112 extreme places for sex


Every man is born with a thirst to conquer women. And this thirst accompanies him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How to begin your way to seducer? How to properly develop?

Do you want the opposite sex inexplicably aroused in your presence? Do you want to seduce sophisticated ladies? Acquire the magic of seduction…

112 extreme places to have sex


At night one of our duet songs often rehearsed in the electric shop of a tube plant (one of the members worked there as a shift supervisor). The duet was great, I loved listening to them, so I went to the rehearsal to get rid of my worries and problems (I had just separated from my husband). And it so happened that one friend had fallen asleep on some stand, and with the other, we crawled into some small room, and well… The room was, what is called, “a square meter and a half”, some tables piled with all kinds of half-assembled appliances, from which stuck out some iron, wire and other crap. In general, a lot of sensations, both direct – from sharp corners of these devices and other various iron, 😉 and in the figurative sense – someone from the working shift could wake up not in time. But in the morning on the bus on the way home was a vivid picture: 8 am, not slept frowning workers, bus full of people – and a shining girl with absolute happiness on her face. The whole bus was staring… 😉

  1. PARTY

At the party you and your girlfriend are alone in a room where every five minutes some drunken person comes to sleep! It’s already a mockery of personality, honestly! Ж;-) Here you do not think about clothes …

  1. THE BUS

A suburban bus of the Ikarus type. Around 8:30 pm. All the seats on the bus are taken. We were on the last couple of seats… Wanted all day and there was nowhere to go. So when we got there… After the sabbath was over, we both fell asleep sweetly until the final stop.

  1. PARKIn the central park of Simferopol (though at 2 am). I also remember some cheeky dog ran by and raised his paw at us and pissed a little… I had a complete meltdown after that. 2. Parks, gardens and other decent and disorderly clusters of trees and bushes. They, in general, are specially planted for this purpose 😉 The ideal place at any time of day. Here, too, according to the situation – or a bench, or a jacket, mat, etc., spread out on the grass. It is possible and standing.

  1. LIFT

When we were doing “it” in the high-speed elevator at the Izmailovo hotel, the people waiting below (the echo chamber was on the 21st floor) were very nervous. And when they saw our glittering eyes of happiness, they almost killed us. 🙂


We came with a friend to her house, and here her sister is home, well, we “walk” and out while there – climbed on the windowsill, but here’s the bummer – or I do not get, or it falls. Resolved to climb to the roof. It’s like a nine-story building – kind of fun at first, but then. Then this fucking felt felt began to cut my knees, in general, we came home all dirty – she had all her white skirt stained, and I have in addition to the knees bleeding – like almost a year has passed, but still a scar left …


I read that one guy was also a thrill-seeker, and he lived in Moscow. So he and one of his lovers decided near the Kremlin, in full view of the sentries, waited until nightfall, the policemen left, and in front of the sentries, who had nothing against it, did their thing.


It was 3 o’clock in the morning from Saturday to Sunday (after the disco). In a room 4v4 meters, 5 people on 3 beds (3 guys, 2 girls). All drunk as a skunk. The table was piled with vodka, stewed meat, and steers. They are banging on the door, “asking” for some money. I calmly tell the girl: “Don’t mind me” and gently caress her. At the end of the hallway, a lonely, inexperienced girl (1st year) has the indiscretion to leave her room for the bathroom. The roommates drop my door and switch to her. Just then, my roommate starts puking right on the bed and, muttering something, plops his face into the substance. My other roommate has been trying to get his girlfriend to echotag for an hour. She snores loudly. I fall asleep to the sound of fighting in the hallway and someone’s head banging against my door.


Somehow we got really pinched, and we started running around the university in search of a free auditorium (thanks to the fact that I was a janitor and had access to the keys), but since it was afternoon and there were classes everywhere, we rushed to the next building, found a lecture hall, locked ourselves in a chair and drove off. And as we “entered” there was a knock on the door and a loud “open up!” shout from the janitor. We go silent. But they knew that this classroom is not locked and went to call the police. In ten seconds I throw a raincoat over the girl and hide all her clothes in my bag. Then I hide her under the floor. There are such niches and, dressed, I go to open it, pretending to be a student asleep. Grannies grumbled, but calmed down, and I quietly take the girl into the corridor, and we leave the uni. find a tree and around it and start … And it was in Vladivostok. It was in Vladikavkaz. Everything is on hills and below us there is a village and above us stands the university. Even some couple was passing by and watched our party with interest. It was good that the girl had time to straighten up.


The sea beaches. October evenings, when in Odessa a) it’s not too cold – sometimes you can even bare yourself b) the visitors are almost all dispersed c) it gets dark early. There is a deserted beach, not too blown about by the wind. And the gentleman’s cloak spreads out on the sand :). This is where the process takes place. The availability of trestle beds simplifies the situation.


An empty stadium in the middle of the park. All entrances and exits are locked, but it is easy to get under the fence. It seemed quite wild and abandoned. Benches were stacked near the running track – well, as per order. Everything is great. And then, at the most poignant moment on a treadmill appear father and child (sports, you see, decided to do), putting us and himself in an idiotic position. And where did they get there at 2 pm! Fortunately, they quickly realized their mistake (or ours 😉 and limited their love of running to one lap. In general, having sex “in nature” we must remember that there are no perfect places. Even in the deafest, darkest, rainy, inconspicuous place of the park, on the quietest and most deserted street, even on the moonless and coldest night within 15-30 minutes a passerby will certainly appear. And as a rule – or a man with a dog, which certainly wants to sniff or bark you, or a mother with a child, ideally – with two or three, or even two such mothers. The law of meanness. ;(


The most extravagant place was… the 4th floor of the N-th Palace of Culture. A good old house, massive marble staircase. And here we are on the fourth floor, on the landing… And downstairs grandmothers are hanging out. And the acoustics are wonderful. All the time it seems like the grannies are coming up the stairs, that they’re already on the third floor. That’s when you learn to dress quickly 🙂 After waiting a couple of minutes and making sure no one is coming to us, we undress again. And again, my nerves are on edge, again we listen to the volume of the janitor’s voices.

  1. BOAT

Rubber. Karelia, month of September, temperature about +5. The place echotag – a rubber boat in the middle of a picturesque transparent lake, the temperature of which is probably colder than any ice. Normal. Nothing unusual, except that the boat is wobbly. So we had to control not to roll over 😉 We went into the nearest bush, overhanging the water, and there … Just finished – some fishermen swam by, baited in this place …


Everything is prosaic enough! We came to the river, we thought we’d swim, but the water – shit, mud was floating! So we settled down on grass, but here the rain and more with a thunderstorm, well we dumped things, buried them in a bag and under a tree in order not to get soaked! And we wore our beach clothes, it was nice – it was warm rain, and we ….. Especially nice feeling during such a echo, when large drops of water from the tree falling on your back! And people dispersed, so we were the only ones to have fun!

