11 tricks on how to eat right and have nothing to deny yourself

Every person who at least once in his life wanted to start eating right has found excuses like “I’ll start on Monday”, “I’m going to eat the last pastry/hamburger/fried chicken and go on a diet”. And yes, some people did, more than once, start on Monday, only to end up eating right on Tuesday. And that’s because most people just don’t know where to start and how to make good nutrition a way of life, not just a short-term diet. The following are tips to help you make a painless change in your eating habits.

Order first

In the company of friends we are more easily influenced. And if you are determined to eat a salad and everyone around you is ordering burgers, the temptation to give up will be very great. However, the chances of not losing your spirits will increase significantly if you are the first to order. Maybe others will be tempted by the salad?

Less salt, more spices

The debate about salt has been going on for decades, but if food doesn’t taste good enough, the first thing we do is reach for the salt shaker. Try replacing an extra pinch of salt with the same amount of spices or dried herbs, and the dish will take on new flavors.

Ask for the sauce separately

Prepared sauces are notorious for their high sugar, salt, and flavorings content. If you can get the sauce separately, take advantage of it, so you can measure out the right amount yourself. And if the restaurant offers several sauces to choose from, it’s better to give preference to plain vegetable oils.

Vegetables are more digestible, so they should be the first thing off the plate. In addition, if you feel full before the plate is empty, the most useful things are sure to be eaten.

Don’t get distracted while you’re eating

We seldom look at our plates while eating or reading a book, so we tend to eat more than we planned. In addition, when we eat our food mechanically, we hardly taste it at all. Remember the children’s proverb and focus on your breakfast. It is likely that it will seem to you tastier than usual, and the feeling of fullness will come earlier.

Use the 20-minute rule

Do not eat or drink for at least 20 minutes after the main meal. There are two reasons for this:

By drinking our food, we slow down our digestion process.

The feeling of hunger does not go away instantly.

If you’re still hungry 20 minutes later, well, it’s time for dessert or tea.

Buy the right products in advance

By stocking up on healthy foods on a Friday night, you’ll save yourself the temptation to order cooked food or spend the weekend snuggling with chips.

Look for healthy substitutes

Instead of categorically abandoning the familiar, look for alternatives that you can use almost invisibly. We’ve found a couple of options to fire up your imagination.

Really berries, not just their taste

Advertisements are promising us more and more natural fruit yogurts every day. But none of them can beat plain classic yogurt or the same kefir to which you yourself can add any berries or fruit in unlimited quantities.

Frozen berries are cool too

Tea “flavored with berries” is not at all as delicious and even less healthy than tea with a handful of frozen raspberries.

And most importantly, enjoy your favorite foods

Even if your favorite food is a real calorie bomb, sweet and frankly unhealthy, don’t give it up right away and forever. Allow yourself a slice or two once in a while; it will be as satisfying as a whole cake, and much less harmful. Don’t you agree?