12 Business ideas for manufacturing in small business

Now there is such a tendency that when planning to open a new business, first of all trade variants, or variants of service provision are considered. This is logical, because any production is obviously more complicated. After all, in such an area it will be necessary not only to establish the production process itself, but first to choose what to produce, how to produce, than it will be better than the rest, and then – to understand how to implement.

But to all those who will say why to make more efforts, we will answer – think then, why do not large and experienced entrepreneurs refuse from the production type of business? That’s right, because there are usually more profits here, too. Especially if you take your niche and establish permanent channels.

Another point that stops the production of start-up entrepreneurs – a major investment in the start. Most of it goes for rent, because you need space for equipment and space for a warehouse, and the machines themselves, which will produce you the goods. But in fact, not all types of production require large investments at once. It all depends on what you choose. And the basic costs that we mentioned at the beginning can also be reduced. For example, some people use their own garage for production, which allows them not to spend money on rent at all.

In general, small production has many advantages, which a beginner should know about immediately:

Big investments are not always necessary (we have just analyzed this moment).

You do not need to hire a large staff and rent a large room. Actually, it is a big plus. Because hiring employees is a very expensive pleasure.

Production is easily scalable, no matter what you produce. It’s done by expanding the range or increasing volumes.

The manufacturing industry often receives grants from the government.

Well, in the meantime, let’s look at production options that are suitable for small businesses and will not incur large costs.

Cheese production

Especially recently, after the story of sanctions. However, domestic entrepreneurs have turned this story to their advantage. The production of cheese in local conditions has become more active. New types of business have appeared, which combine the cheese factory and other areas. And the product itself was and is in great demand in the food market of our country. And according to statistics, hard cheeses remain more in demand , so it is better to start production with them.

In fact, this business is best suited for farmers, as long as they have their own farm, the cost of materials for production is significantly reduced. However, as practice shows, urban residents also cope with this by simply buying the right materials in bulk from the same farmers.

As for the area, then, of course, you will not produce cheese in the garage, but a large room is not required either. Thus, for the production of about 100 kilograms of products per day will require no more than 40 square meters. Therefore, the rental costs will not be critical.

What’s it gonna take for the shop to start cheese:

Milk pasteurization tank

Raw Material Quality Analyzer

Cheese making bath

The press that’s gonna squeeze and form the cheese heads…

The bath to be used for the salting

Equipment that will allow the finished product to be pre-packed

If you take the most averaged calculation, with investments of 700 – 800 thousand rubles in production, you can get the payback within six months. The main thing here is to find permanent sales channels correctly and quickly. But such things should be thought out in advance.

Production of semi-finished products

Semi-finished products are used everywhere. Any grocery store in any large chain necessarily has semi-finished products. Moreover, the demand for them does not fall and some firms focus on them, selling semi-finished products as the main product.

In addition, this version of food has many advantages – firstly, they are easy to cook. And knowing that most do not have time for normal cooking of lunches and dinners, we can say that this is a great solution. Secondly, the demand for them is really high.

But a novice entrepreneur needs to find out which types of semi-finished products are most in demand in the market. Because now there are many of them, and in addition to the classic ones, there are also some unusual ones.

In the market, the situation is such that the most popular are considered:

Minced meat dishes. Such as dumplings, manty, dumplings.

Dishes made of chopped meat. Such as cutlets.

Meat dishes in breading.

What should be taken into account when planning such a business – the shop should be immediately equipped with all sanitary standards, as without permission of the sanitary-epidemstatsii you can not open. Actually the big area and it is not required. As practice shows, in order to produce up to 60 kilograms of products in one day, you will need no more than 70 square meters of space.

From the equipment will need to buy:

An apparatus that will sift flour.

An apparatus that will knead the minced meat.

An apparatus that will knead the dough.

A refrigeration chamber for freezing and storage.

Machine for forming cutlets and dumplings.

Such production line will cost more than cheese production. You will need about 1.5 million rubles. And everything will depend on how much you can sell your products.

