12 reasons why you should travel

Today I have a small anniversary – exactly two years of non-stop traveling. For this date I prepared a small article, the main thoughts of which are summarized in a list. The list of beautiful moments from travel will be experienced by every person who only dares to do this act: to leave everything and everyone and go to get to know themselves and, as a consequence, to see how people live in other countries of the world and to get high from the unreal beauty of natural wonders around. If everyone gets past the inner questions, in the style of, “How will I be without my family and friends?”, “What about my job at the office?” (“What about my pension?” question from the same opera), “How will I save for an apartment/car?” and another endless list of questions, will open an amazing world called – travel.

Here are my 12 reasons why people just need to travel!

  1. Travel teaches you things you never knew

First and foremost is geography 🙂 If someone had asked me 2 years ago what the capital city of Macedonia, Albania or Vietnam was, I would have had to google shamefully. But now I know even more, due to the constant dreaming and planning to see one or the other country. Second is the culture and traditions of the peoples of the world. Imagine people who have a very different outlook on life, who have strange and sometimes terrifying traditions and a completely different religion. All this inspires and awakens your curiosity about everything you see and feel.

  1. Learning to be tolerant

A useful thing in society. If you are tolerant, you are educated and normal. When you go on a trip expect that people in another country will be different: different skin color and eye shape, different traditions and religion, different views on life and everyday life. So you should always respect a different state of affairs from your own and understand that you are not at home. In another country you are a guest and you have to respect their peculiarities.

  1. Learning to be independent

When you travel, you never depend on anyone, you give yourself completely to yourself and count only on yourself. Therefore, first of all, it is self-discovery and disclosure of your abilities and capabilities.

  1. Travel is fun and always a great adventure

If you are going abroad not on a hot trip to some all-inclusive hotel for a week, and you do everything yourself, down to making a program of entertainment, then the adventure is sure to find you. Proven more than once, especially when you suddenly deviate from the plan of your program, choose a different route from the usual or, at the worst, decided to go to some packed cafe on the outskirts of town. Life just has to provide something different! Traveling is always fun! Whether you haggle at the local market for some small thing and then, having got this very trifle for mere pennies, you feel like a hero and smile up to your ears all day long. Or you’re in a restaurant, trying khinkali, and a Georgian ensemble is singing at the top of its voice, and your mood has improved! Or outside the house, in the yard, the boys are playing soccer and as soon as they see you, they come running up to say hello and shake hands. Or when on your way in the mountains you meet many different pets, you immediately run to squeeze and pet them (not to mention the millions of photos on your phone).

  1. Good language practice

In my case, the English language. Everyone should know at least the most basic things in English, so you can explain yourself at least at a first-grade level. But since learning the language at home is in a passive form, you can’t travel without active practice. If you communicate every day in an environment of native speakers, or at least those who are like you, but communicating in their native language you do not understand each other, the awkwardness and confusion gradually disappears, the level of language improves and there is less misunderstanding with other people. Better than sitting at home and knowing the language only in theory.

  1. See what you can or cannot live without

One of the meanings of life is to find what only you need and define your comfort zone. Staying far away from your country you begin to understand the true value of things, such as rethinking communication with family and friends, the need for universal approval. And you forget about everyday things like having a microwave oven, TV, and hot water.

  1. Learning your abilities outside your comfort zone

Going away from home, you realize that your soft bed and pillow will no longer please you, the always clean bathroom will be replaced by one that has already passed through hundreds of people, and the kitchen will not be the way you want it at all. But it is always nice to expand your comfort zone, to understand that you could survive anywhere and with a minimum waste of nerve cells.

  1. Figure out what you want out of life and find inspiration

If you feel that life has lost its meaning and you have no energy to do anything – plan a trip! Even if it’s just for a week. This will already give time to divert your thoughts, relax and be inspired for new accomplishments and projects.

  1. Making new acquaintances

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about traveling is meeting new people and interesting personalities. Through meeting local people you can learn more about the country, city, traditions and religion. Since the locals, no Wikipedia or any other blog will tell you about it. They will show you the places where you can eat without damaging your health, they will show you where to buy fruits/vegetables that are tasty and inexpensive! They will show you how to spend your leisure time and how to entertain yourself, and they will advise you better than any guidebook what to see in the city.

  1. Taste different cuisines of the world

You can hardly try real Ajarian khachapuri, Georgian khinkali, Nepalese dumplings Momo and Dal Bat rice, Thai Tom Yam soup and Vietnamese spring rolls at home. People have even invented a new branch in travel: gastronomic tours. Simply put, when you go abroad just to eat and drink 🙂

  1. The opportunity to help people

Volunteering is no longer such a new trend in tourism. People go to poor countries to help both physically and financially. I don’t have to tell you that one gets extraordinary satisfaction from helping others. For example, in Nepal, after the largest earthquake in history in 2015, a lot of buildings were destroyed, both ordinary houses and cultural heritage sites. Without tourism and volunteers, the city would have taken a very long time to rebuild. The landlord in Nepal, from whom we rented an apartment, is working on a big project to rebuild from scratch the only school high up in the mountains that was completely destroyed by the earthquake. He is actively seeking sponsors and raising money to rebuild Yangrima School. To get the construction going faster, you can help at this link.

  1. Creating new fond memories you’ll never forget

Finally, there are the memories. Probably the most precious thing we can have. We are the creators of our own moments: both pleasant and not so pleasant. But it’s still cool to remember later and in some places realize how much you’ve changed. The main thing is to remember to live in the here and now, enjoy life and do not look for any reasons to travel. Just open Aviasales – dream and plan new adventures.