14 Signs that you need to run from an interview

An unscrupulous manager, low salaries, dubious conditions and a hostile team – everyone who gets a job would surely like to avoid all this. That’s just how to understand that this company will not work for sure? There are 14 signals in front of you, which you can count already at the interview stage.

Statistics says that we give about a third of our lives to work. It’s great if the reward for the time and effort spent is not only good pay, but also positive emotions. From communication with colleagues and supervisor, working conditions, office environment and all other aspects of career. In order not to spend time on inappropriate work, remember the main signs that the company does not value its employees or candidates.

1. Avoiding specifics

Even if you are promised the golden mountains, do not hurry to get hired. It happens that the recruiter describes everything very beautifully, but can not give a specific answer to simple questions. Perfect conditions, large sums of money, amazing atmosphere – all this is not informative. You should get a clear idea of how you will work and how much you will get for it.

  1. Compulsive advertising of a vacancy

If you are convinced to give an answer right here and now, so as not to miss such a unique and amazing chance, it’s a reason to think. Are you really so good and so impressed with Eichar that he now sees only you in the position? Or maybe there aren’t so many applicants for this vacancy and they are trying to persuade at least someone?

  1. Delaying the answer

A serious company is always determined to give each candidate at least minimal feedback, no matter how many of them are for one position. Also its employees will always be polite and friendly. If you are not answered to your resume for a long time or after the interview, and when the answer comes, its tone leaves much to be desired – do not waste time on this company.

  1. The interview is too short

Few people dream about a long interview before they are hired. But too short does not promise anything good either. The representative of the company needs to clarify a lot to understand how suitable they are for a job seeker. He should also answer all the questions of the latter. If you were interviewed for literally five minutes, most likely, you have already decided on another candidate. Or, alternatively, they want to avoid inconvenient questions. After all, they know that you will not like the answers.

  1. Interview in an untypical place

If the employer wants for some reason to hide from the staff that is considering new candidates, he will offer to pass the interview outside the office. It can be a restaurant, a park, any other public place. Or you may be called at an unusual time: early morning, late evening, on a weekend. We do not advise you to agree to such an offer. First, this way you will not be able to assess the working atmosphere (why it is important, let’s tell further). Secondly, if the bosses are looking for a replacement for someone who does not know about his dismissal – this already says a lot about the methods of management in this organization.

  1. Despotic manner of management

Whoever says what, and a lot depends on the boss. If he personally undermines the motivation of his employees, humiliates them, violates the labor code, invents a strange, biased system of rewards and punishments – all this affects the efficiency of work in a very negative way. Agree that when your fate depends entirely on the mood of a despotic person, this is a questionable prospect.

  1. Oversupply of job seekers

A long queue to the office of the Eichar is a signal that the company has certain problems with the staff. For some reason headhunters can’t find someone willing to work in this position, and they immediately invite all potentially suitable candidates.

  1. Great attention to personal life

Your orientation, plans for children, religion, illness, and financial situation should not be of interest to the HR manager. Anything that can not directly affect the efficiency of the work, management does not need to know. By this and explain the refusal to answer such questions. If a human resources manager insists, it is a sign of their unprofessionalism. Today, such questions are not only considered inappropriate, but even prohibited in some countries due to the prevalence of discrimination.

  1. Ambiguous language

The requirements for the applicant can be formulated quite vaguely. If a company is looking for someone who is willing to show flexibility, responsibility or commitment, there is a risk that it simply requires an employee to be left to work late. Teamwork can mean no career development, and stress tolerance can mean that a boss likes to take on subordinates. Of course, such requirements in themselves do not necessarily speak badly of an ad. But it is very likely that at least one of the signals given here will be noticed during the interview with this firm.

  1. Minimum requirements to the candidate or their absence

Advertising in the spirit of “Let’s take everyone to work” is a signal that no one should try their hand at this company. Usually any candidate is ready to be considered either by a manager without the slightest bit of experience in recruitment, or by fraudsters. The latter, as we have already noted, call in more people to have at least someone agree to their terms. And it can be any dubious activity, from distribution of prohibited products to the financial pyramid.

  1. an unpleasant, tense office environment

We think it’s worth mentioning once again that solid companies will not rent a semi-basement without identification marks. And that they always try to furnish the space with decent furniture and appliances. In short, pay attention to the external attributes.

But be also attentive to the atmosphere in the office. How the employees look satisfied with each other and their work, friendly, tidy and balanced. After all, you do not want to work in the same company with inadequate or negative-minded individuals. Or where the management simply bullies their subordinates.

  1. Please provide copies of documents from the threshold

Insistence to get a copy of your passport or other personal documents at the interview stage is a very worrying sign. It is very likely that you are dealing with fraudsters. In normal organizations such data may be requested only by the human resources department and only when you are 100% employed.

  1. Tests, not related to the position

A test job is quite acceptable when you are hired. But it should not be too big, let alone weird. All kinds of psychological tests, logical tasks and other tasks that do not show your level of competence in a particular field, can be just a way to stall, to create visibility. In fact, no one is seriously considering your candidacy, or the Human Resources Department simply has no experience with applicants. Be careful with the test, which is like a full-fledged job (for example, to come up with an advertising slogan). Especially when communicating online with a potential employer. There is a risk that they are not going to hire you, they just want to get free services.

  1. Lack of comfort

A vivid example – parking. If it is full of management’s cars, and ordinary employees have nowhere to park their cars, it indicates that the management does not think much about their subordinates. In general, the office should have comfortable areas for work and rest, hygiene needs, and enough space for everyone.

If during an interview or a tour of the office you noticed any of these signs, think twice whether the tempting offer of such a risk is worth it.