Manufacture of potato snacks

Snacks are a kind of snack, which is now very popular among young people. And although at home, in England, this type of snack is intended for snacking between meals, in our country it is used more often. One of the snacks is potato. They look like chips, but they’re tastier and more nourishing. The big producers refused the idea of switching to this type of snack because it couldn’t beat the chips after all. But small entrepreneurs who don’t need this much volume use this business idea in everything.

Those who plan to equip a production line that can process 40 kilograms of potatoes and produce 10 kilograms of snacks per hour will need a 50 square meter facility. Remember, however, that this area will only be used for production. It will be necessary to store the production separately. Another thing is that in storage it is simple, so the easiest room will suit.

The essence of production is that potatoes are cleaned and cut into thin slices, then dried and fried in oil. As you know, many chips are made of mashed potatoes with the addition of flavourings. Snacks, in contrast, are made from a natural whole product.

You’re going to need equipment:

A machine for washing potatoes.

A machine that will clean the tubers.

A vegetable cutter.

Bath for blanching (treatment with boiling water or steam).

Tunnel kiln.

Spice dispenser.

Automatic machine for filling the product.

The cost of such a line is not the lowest. 1.5 million. But it will produce about 800 packs in one work shift. If you find wholesale channels, you can very quickly pay off everything and get a good profit.

Production of dried fruits

The fashion for a healthy lifestyle has long begun its journey around the world. Moreover, even in Russia, it is tightly settled not only in megacities, but also in smaller cities. While people are not going to give up many bad habits, they are easier and more willing to use the services of nutritionists, go to specialized stores where they sell healthy food, use fitness. An example of the activity of this industry is the increasing number of farm shops.

But what can be created for a person who is not able to open a farm shop but is interested in the health industry. He can open his own production of dried fruits – a business that will not take much space, but will be a great excuse to find channels for wholesale and permanent sales. By the way, one of such channels can become, including a farm shop.

Raw materials for such production you will buy wholesale on the bases. And even better, if you establish a connection with a farm, or horticulture, which can supply you with fruits even cheaper, especially at the expense of self-exportation.

The peculiarity of this area is that the appearance of the fruit in our case does not matter at all. This is why you can save extra money on fruits that are not on display fresh from mint, for example. As a rule, wrinkled or irregularly shaped fruit is sold much cheaper.

Which is suitable for processing into future dried fruit:







Sync by honeybunny










From the equipment you’ll need to organize your production:

Bath for fruit washing

Stone separation device

Drying chamber

Filling machine

If you buy quality European equipment, the production line will cost about 1.4 million rubles. While in a day you will be able to process up to 150 kg of fruit and berries. It is important to understand that the volume of finished products in this case will be many times less. Thus, only 30 kilograms of finished product will be produced from 150 kilograms of raw materials. The price at which it will be possible to sell the finished product in bulk – up to 150 rubles per kilogram. If you take into account other expenses, the profit will be about Br80 thousand per month. For optimization will need to constantly look for new sales channels and over time to increase the volume, so you can quickly enter the payback zone.

Production of drinking water

Tap water is no longer drunk in many cities. It’s just for the safety of their own health. Filters on cranes are often expensive and often have to be replaced. That’s why bottled water is so popular, look at how many companies work on the supply of bottled clean water of different volumes.

By the way, the manufacturer of drinking water should understand that the environment is highly competitive. Therefore, in order to reach as large an audience as possible, you should expect that some people buy one volume, some prefer another. That means that containers for such water should be of different volumes. From 0.5 litres to 5 or more.

And in this case, you can count on coverage not only of individuals, but also companies that are constantly ordering water in the offices.

The production itself can be divided into three areas. Thus, an entrepreneur who is engaged in drinking water, can spill it from an artesian well, use the existing spring, or take tap water for quality cleaning.

In order to organize the workshop, you will need a room from 100 square meters, plus a room for warehouses. Therefore, the only place allowed for rent will be in the industrial area, or to build a separate building near the spring.

Of the equipment you will need:

Mech.water treatment filter

Reverse osmosis system

Ozonation plant

A machine that will spill and clog

Label Adhesive Machine

Production is not the cheapest. Thus, a line that can produce 1.5 cubic meters per hour will cost at least 1.5 million rubles.