  1. TENT

Alone is rare, it happens more often when there are at least 4 people in a 2-person tent, where there are two of us! And even more often everyone in the tent is involved in the echo chamber! That is, the youth in the tent grouped in pairs, and if one started here, and the rest started to move! It’s more fun than just the two of us!

  1. WALK .

Here, too, everything is rather prosaic, I was traveling from Ukraine to my native Bryansk, and along with me went a nice black hohlushka, here we met her and drank beer and at 12 o’clock, when people have already slept on the bottom shelf and … True, three or four people still passed by, but we have already been to do whatever. I liked it: the sound of the wheels makes you excited and the movement of the train calms you! Continued. Technology. There was an experience in a long-distance train (from Sochi we went to Moscow), and in the second-class carriage!!!! Made simply – with the top shelf hung a blanket so that completely covered the bottom shelf around the perimeter. (Just enough two blankets from the set of bed linen.) Only the neighbors must have been a little confused, when at the most, so to speak, the critical moment she could not refrain from a voluptuous sigh.


At the Central Heat Point. That’s where I had the opportunity to wash my car at one time. So that’s where we went in. The process itself took place, so to speak, on the trunk of the car. Frankly speaking, more comfortable than on the table. 😉 There were practically no pitfalls, except that the staff could have walked in at any time… Luckily they didn’t. 😉


It was quite an echoing place… It was only in the evening, so it wasn’t really noticeable. By the way, she liked it, even wanted to repeat it later 😉

  1. STOG

Everything seemed to be fine, it was soft, comfortable, but we were tired to shake the hay off and get it out of our hair.) Yes, we must be careful not to injure ourselves on some straws. They can be sharp.


A girl with her back to the guy in the armchair. You can watch a movie, too. 😉


It’s not very comfortable because it’s cramped, but you can. In several ways. In general, as far as the volume of the bathtub is enough. Only if there is water – a lot can splash out 🙁 And so there is nothing special (if lying in the tub). You can stand or with your back. The main thing with this – do not fall out of the bath in a fit of passion, it’s very unstable position (the bath is narrow, and we tried across). We tried it this way: the girl in the bathtub, and me on the floor. Also nothing…


It’s much more comfortable than on the table (the car is “Volga 2410”, and it has a big trunk) and there are a lot of options…

  1. BROWN

No special features, except for the crowdedness of the place. Only on a log it is necessary to lay something, and it’s too dirty…


Very handy, I must say. No problem, like “where to put your feet. I recommend it. But for insurance, you can also put a stool behind, to lean on it in case of emergency. Or you could put a girl with her back to the guy. This is more difficult because of the construction instability, but it’s okay, too…


(My Alma Mater, so to speak 😉 ) I started on the basement floor, but somebody was really busy there, so we moved to the 5th floor to one of the classrooms. It was Saturday, and before the holidays. We closed the classroom on a chair. The windowsills there are wide… In general, it was a peculiar place, exotic in a way… A girl on a window sill and a guy standing. One leg can rest on a nearby bench. I wonder if you conceive a child that way, will he be born an Einstein?


If facing each other, it reminds us of a bathtub.

  1. MOST

On a bridge near some pond that looks more like a swamp. On the bridge, which in the villages on the ponds. People fish from them and fondle their laundry. There’s nothing special about the equipment. A guy sits and a girl on top. There!

  1. BOOK

Like on a stool, facing each other, but people walk. Somewhere around the ponds, where they ride catamarans. It was evening, though, but people went… Naturally, without undressing, or the police would come running, they could take away for “cynical hooliganism”.


Well – everything is simple to the point of insanity. We were swimming with a girl in the summer in the reservoir, and suddenly we felt a dreadful urge. And we were just about halfway out in the swim … And you can not go against nature – so I had to. I had to get some air in my chest and plunge down into the dark depths. That’s it… Just one more thing – DON’T TAKE IT!!! We barely made it out at the end…


I went to my friend’s house. She lives with her parents. So I sat down on the bed and it started, so fast that we forgot about it. After 25-35 minutes of intense sex I cringed – the door to the room wide open, and the bed is right in front of the door! And I heard my parents walking back and forth down the hallway (the door to the room from it), probably pretending not to see anything. Naturally, there were no consequences.

  1. BANYA

Man, it’s so cool. It’s a beauty! I tried it with my loves #1, #2 and #3, didn’t die. It’s a very sensual thing ((c) Vincent Vega): you set world records there first, and then you plunge into the cold water. But that’s not the best part, and the best part is when you wash each other exhausted. I used to do it in my dacha. So, after all this you need to light the stove, a fire (if it is warm outside) or a fireplace (if anyone has one) and sit down cuddled up near the fire with a mug of cold beer.


Mom was asleep next door and we had a fit, though each of us was afraid to make any sudden movement or, God forbid, make any sound. The echotag went great.


At one time my girlfriend and her former lover were doing wonders of acrobatics in the theater. There weren’t many people, and the last rows weren’t there at all. The play had four acts, and there was an intermission between the second and third acts. Anyway, during the intermission (in the light, you know), they managed to do that too, while people were running past them. Probably no one can do that again.


It so happened that a guy went into the army as a virgin. He is a young man who goes back to the army as a virgin. They found a girl and arranged a party at the Recreation Center (one of the guys worked as a janitor). In the midst of the party the girl takes the newlywed and leads him for a long time down the dark corridors… And there’s the bed! At the most crucial moment, the lights come on, the bed stands on the stage, and the entire company is in the audience…


It’s evening, the carriage is quite full, a girl and I are in the corner by the doors (which don’t open). Hy, we got a little carried away. True, when she moaned, the people around her thought she was sick 🙂 but nothing happened.

  1. AT THE SEA.

I and one lady had sex with me in the sea. I was in flippers, mask and snorkel, as befits a real underwater terrorist, and she was on the lifeline, and on this hard, well, that rescuers or ships are. Of course, all this was happening away from the buoys, but who wants to, he will see. Wanted to see the lifeguards, dignified swimming around us on scooters and swearing about the too long swim. But nothing, their presence did not prevent us from completing it safely, after which we got a kick out of them.


That same summer, happened a pleasant conversation with the lady on this very scooter (away from the shore, of course), which we secretly stole from the rescuers, while they were drinking vodka. Well, that this shitty thing is very difficult to turn, and then I tried once to do this business on a surfboard – so she turned over a bunch of times.


Then it was off to the beach (just me and seven girls), to the shrieks of the grandpas and granny yahoos eating watermelon next door to us.


