15 Sweets Business Ideas

Selling sweets is an industry that will never lose demand.


Baking cakes to order
Cafe with pies
Yogurt bars
Smoothie bar
Ice cream trade
Confectionery Cafe
Cafe pancake
Cotton candy trade
Selling sweet waffles and waffle food
Caramelized Fruits
Chocolate Shop
Peanut Butter Selling
Sweet shop from the east

But at the same time, this field of business is so varied and diverse that one’s eyes are flung up at the thought of what sweets you can trade to make the business profitable and successful.

Sweet ideas

In this article we will talk about popular options, look at unusual ideas, at ideas that have not yet had much time to take root in Russia and ideas that will suit couch potatoes.

Baking cakes to order

Today, the idea of ​​baking cakes at home to order, and not for your own feast, is already unoriginal. But at the same time, nothing prevents her from being profitable. It is especially suitable for those who are fond of pastry as a hobby.

But since a large number of housewives bake cakes today, simple skills for pouring cream on crusts cannot be dispensed with. Ideally, it is worth going through specialized courses that will allow you to qualitatively diversify your assortment of baked sweets and acquire a certificate. So you will be able to attract more customers and bypass competitors who cannot boast of this.

You should start with a simple word of mouth and social networks. If you bake really tasty and interesting cakes, make custom solutions, inscriptions, decoration and all this for a price lower than the store price, then you can quickly win the love of cake lovers. And the best advertising is recommendations from satisfied customers.

Cafe with pies

Pies can be traded in the same way as cakes from home. But unlike cakes, they are less popular because they are not considered as holiday treats. But the popularity of pies in recent years has been observed in the niche of cafeterias. This became especially noticeable after the emergence of network bakeries selling pastries.

But you don’t have to open such a bakery. You can simply conclude a contract for constant deliveries from confectioneries or the same bakeries. And buy only the most popular and delicious pies.

The cafe will be popular and will recapture expenses if it is in a passable place and will offer customers the opportunity to sit inside for a cup of tea and a delicious cake.

At the same time, you need not be limited only to whole cakes. To increase profitability, it is worth adding tea, grain coffee and selling cakes not only in whole, but also in pieces so that customers can taste them right in the hall with tables.

Opening immediately a huge cafe for many visitors does not make sense. It’s easier if there are several seats and a counter. Such a room is easier to find where many people go, it will cost less, you will not have to invest in a large amount of furniture and equipment.

Yogurt bars

Such points are opened first of all in shopping malls in the form of islands on food courts. Since the product they have an unusual and does not require the installation of cumbersome equipment. The area of six square meters is quite suitable. Although usually in shopping malls even such an area is quite inexpensive.

But the location will help to get a potential audience of volume from regular visitors to the food court.

Such desserts as yogurts are popular, and in many cities the competition in this area is weak. To increase the profitability of this business, in addition to fresh yoghurts, it is recommended to offer visitors simple sandwiches and drinks. Because if a person comes with a desire to eat well, he can abandon the idea of buying your product as nourished. And if he takes a sandwich, he is more likely to try yogurt too. This is for those who are trying it for the first time.

Smoosy Bar

Another option for a small island with desserts. Like yogurt bars, they usually open in shopping malls and offer visitors unusual delicious treats.

Again, competition is still minimal in this niche, especially if you offer visitors a large selection of delicious smoothies.

The technology of preparing smoothies is simple, so again, do not need large investments. The investment will go first and foremost to pay the rent and wages of the seller. According to statistics from entrepreneurs, the profitability of a smoothie bar can reach eighty percent.


We already mentioned them when we talked about the cafeteria with pies. Bakeries have long been popular. This was facilitated by the rapid development of network players, who spread the mini-bakery format with a small number of seats. Thanks to them, the niche is quite dense, many competitors. So before you open your bakery, competently analyze the market and the location of possible competitors. We also recommend considering franchise cooperation.

What is good in bakeries is the daily demand. Thanks to fresh baked goods, bread, desserts and hot pies, visitors often become regular customers. And this kind of business has a certain flexibility. In case of changing the preferences of the audience, it is always possible to adjust.