On the other hand, the low cost will allow to get a good profit. At loading of such line on half, when all goods are sold, and sales channels are constant, it is possible to count on profit to 300 thousand roubles. That will allow to quickly reach the payback. The main thing is to establish sales channels and not to stop.

Manufacture of mixed fodder

We’ve already written about the activation of farm shops. Now we should pay attention to agriculture itself. The situation inside this industry is not the brightest now. And although the government is now trying to support agricultural producers in every possible way, things are not in the best way. This is affected, including by foreign policy issues. For example, it has become more difficult to buy high-quality mixed fodder abroad, and there are not so many high-class domestic industries.

Therefore, you should pay attention to this part of the industry, because the need for specialized feeds is constant. Feeds for cattle, pigs and chickens are in particularly high demand.

Production of this type of feed can be done in the framework of small business. The feed itself consists of crushed cereals, food waste, grass and hay, as well as additives in the form of vitamins and minerals.

The purpose of compound feed is to make the animal gain weight faster without using chemical additives.

Such production will require a very large room. On average, 600 square meters of space is needed to equip a line that will produce up to 1000 kilograms of feed per hour.

Of the equipment, it will be necessary:

Rotary crushing plant

Grain crusher

A separator that will sift out the garbage

Screw mixer



With such volumes, the production line will cost you 2.5 million rubles. On the other hand, with the price of 8 rubles per kilogram of finished product, the line can provide a profit of up to 290 thousand rubles per month.

Production of paper dishes

Have you noticed how often disposable tableware is used? Not only at mass festivities, where any kebab is served on a paper plate. But also in the whole huge fast food industry. Go to any mall, go up to the food court and pay attention to how many people sitting at tables have paper cups for coffee, paper plates for cakes. This is a sought-after product for a big business niche.

And strange as it may seem, we all remember that not so long ago it was all plastic. But the industry does not stand still, and requirements for environmentally friendly production and disposal regulate the rejection of plastic and polymer production in general.

Therefore, the necessary fashion of today – paper disposable tableware, which by the way and looks much better. And another plus is that it can also be painted on it, highlighting and branding under the orders of certain large companies lot of products.

The area that will be required for the organization of production in this segment – 200 squares and still rooms for warehouses. On this area you can place a production line, which will produce you more than 100 products in one minute.

For this purpose, the following equipment will be required:

Automatic machine for cutting of blanks

Ultrasonic welding machine

Printing machine

Set including matrices for different products

It will take from 1.2 million rubles to organize such a line. At the declared production speed this option will bring you about 180 thousand rubles per month. But to expand the range and capacity, it is desirable to have several sets of equipment so that you could produce different versions of the goods for different large customers. And, of course, these customers should be found to sell as large a volume of products as possible.

Clothing manufacture

Today, the clothing industry has taken a new round of development thanks to the expansion of the segment of online stores and installation stores. Therefore, the demand for clothes of good quality but at an affordable price has increased. People are no longer satisfied with cheap Chinese clothing, but not everyone can afford expensive European brands.

The range of clothing products can reach 100 or more models and directions. The audience is huge, because you can focus on both men and women, and children.

In order to organize a production line, you will have to find a good, warm room up to 300 square meters.

And from the equipment will be needed:

Stuffing machines.

Fixing machines


Hinge and button machines

Folding tables

Ironing installations

It will be necessary to invest at least 1.5 million rubles in the equipment. However, in this case the expenses will not end, because the sewing production, unlike other options, will require more specialized personnel. Therefore, it is necessary to competently schedule your capabilities and goals at the stage of business plan preparation.

Monument Manufacture

As much as I would like to talk about light and fun, but the truth can’t get away – people die all the time. So there will never be an end to the demand for ritual industry goods. In particular, for monuments.

To imagine the possibilities, you need to know that monuments are made of different materials. So, for example, you can make metal monuments. This is an inexpensive option, but because of the appearance of demand it is practically not used. Monuments made of natural stone are very expensive. And there is demand for them, but mainly for the rich part of the population. But monuments made of artificial stone are the very middle, although their production is not the easiest. Monuments are also made of concrete or concrete chips. Like metal, they are very easy to work with, and their production requires a small room.