There are these rubber things like trampolines that kids jump on (you know, like houses and other fun stuff). They are always placed in all sorts of parks, beaches and other public places. Well, I managed to show them that the Siberian cops are not good at what they do. With two girls, in the daytime, in front of a lot of people. But for some reason no one wanted to join in.


Well, at home you can do it on the washing machine, on the windowsill (waving to my former classmate who lives in the next house), on the stove (tse garno!).


Winter, there’s a light snowball outside, the temperature is -5 degrees below zero (or cold), an old unused cemetery near the central hospital, where it’s reception time, and all the time someone is passing by, a soft snowdrift, and at least one lover would better have a long sheepskin coat, because when the whole ass is in the snow, you can’t get especially excited… This sex can be used till about -10…-15 degrees below zero (for us, Siberians. For normal people, probably, in -15 or even -10 will be a bit heavy).

ZY the same day, after this episode, this young man, seeing me home, was walking down the street (it was about 11 pm) and saw on the side of a fairly busy road sticking out of a snowdrift someone’s feet, and then climbed out of there, shaking off and frantically pulling on jeans a young man and a girl.

  1. HA HIGH.

Oh, I remembered another exotic moment. It was on a 10-meter tower in a swimming pool. Beautiful: there is some interesting (rather pleasant) feeling that there are a lot of people around, and no one sees you and the girl.


You don’t have to turn on the lights. “You have to flush your tadpoles with a stream of water from the toilet tank. Don’t forget to kiss J for your pleasure. 🙂


On the balcony of a 16-story building. And one leg of the lady is suspended over the railing. The most difficult thing is to make sure that the other leg doesn’t hang over it. By the way, my friend told me later, that as soon as she lowered her eyes and saw cars the size of a pack of cigarettes, she had a feeling akin to an orgasm.


Seven o’clock in the evening in the dorm. The room is full of people. We lay on the first tier, with a blanket hanging over the top. And to the noise of turning, the clatter of the door opening and closing, we echo. Once a curious neighbor peeked in from above, pulling back the mattress, but overall there was no problem. Only I had to use a slow technique so that I could not hear the creaking of the bed.

  1. YACHT

Spring is the time for repairs. The yacht was standing on the shore on a “sled.” Secluded with a friend in the cabin, sort of putting things in order. The crew cleaned the bottom outside and we got busy. Sun shining through the open hatch, voices outside. It was especially nice when, at the most penetrating moment, someone was about to climb inside with a pair of pliers and then changed his mind. Technology: The yacht is a regular, pleasure boat, the Neva type. By the way, there is enough room in the cabin if used rationally enough for two couples. On the water in a wave echo in the cabin is not recommended – it will make you sick in no time. It’s another matter at anchorage, the wave into the board naturally sets the rhythm.


We tried it in the kitchen with the lights on. It was eleven o’clock at night, and we did it with the windows open. It didn’t take long, about fifteen minutes, but it was very exciting to be seen.


I was driving with an American acquaintance on the highway at night. He’s sitting, I’m next to him… Then he stopped the car, tried to smoke, but he couldn’t – his hands were shaking. And then we drove to a secluded place and there we started again.


Already at night after some Beer, Songs, Vodka and Orev drunken fidos … the remaining six people sprawled out on the only room and one bed :)) Thank goodness there is a floor. And me and her suddenly had a fit! Hy started quietly to begin with, and when we got separated, not embarrassed, echoed without holding back … why? All WITHIN! really in the morning we were looked at strangely … … the main thing – the company!


Have gone with the friend for a drive on “eight” on village. As always, we went to a disco and took two acquaintances. We drank some beer and went to a hot spring – we have such a thing as a geyser. From under the ground comes a stream of steam under no joke pressure. A pipe is inserted into the well, and its tail is bent at right angles. So the steam blows through the bathing halabudu built for bathers – two walls and a roof, well, it turns out something like an aerodynamic tube for swimming. The four of us bathed in this steam room for 5 minutes, then I took off the rest of my girlfriend’s clothes, and my friend, seeing that dragged his into the car. Echoing as if in the underworld! There’s steam all around, you can’t hear or see anything. By the way, the source of mineral – purifies the lungs and good for all sorts of important organs.


The sedimentation tank (the water there is not sterile, but still pretty clean), covered with iron grates. From the water to the bars there are about 50 centimeters, you just hang there and… The pool is 5×7, 3 meters deep. Along the perimeter of the reservoir grow trees, the dense crowns of which form a kind of dome. About 15 meters away is a big mountain of river sand. If on weekdays only in the evening, on weekends it is possible and from morning… When you get tired to hang on bars – it is possible “to hang” and on the partner, to dive with open eyes (water is rather transparent). I cannot describe everything – it is necessary to experience, very much I advise!


On the playground – in a “hut” type house:) Very uncomfortable, there is not much free space.


Very cold water – a small dam with a small picturesque waterfall… For people with good health, well, very cold water. Very beautiful, imagine yourself, around the mountains, overgrown with forest, high cliffs, clean air …. mmmmmm rudder! Too bad I did not have a camera:( Depth – just above my navel (my belly button), small bubbles (formed by a waterfall) – massage – but one “but”: because of these very bubbles almost impossible to see:) Sometimes we went out to get warm on the stones (3 – 4 meters in diameter) warmed by the midday sun, cool – you lay there, you’re warming up, and there’s smiling – such!!!


The top of the high rock – a small spot of 3 by 3 meters… We climbed this rock for half a day. There was a lot of beauty around! The height of the rock – 50 meters, the top of the neighboring mountain is covered with eternal snow (it was hot, but the wind blew, filled with aromas of mountain herbs), here and there one could see small streams falling from the rocks, and flowing into a small mountain stream. When we went upstairs, we decided to do something to remember for the rest of our lives, not to leave an inscription on the rock like “there was Alex. The thought of writing the words glorifying our favorite network Fidonet flashed through our minds, but we decided – why spoil the view of the rock (no, not the content). Oh, I got carried away… It was very difficult to go down after all this:( It’s quite interesting feeling, if you fall, you are unlikely to be found, and in general, you feel yourself part of all this beauty…


We were walking home from some big city party. On the way home, my friend and I felt a strong urge to have sex. There was a nice clean construction site on our way. That’s where we had our privacy. Thankfully it was summer, so the building plates had not yet had time to cool. The most interesting thing was that just a stone’s throw away from us were people walking home. We were separated from the street by a few building slabs and sparse vegetation. Everything was complicated by the fact that I was wearing kapron pantyhose and shorts(!). Naturally, I had to get rid of them. It turned out pretty fast.


There was sex at the institute, only with fewer precautions than at the university. All of this took place in an unlocked classroom during the long break. It was just quite warm, and on the big break everyone preferred to be out in the air. Only the most nerdy people or couples like us could go in :).

