11 Types of girls you can meet on dating sites

Virtual world thanks to dating sites and social networks unites more and more lonely hearts into very real families. It is an interesting fact that men on dating sites are often more, but they come to the site “unprepared”. Few of them had a photo shoot before registration on the dating site, the main purpose of which was to show it in all its glory.

There are fewer girls on the sites, but from the photos you are looked at by painted beauties with beautiful make-up and perfect hair. Their thought-out poses and the best outfits serve them practically as advertising. The only thing left to do is to write in the status: “Ignorant candidates please don’t bother the beauty”.

Today, let’s talk about the beautiful half of any site, about what kind of girls can be found in the network.

Among the groups of girls, you can find the one that is for life, and you can also the one that is for one night. Some of the girls are looking for everything and at once, and someone needs a reliable man’s shoulder and warmth of the soul. There is always a choice of the future together.

  1. Future queens

They learned to dream of a prince as a child. And they are waiting to meet the prince, preparing to meet him. The photos are polished, the questionnaires are thought out, the image is made. But they don’t know how to attract him, how to stand out among the crowds of applicants for the role of queen. Men, who are not princes, will not be able to get acquainted with such girls, and it is difficult enough for girls to pass selection, there are too many candidates.

  1. Coin Jar Girls

These girls are looking online for a wallet ready to share the content. Don’t be surprised if in the second message you are asked to top up your account, pay your account or pay for other virtual benefits. Such girls can be identified by frank photo and too bold questionnaires. In addition, they rarely read the alleged victim’s profile.

  1. Those who are a little over thirty

Professional photographs and competent text distinguish these applicants from others. These applicants are looking for an independent and (which is very desirable) wealthy man for family happiness and, as a rule, they find him.

  1. Forms without photos

Behind these gray circles, silhouettes or animated avatars are someone’s unfaithful wives. Often in the questionnaire you can immediately read about the intentions of such a lady on a dating site. On international dating sites are encountered less frequently, more often on local ones, because most often the goal is still sex. Hope for mutual feelings is not necessary, to take away from the family such is unlikely to be possible too.

  1. Virtual girls

Prose in personal life pushes them into virtual life. In real life, such a relationship will never come to pass, and it is unlikely even that there will be a conversation on the phone or in video chat. Placing someone else’s photos, such girls give free rein to their raging imagination. Representatives of this type are good for the same virtual ladies. Here they just would brighten up each other’s lives.

  1. An army of honest brides

There are a lot of them on the sites, most of them. And although other groups always spoil their lives, these girls still exist on dating sites. They are really looking for a companion, preferably for life. They came to the site because they lost confidence that they could meet someone in real life because of the constant workload at work. Looking for a person really, not his material components. With all of them, of course, they will not get acquainted, but they will say everything directly and honestly. It is for this category of brides and initially created all the dating sites.

  1. Prostitutes

Such “girls” came to the site not to get acquainted, but to work, or rather to earn money. In their application form it is immediately indicated “looking for a sponsor” or even more frankly “intimate for a fee”. With photos of you look languid eyes, and wet lip gloss and beckons to yourself. They often talk about their adventures and victories, even ask for advice. They always agree to a meeting. But everything is simple and clear with them. And there is demand for them. They are paid – they work on it. However, they are not professionals, although their skills grow from one meeting to another.

  1. Curtisans (almost the same prostitutes, but more expensive)

There are more of them on the site, almost as many as future queens. In the application form directly about yourself so will not write, but in the process of communication much will become clear. The main list of requirements for a man: an expensive car, a separate apartment, a highly paid job and, which is extremely necessary, the desire to share all this with the courtesan. Such girls understand that they are not princesses, and that’s why their desires are more thought-out, down-to-earth, more practical. They are looking for an established or wealthy man, 10-20 years older than them.

  1. Lovers at first sight

They fall in love with the first person they meet, and they themselves are sure that the feelings are the sincerest. The alliance with them is short-lived, so it is better not to hope for the duration of feelings. It is easy to recognize them already at the stage of viewing the questionnaire. Often girls of this type are bearers of piercing or tattooing, in the questionnaire you can find open information about sexual predilections.

Personally, I have nothing against tattoos, but it is believed that the decision to tattoo is an example of irresponsible, short-sighted behavior. Nobody knows how his life will go on, and therefore whether the tattoo will be appropriate in the future. If there are girls with children in this group, it is subconsciously perceived as a mistake in choosing a partner. Every subsequent relationship will go through the possibility of an error in the next choice of partner. Chances of building relationships with such applicants are, unfortunately, negligible.

  1. Honest but cautious

These girls know what they want and are really looking for a serious relationship, they want to get to know each other, but they are afraid because they have heard of a negative online dating experience. They realize that not everyone has come here with “good intentions”. Their profile is very often without photographs, only photos on an avatar. But having talked to the candidate and studied his questionnaire, they will send the photos by mail. They won’t be deceived; you don’t have to worry.

  1. Those who are simply unlucky

It happens that the family is gone and gone. And in this group, it is difficult enough to understand why people are still alone. It is quite possible that the process of choosing a partner or partner was unsuccessful, or maybe the reasons for the failure lies in the girl herself. Representatives of this group are always looking for only long-term relationships. Real life gives us a chance to get rid of loneliness, often at the age of 25 years. By and large, the character of the person is not yet fully formed, the circle of acquaintances since the time of school and institute has not expanded significantly. Then, over time, with growing up, suddenly you may come to understand that the person next to you is not the same person that is not your soulmate. And the search begins.

There are, of course, chances to meet really his person at work or in the company of new friends. Who is unlucky, those who have not found, come to dating sites, because there are virtually no other places to meet. Yes, of course, in order to meet your soul mate on a dating site, it takes time, luck and a lot of patience. But there is always a chance to meet love.