In any case, you need to determine the opportunities and the market, that is, the demand. And decide – what kind of monuments you will produce. Because different types of monument will need to be equipped with different equipment. So, for example, the same concrete options will take about 800 thousand rubles. But the stone will have to be equipped with more expensive equipment.

Production of solar collectors

The accumulation and use of solar energy is no longer the future, but the present. But since many large companies that supply electricity do not benefit from switching to other sources of energy, the industry is not developing rapidly. And I have to admit, because of this, solar energy is still an expensive pleasure. We are talking about the very production of equipment that can collect and convert this energy.

However if to study in detail a question, to establish a small solar collector now anyone can actually. Such small devices are not so expensive and thus very useful. Other business that few people think about it. And one of the main problems will be finding of correct sales channels and building of the marketing program.

Solar collector is a flat tubular structure with the size of 2 square meters. Liquid circulates in these tubes, which is heated to 70 degrees Celsius. You can use them to heat water in showers and swimming pools, to heat greenhouses, greenhouses, farms, to heat rooms. And just so you know, these are not solar panels. Therefore, their production is not complicated.

From the equipment that you will need to produce such units, you will need a Bulgarian, a mitre saw, a grinder, a paint spray gun to paint the structure in black, a compressor.

And the structure itself is made of polycarbonate, pipe, fitting, paint. The room for production requires a small. Only 50 squares, which allows to arrange everything even in the garage.

Manufacture of glued bars

Adhesive beam is one of the most demanded materials in the field of low-rise construction. Especially popular material is considered among owners of country houses and those who plan to build a country house. The popularity is explained by the relatively low price of the material, as well as its properties, which provide heat conductivity and allow you to keep warm. Adhesive beam is a 200 x 200 mm cross section beam assembled from thinner boards with oppositely directed fibers. Such a design will allow, among other things, to achieve additional strength.

The production technology is not complicated. The essence is that the lumber is dried, sawn, processed and glued on the machine. Coniferous trees are used as a raw material, but oak or maple is also used.

The workshop will not require much space, but you will need a large room for storage of the material. In medium-sized warehouses, the area is about 1000 square meters.

From the equipment it is required:

The machine for splicing boards

Gluing press

Spiking machine

Four-sided machine

Drying chamber

The machine that applies the glue

The machine that cuts the edge

You can choose between European and Chinese equipment. The first one is many times more expensive. But even if you take the Chinese, you will need to invest at least 5 million rubles to equip the shop. It will be possible to produce from 300 square meters of timber. But if the cost of goods is high, the profit will be at least 350 thousand rubles.

Rooberoid production

Roll-fed protective materials will not go out of fashion, because they are used for laying on the flat roofs of industrial buildings and multi-storey residential buildings. Among all roll-fed materials, roofing felt is the most in demand because it is available both in terms of price and usage. Roofing felt is made on the basis of special cardboard or fiberglass. Everything is impregnated with refractory bitumen and additionally covered with special protective sprinkling. It can be sand, shale, basalt, slag, dolomite, chalk and other materials.

It is not difficult to create a production line. But the room will need at least 200 square meters.

The equipment will be needed:

A bitumen mixer.

A table that allows you to unwind the base

A line that will provide bitumen impregnation

A device that allows you to apply sprinkle

Winding machine

The production line that will allow making 150 squares of material in one hour will cost no more than 1 million rubles. But you can pay attention to a fully automated line. In this case, you will have to spend 0.5 – 1 million more. Such a line will allow producing up to 300 squares per hour.

If the sales are fully loaded, you can count on a profit of 350 thousand rubles per month.


In any case, before the final choice of production for your own business, you will need to have a good look at the market in which you intend to operate. You need to know the audience, the demand, the ability to pay, and the competitors to understand what to expect and what marketing tools to use. Please note that your business will need to meet the following criteria:

The product must be in demand, which will not be strongly influenced by the level of income.

The raw materials that you will use for production are supplied by Russian companies, otherwise you will simply significantly increase the cost of the finished product.

The level of competition has to be acceptable. There is no point in entering an oversaturated market with such costs.