  1. HA SKIS.

With the lady we went skiing in the afternoon. It was sunny, the field was 2 km by 2 km, not a soul. Went to the center of the field and did it very nicely. And we did it without taking off our skis. Feelings are unforgettable. The main thing – a sense of complete tranquility, because within a kilometer there was not a soul.


If you feel like having a group sex party, don’t ever let yourself or anyone else make it into a party. We have tried many times to do it on a drunken, cheerful head, but each time we were prevented by different things. One time, a group got together that was mostly about teasing others. In the end, three or four half-dressed people were positioned in the “spotlight,” while the rest of us, like in the theater, positioned ourselves around them. As you may have guessed, it didn’t get much further than kissing. I, for one, do not feel sufficiently exhibitionist to be seriously engaged in sex under such intense scrutiny and a large number of stupidly advised. Conclusion: Either everyone has sex or no one, the loitering out! Another time there were only three of us and we dispersed the spiteful advisers. Or rather, we invited them to return when we were in the middle of the process, so that we could join in naturally. It was a brave and sensible attempt, but the result was … The girl acted like an amorphous body (obviously, due to the large amount of alcohol taken), and the other “young man” and I went on a “hee-hee. We were amused by everything, from the girl’s reaction to our movements to our own appearance. Things went further than kissing that time, but still, we were too caught up in the laughter, so the girl walked away “untouched.” Conclusion: Laughter is laughter, but sex is serious business.


Mister Nekrasov in Karabikha. There is a park near it. The park is not a big one, and a lot of people wander all the time. The time was very autumnal and I can hardly remember what we were brought there on that day. The act was done standing up, the grass and the dirt were too wet. Passing people, thank God, did not dare to interrupt us from the process, for which he says thanks a lot.

  1. LIFT

This is a typical nine-story building. Elevator runs only up to the eighth floor, but it was enough for us. Adrenaline – a lot. It’s the fastest ride we’ve ever had. From the first to the eighth floor.


River beach at the student camp. People sprawl out in the afternoon to sleep it off after a rough night. Some are in the woods, some are in the canteen. In short, the beach was empty and hot for us. On the hill grass and the river is visible as the palm of my hand quite far. It’s the same the other way around. The girl had her back to the river. I think this was the right thing to do. Because I was not embarrassed by this strange fellow, who was paddling up and down the river for reasons I did not know why, striving to stay in my field of vision. Except that he creaked nastily with his oars, which did not prevent us, however, from achieving the desired result, seriously sweating at the same time. Good, that the river was nearby.

  1. CHAIR

No less comfortable was the position on the chair. In any case, the girl had a lot of room to maneuver. And the floor didn’t bend under her feet like a bed.


I was working at the university some time ago. And a girl came to my office more than once to play on the computer. Sometimes we were playing until two in the morning. Once again we were out of the closet, locked it, and somehow got stuck in the hallway. Only the echo of the empty recesses was our response 🙂 Another option. Stairs after the first floor for some reason continues to go down, until it ends up in a semi-basement (and even completely basement) room. On the last rung, without any backthought, we settled down. Fortunately, it was a very lecture time, and we did not come across any other parents on the stairs.


Under the bridge of the great Russian river Volga. The bridge is an ordinary, classic. Cars, buses, and other bicycles rush back and forth. Very noisy. Both diligently resting our feet on some rocks so as not to slip into the river. Some cyclist even tried to give us some advice, but because of the noise, it was impossible to hear him.


In the evening we were walking around the town, doing nothing wrong and not touching anyone. How many times can we do that? A girl grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the first courtyard that met. There were benches for every taste and every color, but we occupied a couple of benches, facing each other. It was a very convenient situation from the aspect that we could not topple over on one bench if we wanted to change position, and we could just lean back on the neighboring bench, so that the one who was below, was completely on top. Very convenient, I must say.


I remember at once my mother’s habit of knocking before entering a room. We had a hard time getting to our room – we were so impatient. So we started undressing in the corridor, throwing our clothes in the pile. The pile was already in the room. What can I say, well, my mother came in. Well, she found out that we didn’t even crawl into bed, let alone cover ourselves with blankets or anything else. She sighed heavily and went out. Now not only does she knock, but she usually doesn’t even come in after knocking, unless she’s absolutely sure I’m in the “solo” room.


Any public transport is suitable for hand caresses in general. It’s enough to find a reason to snuggle tightly together and that’s it. And sex on the back of any vehicle is almost the most classic option. 🙂


On the eighth floor balcony. It would have been fine, but she really liked it, while shouting nasty things to everyone who happened to be passing by at that very moment.


Hmm. Again the old joke: After the wedding people are settled in their rooms – to sleep before the second day. Some rather drunken person is put on the bottom tier of the bed. A couple is laid on the second tier. When they ask him the next morning, “How did you sleep?” he says in all seriousness, “I slept all the way to bed.


Buildings like a house in a kindergarten. The space is very closed – at least in the middle of the day. But we got into such a hut in the evening. The only danger was that the hut was already a little bit rocked and we were afraid that we would fall with this heap of logs. But it was just a small amount of space and did not allow us to strongly rock the structure.


The wedding of our mutual friends was in a small town. After getting married, ringing, and making noise, we crammed ourselves into some diner, where everyone continued their alcoholic libations. There was a construction site nearby that appealed to us immensely. Maybe because it was the only more or less quiet place. However… There was nowhere to lie down, nowhere to sit down. Standing up, we had to tear down a couple of walls. Ah, they can not build in Russia! But never mind, even visitors who sometimes came to the area of construction terrified of our screams. But the dog – no. This dog was just a heroine and we howled until her owners from the nearby house did not save her from watching the end of the debauchery.


First, “my” girlfriend and I went to her friend’s house. We came and just drank a gin and tonic, then tea and cake (or was the cake another time? Ah, never mind). And since it was really late, we decided not to go home, and go to sleep right there. We spread out the bunk, got undressed, and first we sat across the bed to watch something on TV. I was the sneakiest one in the middle. And somehow that’s how it happened… And in the morning… In the morning it was great too. First one gets up, goes to make coffee. She comes back. The other one goes to make some kind of scribble for breakfast. And I – in the middle, I kind of can’t get out 🙂 We repeated this experiment a couple more times with slightly different circumstances.


We climbed the rock with my boyfriend. After 20 meters of climbing, we found a ledge and began there echotag. Since the ledge was very small, we had to stand. I did not like it, because it was uncomfortable and could fall down. Although it was the thrill of sex over the precipice aroused wildly. We pohotajit on a rock for 15 minutes, and then went down and on a coast under noise of waves have finished the business.


