12 Best headphones for music

Listening to music is one of the leading reasons for using headphones, so the relevance of competent selection of the device for these purposes is high. Given this nuance, our resource has decided to present everyone a rating of the best headphones for music. The material presented below was created on the basis of many hours of analysis of responses of the most true audiophiles, so the competence of the information presented should not be doubted.

Best plug-in headphones

Plug-in headphones or in-ear headphones are a well-known type of this device. It gained the greatest popularity in the late 90s and early 00s. Today in-ear headphones are partly a relic of the past, but their use is still not stopped.

Sennheiser MX 550

Such plug-in headphones are the standard of their class. Comfort of use, quality of production and sound level are the properties that the presented devices can be proud of.


average price category (up to 1 500 rubles);

high quality (stable operation, minimum 6-12 months);

ease of use;

sensitivity up to 120 dB and good sound;

good design;

possession of microphone and push-button equipment of additional purpose;

Compatible with virtually all devices that can relay sound through the Mini-Jack connector;

easy to find for purchase.


problems with soundproofing and assembly properties;

easy “sniffing” when you first start.

The plug-in headphones under consideration are quite worthy of attention, but for fans of dubstep and similar music they are not suitable, because the bass is not strong enough. Otherwise, users are not complaining about these devices.

Apple MB770

The Apple MB770 is a quality and excellent sounding headphone. High usability at a relatively low cost is one of the most important advantages of the Apple Device.


average price (up to 1 600 rubles);

high reliability level (uninterrupted service life of at least 6-12 months);

comfort in use;

sensitivity up to 122 dB and excellent sound;

dignified appearance;

equipped with a microphone and control buttons;

full compatibility with Mini-Jack 3.5 mm;

availability in terms of purchase.


minor disadvantages in terms of noise insulation.

In general, the Apple MB770 is exactly what you need to listen to good music, but not dubstep and the like.

Best in-channel headphones

Vacuum or in-channel headphones are a trendy type of device in their field. In fact, such equipment is a modernized inlay, but has better noise insulation. In addition to this, “vacuum cleaners” are often more qualitative in terms of sound and more convenient in operation.


Sony MDR-XB50BS is one of the best wireless headphones. They feature wireless operation, high battery life and excellent sound properties.


Excellent quality (works at least 12 months before it breaks down);

ease of use;

118 dB sensitivity and sound of the highest quality;

pleasant appearance;

microphone and basic control buttons;

Bluetooth operation for 9 hours without recharging;

excellent soundproofing;

easy to find for purchase.


long recharge (up to 3 hours);

small flaws in fixation;

high price category (about 5,000 rubles).

Despite the fact that a limited number of people can afford such an expensive device, it is bought quite often. The unanimous decision of all owners of Sony MDR-XB50BS can recognize these vacuum headphones as an excellent device for listening to absolutely any music.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 In Ear

Vacuum headphones are also quite an expensive segment of the market, but of high quality. In terms of sound and overall configuration Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 In-Ear (M2 IEi) are probably the cheapest professional headphones of our rating.


high quality (work at least 12 months before they break down);

high ease of use;

118 dB sensitivity and the highest sound quality;

stylish design;

equipped with a microphone and basic control buttons;

operate using Mini-Jack technology;

excellent soundproofing;

easy to find for purchase.


To characterize Momentum 2.0 In-Ear seems possible only thesis – a decent sound. What else do you need for headphones? Definitely, a fan of heavy metal and similar music this device will be just a find.

Xiaomi Piston 3

Xiaomi Piston 3 is a clear indication that quality “vacuum cleaners” can be worth a penny. Budgeting and quality are the main characteristics of these devices.


low cost (up to 1000 rubles);

average quality (work about 4-8 months, after which they break);

ease of use;

sensitivity of 100 dB and the sound of good quality;

pleasant appearance;

equipped with a microphone and basic control buttons;

support for most modern devices that reproduce sound via the Mini-Jack 3.5 mm connector;

excellent soundproofing;

easy to find for purchase.


insignificant disadvantages of sound (insufficient sound depth);

minor mounting problems;

nuances in the assembly.

Of course, the top samples of Xiaomi Piston 3 intra-channel headphones cannot be attributed in any way, but for an unpretentious audiophile such a variant, perhaps, will be the best. All the more, taking into account the cost of such equipment.

The best full-size headphones

Full-size headphones are usually of a fairly high price category. This is largely due to the fact that such devices are able to produce very clear and high-quality sound. It is not without reason that “ears” are the most preferable devices for listening to tracks among fans of absolutely all musical directions.

Philips SHP2500

Philips SHP2500 is the best choice for full-size headphones in the budget category. This equipment has no specific features, but is very popular among audiophiles, so to speak, with a limited budget.


low cost (not more than 1500 rubles);

average quality (not broken before 4 months of use);

high comfort in use;

sensitivity of 105 dB and excellent sound quality;

good appearance;

availability of basic control buttons;

Compatible with virtually all devices capable of producing sound using Mini-Jack technology;

excellent soundproofing;

long cord;

easy search for purchase.


lack of a microphone;

insignificant defects in the assembly.

It is difficult to make any recommendations about Philips SHP2500, as they sound good, but only for their price category. So, if you have some money, it is better to give preference to more expensive hardware, otherwise, SHP2500 is what you need.

Sennheiser RS 160

Sennheiser RS 160 is a universally recognized “TOP” among full-size headphones at all prices. Sound quality, reliability, comfort of use and other properties of the equipment are unequivocally at the highest level. Its only drawback is its high price, with which you only have to accept.


high quality (stable operation for at least a full year);

high level of comfort in use;

110 dB sensitivity and excellent sound;

stylish appearance;

equipped with basic control buttons and a microphone;

operate via Bluetooth for 24 hours without recharging;

fast recharging (max. 1 hour);

excellent soundproofing.


