunny California rushed to the snowy English countryside, and the journalist, played by Kate Winslet, found herself in a luxurious house by the ocean. Now, this is not the screenwriters’ fantasy. This kind of hospitality system exists in reality and is becoming more popular every year.

Swap Houses

According to Wikipedia, as of last August, the CouchSurfing, or Sofa Surfing, network already included more than 3 million people from 246 countries! Participants in this program is not only interested in finding a temporary residence, but also seeking to expand the circle of communication, to give (or receive) help. Many are ready to act as a guide – to show the attractions of their native city, or to provide feasible support in solving everyday issues, or just to spend an hour over a cup of coffee (these users have a “meet and mingle” status in their profiles). You can become a member of the community via the Internet. After registering for free, fill out a simple profile in English: age, occupation, interests, and photos. And then – the most interesting part. Start looking: the country of residence, gender, age, and language of the person living there. From the list of candidates choose whom you are ready to “knock”. After personal correspondence, email addresses and phone numbers are exchanged, and a little later – the actual addresses. For the peace of mind and safety of travelers on the site introduced a system of reviews. After the actual meeting, hosts and guests share opinions: put each other’s “ratings”. Even you can see who is “friends” with whom (as in social networks) – at the conclusion of “friendship” people write, when and under what conditions have met. So you also learn a lot about the person.

If you’re a guest, you’re likely to be expected to socialize, which is the main idea behind such networks. When scheduling, make time to talk to your host. But if he doesn’t talk, or is extremely busy, that’s his right. You don’t have to insist. It’s enough that he gave you a “tour” of the house, gave you a cup and linens, suggested the nearest supermarket and public transportation schedule.

According to the rules of hospitality networks you don’t have to pay the host and subsequently host in your home. And no one has to meet you at the airport or train station, drive you around the city, buy groceries, cook food. If any of this is done, it’s voluntary.


Enjoy culinary delights

IMPORTANT NOTE Since the demand for such tours is high, it is advisable to keep an eye on announcements and programs so you can be at the table – cutting and dining.

Renting a Motorhome

IMPORTANT NOTE A category B driver’s license is mandatory. If the weight of the machine more than 3.5 tons – category C. For renting a house-trailer (caravan) – category E.

Sign up for a volunteer camp

IMPORTANT The age of the participant must be at least 18 years old (as a rule, there is no upper limit). If the program involves a trip abroad, it is desirable to know at least at a conversational level English or other official language of the camp. But far more important is a sincere desire to join the program!

Volunteers pay for themselves: the registration fee, transportation to and from the camp, the consular fee for visas and insurance. In return, they receive free accommodation, three meals a day, language practice, immersion in the culture of other countries and new friends all over the world.

Go on a yoga tour

Why? The answer is obvious! To recuperate, energize, gain strength, to clean up the mind and body. As a rule, yoga tours are organized in picturesque places – on the coast of the Indian Ocean or the Black Sea, in Sri Lanka, in the Canary Islands, in Turkey and Italy. In short, you can safely hope for a change of scenery.

During the trip you will be fully immersed in the practice (yoga classes three times a day), seminars, lectures, communication with like-minded people and teachers, health-improving procedures – massages, programs of purification and detoxification of the body. Plus proper nutrition, sunshine, fresh air and positive company! Often holidaymakers are offered additional excursions – just in case you suddenly get bored with the peace and quiet.

IMPORTANT NOTES Even beginners can take part in a yoga tour or yoga festival. There is no need to be shy. On the contrary, it is on such a journey that you will feel and experience yoga. Bonus: unlike yoga seminars where you can practice only with one or two instructors and only one direction, in this tour you are waited by many kinds of yoga and different teachers.

To escape from civilization on… Kamchatka

Set yourself up for success and learn the wisdom of the East

The cost of the exit course usually includes: meeting and seeing off, hotel accommodation, three meals a day in restaurants during the whole trip, entertainment show programs, excursion service. And, of course, the training itself. The schedule of the day: classes in the day, free time in the morning and evening.

Find a companion for the duration of the vacation

It happens: you decide to go on vacation, but… With no one. Husband – in a rush, my sister – in the novel, and my best friend became a mother. One does not want (scary, expensive, boring). So what to do? Find a companion for a vacation!

Internet knows: at the same time, on the same dates someone on the other side of the monitor is puzzled by the same question. Once you find each other, discuss the details of your future trip. Exactly the details. So that the vacation will not be overshadowed by any nuances.

The most important recommendation – at least once in person. Correspondence by mail or telephone conversation will not give a complete impression about the person. Discuss how you imagine your ideal vacation. Mode of the day. Attitude to recreational activities, presence of bad habits. Possible shared expenses (especially if there is a joint rental car or apartment) and household chores (who cooks, who goes to the store, who washes the dishes). This is common sense. It is not unreasonable to look for a profile of your future roommate in social networks and see her photo reports on past vacations. Photos, as a rule, eloquently tell about the character and habits of the person.

IMPORTANT NOTE The most important question: why are you going together? To save money or for company? If the goals fundamentally do not coincide, the vacation can be, alas, ruined. Discuss the key points. And set the rules. Who is responsible for what, when and how often. It’s best to figure this out before you leave.

Go to learn another language and learn to dance flamenco

See the world around you through a photographic lens

IMPORTANT When planning such a trip, the length of daylight hours is always taken into account. This criterion is the most important. And it dictates the schedule of the day. In the morning – photo shoot. Always. In the evening – master classes on topics of interest, exchange of impressions, review of photographed pictures.

On a photo tour are invited both professionals (for the sake of rare shots), and amateurs (for the sake of photographic training under the auspices of the masters). It is not necessary to have a professional camera. Much more important is a bit of adventurism, positive charge and ardent desire to get unique footage.