It was last August. I and my girlfriend went to a birthday party, and afterwards, we went to the dacha (to guard the harvest). On the way, whether from drinking alcohol, or influenced the bright burning moon and stars, in general, oooh very much wanted to. But when we came (or rather ran) to the cottage, we found two brothers friends :-((. You see, her mother thought that we would be bored and scared there alone :-<. The desire was heating up, and we needed to think of something, and in our thoughts my friend and I went to close the hothouses and to cover the greenhouses. But when we already closed the last greenhouse with cucumbers, we could not take it anymore, so it was decided to settle down right there. It lasted long enough (the drunkenness has played the role, and the girlfriend at first was distracted by the door of a small house, suddenly brothers will leave to see, that it we so long, but then it already did not worry us). In the end, all needs and wants were met. When we went into the cabin brothers were surprised by our eyes burning with joy 8-). It was not without consequences. During the echotag, the film covering the cucumbers shifted and the cucumber leaves (damn them) pricked my left leg. Of course, I didn’t feel it at first, but my leg became irritated the next morning. Such a “prickly” echo.


This was at the driving range, where I taught my girlfriend to drive. There is a hill of 4 meters, to work out the start of the hill, here we drove on it, views open beautiful, down a bunch of machines figuratively perform. The funniest thing is that during the echoing is often something pressed on the beeper and from the top of the hill you hear a variable hum, which inevitably attracts attention, to the car, making oscillatory movements :))))


It all started when I was teaching my girlfriend how to drive… The originality of the situation is that we were completely naked, and my car has plain glass (not tinted or mirrored whatsoever). Well, and the pipsqueaks who were passing us, opened their mouths and a couple of times almost caused an accident. We did the debauchery for at least an hour, and it’s a good thing no one was around. Most of all I liked the joke with the cyclists. There were three serious athletes riding along, all of them. They bogged down near our car, just like everyone else, but they got away. After a while I look – riding in the opposite direction, but already twenty people, and so nicely slowed down near us, passing very slowly and pretending not to look at us. Okay, after a while they go again in the opposite direction, the people are already forty people, one of whom with a loud crack falls right beside the car. The windows of the car were open, of course, so it wouldn’t be too hot.


You can do almost everything on the operating table that you can do in the bed, but it’s too narrow and cold, because it’s made of iron. That’s not the point. The point is that it makes you think of two things: 1. What if they catch me? 2. And that someone has been stabbed in here.


To spice up the experience, the boron machine was on. Very unusual sensations. It seems that they are about to get caught and start repairing a tooth. The whole state was on edge. The blood in my temples just keeps pounding.


No comment.


Very cool and exciting.


This story was told to me by an acquaintance, the main character is his former friend. It was a long time ago. So, his friend was on his way back from the army (from Germany), and he stopped at a hotel and decided to go to a nearby bar. He went there just as it was perversion day. So he was sitting there drinking a beer, no one was bothering him. Suddenly, a half-naked young woman comes out on a small podium and pulls him to her. They make out a little bit and it starts… She starts slowly undressing him in front of the audience. So they’re both left with nothing. And she says in his ear – like, come on, what’s the holdup? They did it right on stage for about 20 minutes. He says they both had a lot of fun. He thanked his partner and went backstage to dress, and the girl danced for another 5 minutes. All the next morning he went away, because he was in slight shock 🙂


I had a fight with a girl when she was my guest. And we were just about to do echotage. Naturally, after a quarrel she immediately went home. And I went to see her off. We are three meters away from each other: arguing, sulking. As there was a transport crisis in the city our way went to a bus stop through fields, lakes and woods (there is a school within the city boundaries). Suddenly we both felt that it was time to make up (we always make up on the same day that we quarrel (very good for saving nerves)) and rushed to hug and kiss. Suddenly we felt that we wanted each other badly. Not far away from us there were hills overgrown with grass, bushes and trees (once upon a time, a long time ago, these were BIG piles of earth left over from digging some kind of hole). Taking the girl in my arms, so as not to sting her exposed legs with nettles, I carried her (not the nettles, but the girl) to a hollow at the top of the hills. I must say that the time was about 10 pm, so the mosquitoes were not long in coming. In fact, we could feel them still at the bottom. Then we had a difficult task: first of all we had to enjoy ourselves, and secondly we had to keep the mosquitoes from enjoying themselves. So with breakneck speed, fighting off the pesky critters with our free limbs, we set to it. Laughing and swearing, now for pleasure, now for bites, we still finished the job we had begun. Thus, satisfied and bitten, we reached the bus stop, and the girl left safely.


The very presence of someone nearby contributed to this. My back was to my husband. The trolley was full (very), and the fact that someone pressed against me did not embarrass anyone.


It’s about 6 a.m. after a sleepless night. Standing on the loggia, of course, naked, satisfied, and tired. We cuddle. And suddenly, we want more. It all happened right there on the table. Yes, the table was higher than the balcony railing, so the local population could safely observe everything.


The most piquant thing. A year ago I lived in Moscow. And there the yards are illuminated at night, unlike ours. One warm summer night, after drinking a liter of martini, we went for a walk. The mood was upbeat and cheerful. I joked, “I’m going to catch and…” And I started to catch her, she broke free and ran away from me for a long time. After 10 minutes of such fencing, I was excited to the limit. Everything happened on the bench.

  1. IN THE CAR.

It was all in the same Eight. My friend and I went for a ride, and we picked up some girls we knew. I sat in the back with one of them, and my friend and his girlfriend sat up front. We went for a ride. My girlfriend and I were in a hurry, up to the trembling in the knees. So we started. My friend is a pretty crazy driver and he drove about 100 kilometers – it was at night. Feelings on the bends can not be described, with acceleration and braking also class. My friend’s girlfriend once turned back – something she wanted to ask, but was silent for 2 days. My friend, when the opportunity presented itself, stared in the mirror. Everybody was satisfied. Try it yourself.


This story happened last year. It happened to my wife and daughter. They were coming home from kindergarten, the elevator to the eighth floor, and we live on the ninth, but since our house elevator runs only up to eighth (the design provides for this elevator), then another floor have to climb to “their two feet”. So they climbed the stairs and his wife hears around the corner at the site of a rustle, and someone whispers talking. So the wife, of course, scared that someone is hiding there and do not know what they want, wanted to stop my daughter, but she quickly ran up to the set and stood like a dead man, looking at the corner of those who are surprised whispering. After my mother went up to the platform and looked at the same place, her first impression was surprise, and then hysterical laughter … And they saw there the following: a guy and a girl well urgently needed to have sex, but a better place, or rather time, they apparently could not find … and then they were such a bummer. And so they stood there completely naked (clothes neatly stacked on a bag on the floor) and do not know what to do … The wife quickly came to her senses and quickly dragged the child into the apartment. After this incident my daughter asked me for a long time: “Were they fools to undress in the stairway? There’s no river here…”.