Judging by the feedback from the owners of Sennheiser RS 160, this equipment allows you to listen to tracks with the highest comfort. Headphones of this model are suitable for each direction of music.

Best in-wall in-ear headphones

Overhead headphones – hardware “brother” of full-size “ears”, which differs from them by a weaker noise insulation. However, the mobility of in-between headphones is slightly higher than that of the in-between headphones. There are two types of these devices: open and closed. It should be noted that the classification of “open” and “closed” is applied to all types of headphones, but it is in relation to the overhead devices this indicator plays the greatest role.

Beats EP On-Ear

Beats EP On-Ear and “SOLO” series models are analogous to Sennheiser RS 160, but already among the overhead headphones. They can be characterized only on the positive side, but, of course, it is important to understand – for the quality you have to pay for it.


high quality (at least one year of operation is stable);

high comfort in use;

a sensitivity of 105 dB and a sound of the highest quality;

pleasant design;

availability of basic control buttons and microphone;

support most modern devices working with Mini-Jack 3.5 mm;

excellent soundproofing;

easy to find for purchase.


Production Beats always differed excellent sounding, therefore if in a priority this indicator – to choose it is necessary.

The best open earbud headphones

Sony MDR ZX660AP

Sony MDR-ZX660AP is a very comfortable in-ear headphones of open type. They are made in a good style, reliable and quality in work. Definitely worth the attention of all audiophiles.


The average cost (up to 2 500 rubles);

optimal quality (stable work, on average, about 8-12 months);

comfort in operation;

sensitivity up to 105 dB and excellent sound;

stylish design;

equipped with a microphone and buttons for volume control;

compatibility with practically all devices capable of sound reproduction on technology Mini-Jack;

easy search for purchase.


There are some problems with soundproofing and assembly.

If to judge by opinions of users, devices will suit fans of absolutely all directions of music. This is largely due to the good “bass” and clear sound of these headphones.

Best monitor (custom) headphones

Monitor or custom headphones are advanced overhead and full-size devices. These “ears” are designed exclusively for use in professional recording studios. As for the monitor headphones, any hint of portability does not even smell, but the quality and purity of sound they have the best of all possible.

Westone ES60

Perhaps the Westone ES60 is the most typical and quality type of “castom” today. Quality of work and excellent assembly – what else from monitor headphones?


Excellent quality (3 years warranty);

easy to use;

sensitivity of 120 dB and the best sound quality possible;

decent design;

Compatible with most modern devices that reproduce sound through the Mini-Jack 3.5 mm connector;

relatively easy to find for purchase (which is rare for “custom”).


If you have a need for professional headphones, you can choose this device without hesitation. Almost all users note that in the sphere of custom-made devices Westone ES60 is difficult to find a level.

Best sports headphones

Sports headphones are often represented by intra-channel devices. They differ from ordinary devices of their kind only in that they have special mounts for ears. This organization of headphones allows you to use them for active sports activities and do not think that they will be lost or will constantly fall down.

Monster iSport Victory

Monster iSport Victory – intra-channel headphones for sports. Some of the best of its kind, which is confirmed by extremely positive reviews and huge sales of this device.


high reliability (1 year warranty);

easy to use, the ear mounts do not rub the skin at all;

sensitivity of 110 dB and excellent sound quality;

sporty design;

connection via Mini-Jack 3.5 mm connector;

easy to find for purchase.


Perhaps, for sports to the music of any kind of headphones Monster iSport Victory – the best option for today.

Best game headphones

Gaming headphones – a category of devices for true gamers, characterized by those properties that are simply necessary for comfortable play in computer “toys”.

A4Tech Bloody G501

A4Tech Bloody G501 is the best headphones for computer games, according to many gamers. They are produced by the company “A4Tech”, which specializes in creating gaming devices, so the quality of products should not be doubted.


high quality (1 year warranty);

easy to use, full-size headphones with a good headband;

sensitivity of 105 dB and excellent sound quality (there is a function of surround sound);

beautiful design;

the presence of a volume control;

connection via USB port connector;

easy to find for purchase.

Shortcomings have not been detected.

Most likely, it will not be easy to find something better than Bloody G501 for playing computer and periodically listening to tracks.

Which headphones for listening to music should be preferred

As you can see, there is a lot of decent music listening equipment. However, summing up the material presented above, the following should be noted:

  1. If you are a true and picky music lover, then your choice should fall on the top samples of full-size or even monitor headphones, as they allow you to enjoy all the delights of listening to any tracks. At the moment the best in this area are Sennheiser RS 160 and Monster iSport Victory among expensive equipment, and Philips SHP2500 among headphones is cheaper.

  1. When it comes to getting the clearest sound possible, it’s more than just a matter of overhead and in-ear headphones in the medium/high price range. For example, you can buy Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 In-Ear (M2 IEi), Sony MDR-XB50BS or Apple MB770.

If you are an amateur music lover and are particularly picky about the sound of music, then buying the most budget variants of headphones-interfaces or “vacuum” is quite acceptable. A striking example of such equipment are headphones Xiaomi Piston 3 and Sennheiser MX 550 and MX 585.

  1. The A4Tech Bloody G501 headphones are perfect for playing computer games, as well as periodic music listening.

  1. If you need active sports to the tracks of any kind of equipment – Monster iSport Victory, will be the best to choose.