It was in Lithuania, my ball bearing was broken, I couldn’t find any VAZ parts in the stores, I had to go home, so I had to go to a junkyard, which has the following principle: pile of broken cars, you go, twist what you need, at the exit they evaluate, you pay and leave. So I climbed with a girl (for company) into this pile of metal, after about an hour there, decided to take a smoke break and climbed into a van where there was still one seat, in the window – a surreal landscape, broken cars, not far shouting men in an unfamiliar language, in short, as on another planet … All in all, it was great, I liked it.


All the action took place during the hike (we were rafting down a river). We slept in two 10-person tents (there were about 25 people in total). I and my girlfriend naturally lay down together. By the way one more of nuance: we slept together in ONE sleeping bag! This, too, added extravagance to the situation. At first we had a nice conversation, and when my girlfriend realized that everyone in the tent, except us, asleep, she began to kiss me.It was just great! We all enjoyed it immensely, and we repeated it every night. However, during the day we often walked like zombies 🙂 because we had only a couple (or less) hours to sleep. After a couple of nights we got bold enough to start echoing right after blowing out the candles in the tent (i.e. before everyone else was asleep). By the way, a funny thing happened once: I’m in a fit of passion 🙂 accidentally kicked a girl lying in the next bedroom 😀 Anyway, she woke up, and my girlfriend and I did not immediately notice it. Then my girlfriend eye rounded and brakes me, poking my finger behind my back, well, I turn around and I kicked a girl 🙂 sits and staring at us :)))) My favorite let me calm down, like I was having a nightmare :)))) The funny thing is that the neighbor believed it :)))) I almost choked with laughter, but was still able to restrain his impulses, but my clever girlfriend immediately interpreted the moans as the consequences of the nightmare :)))) Hy, when the awakened neighbor snored again, we continued our dirty work 🙂


In general, the situation is banal – there was little time before the arrival of parents, and the girl had to cook dinner and so when she put a pot of water on the gas, I snuck up behind her and tenderly began to kiss the slender legs, which immediately began to shake. When I got to her breasts, the hand that poured buckwheat into the boiling water trembled as well. The first cup was still okay, but the second half hit the target. Immediately I grabbed the girl in my arms and move her to the table. And he, I must say, is so conveniently located on the window sill line that from the neighboring house, you could see a lot of things and this fact has warmed us both up no worse than boiling buckwheat. An amazing variety was shown by the beautiful half of humanity, who did not always just moan. Sometimes that moan had a culinary undertone: ‘All the water’s going to boil. “Turns out you can also cook in the kitchen,” I marveled. “I hate buckwheat porridge, but I’ll eat this one with pleasure,” said the cook.


We arrived with a girl in the village to my grandmother in the banya steamed … (grandmother grumbled a little, like, not married, and together in the bathhouse). but in baths it is enough kayf from a bath … after baths already about 10 pm … have had a rest, have drunk tea, have looked TV, and when all (there are many people – people 10 relatives) have gone to bed we have gone to a yard, (there at each house the yard and two general fence with other court yard) have sat on a bench, the moon is not present – only stars … Right on the workbench for woodwork in front of two houses did their work … not even in a hurry … Then went into the bath, more fun …


Everything is very simple. I went to see my friend, but he was not there, but there was a young accountant. I made the acquaintance. The promotion process, as a result of which the door was locked in the middle of the day, will be omitted. The echo-tag itself was pretty ordinary (except that the girl’s ass ended up on a calculator), varied only by the fact that it all took place on the low first floor, with the windows open and people walking nearby.


Oil scene: two dormitories facing each other, 50-60 meters away. The windows are shot through easily, no trees, nothing, i.e. visibility is good. My friend and I were sitting on a window sill. I was in the window sill, and then it started, and she started to horn in on me. And the time – 4 am, the fifth hour, it’s summer, everything is already visible quite well, the neighboring dormitory is not sleeping – preparing for the exam, we echo on the windowsill, opposite look out for some particularly curious girls pedagogical institute.


I went to my classmate’s house to get some notes, while she was cleaning her dorm room. It is May evening, it is warm outside, the windows are open for washing, all the lights in the room are on. How would a true gentleman leave a lady at a time like this? Anyway, I decided to help her with the cleaning. This and that, it was necessary to pull the table to the window, which I did. Then we did something else, until we were face to face with the table. There were all kinds of things piled up on the bed, and I didn’t want to take them out or turn off the light. That’s how we ended up on the table. And opposite the window was another dormitory, you know, the way they are in our place, window to window. When we looked out the window, we saw a sea of cigarette lights in the dark windows. Someone even shouted, “BIS.” Which we did. The applause was our reward…


With the same lady we were walking through evening Kharkov. Once we were in the neighborhood of a cemetery (in the city of some kind), we decided to go there. The keeper there, a philosophical old man, was an acquaintance of my girlfriend. We sat in the gatehouse, drank some vodka, and chatted about eternity. It was quite dark outside and the full moon was rising, bright as the sun. And then I wanted to tickle my nerves, to walk through the cemetery by the moon. So we did. My girlfriend was also not a shy fellow … We walked and admired the scenery, adrenaline slowly released and in the end we wanted to. Yes, I wanted so much that just ouch! We saw a small puddle covered with grass. There were crosses, monuments, trees rustling around, some swift-winged creatures flying about in the air… The moonlight was pale and the blood pounded in our temples… At least some dead people must have wondered what the hell was going on here. The surroundings were not depressing, on the contrary, it added to the moral satisfaction. We went to the exit, thanked the guard goodbye, and went home.


The story is, in general, banal – we were at the river outside the city, when the clouds of heaven burst. We had hastily packed our bags and, in bathing suits, began running through the stubborn grass of the summer meadow. Chasing each other, we gradually remained naked… After running for some time in the guise of Adam and Eve, we got pretty excited… Then the downpour gradually turned into a simple warm summer rain, but once was not enough for us – and this holiday of mergence with nature continued. And then the river took us in – we splashed and splashed water, laughed and kissed…


It all started with an urgent job that I did not have time to do during working hours. The drawings are waiting in the shop, the boss threatens to deprive me of a bonus for the delay and promises me compensatory time off for my hard work. I had no way out: I had to work overtime, which was good, because the shop worked two shifts and they didn’t close the building. When they all left, I called my girlfriend and told her I could not come – urgent work. In response – reproaches: you do not love me and cheat, now I’ll come check. I came and argued and cried. I started to calm her down, wiped away her tears, hugged her, kissed her. And somehow my arms were getting tighter and tighter. My weak objections to the urgent work again brought tears to my eyes. Again I reassure and find that we are already lying on the table on the drawings and the process is underway!!! When the clothes were scattered in the corners I didn’t notice. Only one thought remained: good thing the table is on a welded iron base and the room is closed on the ground floor. When it was over, we realized that the doors were open and the windows had no curtains. Probably under the influence of such a wonderful warm-up drawings faster than planned and then several evenings of meetings repeated, but not so sharply.


Crane tracks at the 8 meter mark. It was not with me. Vaska (he worked as a crane mechanic) and the crane operator. We settled down at the repair site on the crane tracks. We started during the lunch break. It was nice, nobody saw them, nobody disturbed them, and if something happened, we could quickly scatter: he to repair the crane, she to work in the cabin. Well, who could guess that at lunchtime it was necessary to urgently load a car. The master looked for a crane operator, of course, he did not find her, and the car is standing, and the bosses are swearing. He got into the cab and drove off thinking “What’s so hard? One lift – and the job is done. When the crane operator heard that the crane had started – she got scared, screamed, and jammed Vasya’s device. What fun it was for the people to watch as the doctor was dragged to the repair site to give them a relaxing injection. Now that sweet couple is no longer working in the shop.

  1. 99.

I was on a boat on the Volga in 89. There was a green anchorage on the island. The island was like a table, not a shrub. The boat was as crowded as cockroaches. But I want to eat like hell. I’ve got an idea. We went for a shower. The shower on the ship is something strange, perhaps there used to be a wall cupboard. The anteroom and the shower itself fit into an area of about one square meter. While no one was watching, we jumped into the shower together. There wasn’t even room for the two of us to sit down. It didn’t matter, we weren’t here to sit. We took our clothes off, then guessed to turn on the water. And at the same time we washed:) We went out, she was the first. We went out, she was the first. The line starts yelling at her, “what took you so long?” I come out next and say: “It didn’t take long, we even undressed at the same time. What if it was one at a time?” And silence escorted us as we walked to the exit of the corridor.

100!!! IN INDIAN

That hurt more than I’ve ever… It happened in the late eighties. I got a photocopy of the Kamasutra at Philology school. I was sitting in the liquor store during the day, munching on this frivolous manuscript while having a snack. In the evening, walking down Herzen Street, I went into the “Light” store, where, to my surprise, I quite easily picked up a plump, mature saleswoman. At home, while drinking, I entertained her with stories about the vicissitudes of Eastern love. By nightfall, as is customary, we undressed and then the devil drew me to take her in my arms and carry her into the bathroom. I put her on a wooden laundry net, lit some candles and brought a tape recorder… and just as I began, the bolts loosened from the weight and the carcass collapsed on my feet with the wooden thing. I fell after it, catching the candle that was on the edge of the bathtub. A good portion of the wax hit her rich household. As I fell, I grabbed for the curtain, which finally covered us both, along with the metal beam. We were silent for a while. I was in pain. It didn’t hurt much for her, either. Then I heard: – Can’t blow me properly, Russian-style, raja!


We arrived at the stables one evening with my husband and I with the expectation that we would stay there overnight. We went into the night, so to speak. We did not want to sleep in the barn on the old hay – we had a wild allergy to dust. Therefore we took blankets, old jackets, to have something to cover ourselves with, and we moved over to the cart with the freshly cut grass. I think, there is no necessity to explain, that the cart stood in the open air. We lie down and talk. Silence all around us, starry sky above us, sunset burns down over the forest, we can hear the horses shifting and snorting… Romance, in one word. And then we realize that we were NEEDED… to do an echo-tag. Maybe the fact that the cart was in the spot where the road turns played a role. There were garages behind us, a road in front of us, a road on our right hand and a field on our left. So, in principle, we could be seen from three directions. We began to slowly undress each other, to echo each other… And as we did so, we realized that someone might pass by and see us. Especially since the locals were walking around somewhere. When we had finished and were able to continue talking, I noticed from the corner of my eye, the owner of the stable from which we rented the room for the horses, slowly slipping out of the john. He moves quietly toward the house. As a result of what I saw, I had another orgasm. And combined with cramps from laughter.


A rehearsal of the local theater. A dozen actors and a director. There is a half hour break in rehearsal. Everyone is scattered. I was left in the hall with a girl I was playing with. One word after another, then kisses. I picked her up in my arms and we moved to the back of the stage (a canvas with something on it). And between this canvas and the wall about 40-50 inches). I proceeded to the active fondling, and then a loud voice of the director calls everyone to continue rehearsal. I had to hurriedly dress and get out, for conspiracy – from different ends of the set. In truth it turned out that the phrase was meant only for us, because everyone had already returned and from the hall it was perfectly possible to see how this canvas was rippling in a certain place.


A group of 3 guys and 2 girls (one married couple in our group) are walking in the park and drinking beer. I’m chatting with a married girl, her husband is chatting with another girl, and the third guy is just drinking beer and pretending he’s not interested in girls at all. I have to work the night shift (I was working as a watchman at the post office at the time), so I invite people over. After I safely got rid of the bosses, people pile into my place. The post office is big – two halls, a staff lounge, and a few rooms. First, I drag madam into the switchboard room (which is a 50×100 centimeter room), where we successfully lobbied. Then we go out and go to the far room, where there is no one, but there is a couch. And then her husband walks in. He didn’t hesitate and joins us.

A little later, the rest of the kid comes in, stares stunned, and walks out, closing the door behind him. After a while, long enough, he actually knocks and reminds me that I have to stay here until morning and they have to go to the other side of town.


This story happened in the long-forgotten days when VCRs were very rare and my friends gathered at one of their apartments in a remote neighborhood to watch video. It was well after midnight when the phone rang at the landlord’s place. It was another mutual friend who had a serious problem. The point was that the girl our mutual friend had been courting in vain for six months had agreed to share the miracle of carnal love with him today. The problem was that there was nowhere to share this miracle. And then my friend remembered the owner of the apartment where we had set up the cinema. His parents were away, and my friend begged him to lend us some room temporarily for this important rendezvous. The landlord explained that he already had a group of 6 men at home who had nowhere to go, as the subway was closed, they had no money for a car, and it was winter outside, so we could not go for a walk. At the insistence of a friend, it was decided to help the happiness of lovers and the entire group of young men to hide in an apartment in order to wait out the act of love. The buddy promised that everything would take no more than half an hour. After figuring that half an hour was not enough time, the group began searching for suitable hiding places. They hid who-knows-where: in closets, under couches, and one even got undressed and climbed onto the mezzanine floor to avoid the heat. The key, as agreed with my friend, was placed outside under the rug and we waited in complete darkness.

After about 15 minutes, the key creaked in the lock, the door opened, and our “sweet couple” walked in from the cold. Everyone fell silent in anticipation. What happened next between my friend and his beauty I leave to your imagination, only twenty minutes later the process was successfully completed to the general satisfaction of not only those who indulged in it, but also those who suffered in the name of love in dusty closets and closets.

Buddy was already impatient to leave the apartment, which he knew was crammed with people, so he dressed quickly and even opened the front door to the stairs. The girl wasn’t dressing so quickly, and she was tying her shoelaces when a draft slammed the front door… It’s hard to describe what happened next, because when the slamming of the door decided that the sweet couple had left, the men, hungry for communication, started coming out of all the closets, loudly sharing their impressions of the act that had just happened. And phrases like, “Did you hear her moan in the fifth minute?!!” were probably the neatest. Plus there were lights starting to come on, noises everywhere, and walking limb-to-limb exchanges. The mute scene was in the hallway when the whole gang came out and saw a girl gasping for air with her mouth and our buddy the color of old green wallpaper. The next thing that happened was the guy who was hiding there jumped out of the mezzanine onto the girl in her underwear. All that came next was a scream!!!


We have a park along the river in the center of the city. It was evening, there was nothing to do. It wasn’t too dark outside. My lover and I were walking around the city, and on our way home we stumbled into the park.

As my beloved is higher than me by 20 centimeters, it was not very convenient for him and me to caress him standing for a long time. We went to look for a bench where we could sit quietly, cuddle. Near a bus stop in 5 meters from a highway we have found a ladder, by which it is possible to go down on the bottom of the dried up river. By the time we had found it, we were so horny that without thinking twice and without paying attention to the fact that there were a lot of people walking around, we rushed down. To not be cold, we put on a raincoat and his jacket. It got a little dark, but still we were perfectly visible from above, but we did not pay any attention to it. We didn’t have time to get dressed quickly (you know, that it’s still autumn outside, it’s cool), then a couple came up the stairs 😎 Continuing our way home, we have long smiled at each other and passersby, remembering our adventure :).


The other day there were frosts. And my buddy had to pass the driving test at the traffic police. So he persuaded me to drive my car (21099). Well I put a big letter “U” and “kettle” on it, we met in the evening. And then the road got icy. I didn’t drive in winter myself, I had six months’ experience. Of course I knew it was dangerous, but I didn’t know it was that dangerous. I thought, “We boars can’t handle the ice.” Anyway, he got behind the wheel, I was next to him. It was getting dark. We found a road with less traffic. We drove off, seemed to be going the same way, slowly. Then a fancy jeep flew by with a roar. It overtook us with a whistle. I saw it pulling over 200 metres away from us. Next to some girl. (Prostitutes hang out on this street in the evenings). Well, the aunt whispered about something, got in with him and the jeep disappeared over the horizon. In the meantime, we calmly roll straight down the street (thank God the street is long), learn to switch gears, gradually increasing speed. The street ends, there’s a crossroads. We have to go right or left. Straight ahead is a mini parking lot and a dead end. We’re already at a decent speed (the wind is in my face, I’m going fast). Turn on the turn signal, slow down…. As if not. The car does not react. Ice, however. We fly through an intersection and my hair stands on end. There is only one car parked in the cul-de-sac – the SUV (the teapot). And of course it’s in our way. Out of the corner of my eye I see that my friend is turning the steering wheel in vain and at the same time I pull the handbrake. Finally, the long-awaited screeching of the brakes, the jeep approaches. I have only one thought in my head: “how much I have got”. There’s a bump. Doesn’t seem to be much. I jump out. I run up…. UFF. Jeep doesn’t give a shit. Just a little scar on the bumper. And I seem to have nothing – a scratch. And then a man in his 50s comes out of the jeep. With his fly open. Walks up. Looks at the bumper. Then he looks at the bumper. Then he looks at me. Spits on the road. And he says, heartily: “What’s up, ‘U’ motherfucker. You’re sticking the fuck out on the bumper. Think of how much you’d be in trouble if SHE bit me off…” Spit again and went back to the Jeep. We were out of there in no time. I got off with a minor scare. I don’t even want to think what would have happened if…


It was in the institute’s judo section. At that time they had just allowed women’s judo, and several girls joined our section. All of them were very attractive and shapely. It was very difficult for the boys to train seriously … So, Saturday was Saturday. On Monday there’s a competition, at which the girls will have to compete. People don’t usually practice on Saturday for long – everyone has things to do, entertainment, etc. The coach leaves early. Coach leaves early, leaving me, as the most trusted (4th year) with the key to the gym. The girls all scatter too, except one. She asks that I practice with her, show her some tricky moves. I agree, and she works on me in the sweat of her face practicing techniques in the stand and in the stalls. Soon we were alone, because the most resistant ones had already finished training. We were practicing a parterre hold, called “Marya Ivanovna”, with a transition to a choke hold. And so she competently “screw the lightbulb”, I slam on the mat as a sign of surrender, she releases the lapels of my kimono, but I do not get up. I look at her perplexedly, and she closes her eyes and reaches for me with her lips. In general, the echotage was great, except that my sweaty body kept sticking to the flooring, and my kimono jacket kept crawling away. By the way, she won first place in her weight class at the competition. 🙂


What a situation. I was seeing a girl off to the train, but due to certain circumstances stayed with her at the station all night. We sat there for a while, got tired of waiting… A little bit later we both became VERY thirsty. We tried right there in the waiting room, but it didn’t work – however, they got in the way. 😉 So, we found a closed exit on the platform and some kind of stairs, leading somewhere upstairs. So we got in and… The best part was that we were in front of a locked door, and any minute, someone could come out onto the platform where we had set up. And there were people walking around downstairs.


We were in St. Petersburg, got drunk on the train… In the morning we could barely crawl out of the wagon and go to a granny’s house. She, kind soul, said everything was fine, but it would be nice if we helped her wash the windows, she was very old. And she had opaque curtains hanging on the windows… So, we’re all in the same room, she’s cleaning the floor, and we climbed up on the windowsill, sort of washing… But in fact, acurately echotagged… 🙂


Once we went to the woods with the company, and three kilometers away is a training ground … So, in the morning, climbed back into the tent with a girl, just started echoing, as the soldiers decided to arrange a tank shooting … very active they get, when the shells explode very close – even my ears popping … scary.


I had a funny story. My girlfriend went to the STD dispensary for a checkup, and in the joy that we were “clean” echoed in the local bathroom. It was really scary of all these bacilli and viruses, and the blood is heated by reading posters, but the most interesting thing is that we heard the nurse, and seeing our happy eyes said to still come in.


We were celebrating our birthday… Everything was going great but after drinking the next dose of wine my girlfriend and I had a craving… There were three other people in the room with us and one of them was a little tipsy (not just wine. :)) Well we started cuddling and kissing on a chair, and then slowly slid under the table. Well, the tablecloth was hanging down low enough, so the couch can’t see what’s going on under the table… And then the fun is that in the process the second couple sprawled out on the couch next to each other, and the other guy was quietly playing slow tunes on his guitar.