There are bakeries, which prepare their products right in the place where it is sold. And there are options when baked products centrally, and then quickly shipped to points. But this option is more suitable for business, where there is more than one point.

Sale of ice cream

This type of business has many options. And it’s not just about kinds of ice cream, but also about the options of the business itself. It is possible to organize purchase of usual factory ice cream for sale from a refrigerator. Especially such a seasonal type of business is popular for fast earning on various summer holidays, celebrations, city events, etc.

You can open an island in a shopping mall, you can complement the sale of ice cream your existing business in the catering industry. You can surprise the audience with interesting ideas, such as fried ice cream, or soft ice cream … there are really many options.

As there are competitors in all of these options. Because ice cream is one of the most sought after low-cost products. Especially in the summer.

Café Confectionery

We’ve already discussed pie and bakery. Why not focus exclusively on confectionery sweets? Such a shop will be popular if it offers a lot of really delicious sweets. In this case, there is no need to equip your own pastry shop, quite suitable supply of sweets, biscuits, cakes and other direct from the confectionery factories. However, remember that you have to choose the range carefully. If you can offer customers really delicious and not very expensive desserts, then quickly get regular customers.

It is best to have such an institution in the bedroom area, so that visitors can buy sweets home. But do not forget about the opportunity to drink coffee with some sweetness right in the store.


Pancakes have long been a popular sight in the catering industry. Their popularity was given to a variety of toppings and topings, with which a very large variety of assortment is achieved. These can be and nourishing pancakes with various kinds of meat, and desserts with condensed milk, and curd, and jam, and maple syrup.

But popularity is always followed by an influx of offers. And today it is rare that a food court in a shopping mall does without a cafe, where you can order a couple of delicious pancakes with tea or coffee.

Therefore, before you open such a point, you need a good analysis of the market at the time of quantity and quality of competitors.

Most often today, such pancakes open in franchises. Again, because of the employment of the niche. Opening a cafe in franchise from an already well-known brand will be easier, unless you are ready to provide the public with some pancake know-how, which will provide you with the initial demand.

Sweet cotton trade

No city festival and festivities can do without selling cotton candy. It’s a favorite dainty of all children. That’s why business is so popular. Points for the sale of cotton candy in the hot season can be found in any park where parents love to walk and rest with children.

In addition, this product simply unimaginable markup – up to 4000 percent. Alas, the competition here is huge, as in any simple business with the goods in demand. Therefore, the first thing to do is to analyze the possibility of entering this niche. If you have found a place in the city park, consider yourself very lucky.

Sale of sweet waffles and waffle food

Usually waffles come as an ingredient for another treat. However, not so long ago, outlets for waffles with fillers and topings became popular. Like pancakes, they give customers the opportunity to try a huge number of different desserts with a waffle base.

The equipment for such business is inexpensive, there is a demand. And the niche, strange as it may seem, is not fully occupied yet. Therefore, it will not be difficult to break into the market if you provide the audience with something interesting and delicious.

Doughnut House

It’s easy to guess that doughnuts as we know it today came from abroad. So-called donuts, which offer a variety of options for filling and powdering have become popular among sweets lovers. But for the most part, they began to sell large stores with their own production. And alas, this has affected the idea of donuts. Because the stores were simple and without frills to minimize selling prices. Maybe that’s why there weren’t so many full-fledged doughnuts.

Meanwhile, real fresh doughnuts have stunning taste and can seduce any sweet tooth lover.

It turns out that the niche itself is not yet occupied, and you can enter this market freely. Another thing is that there are certain risks if you decide to trade only in donuts. Therefore, it is better to diversify the assortment, or create a cafeteria with tea and coffee, where people can treat themselves and try different tastes.

Caramelized fruits

Another kind of sweets, along with ice cream and cotton candy, which has become popular in any outdoor areas, whether parks, quays, walking streets, or urban events.

For some reason, out of the many variations of such delicacies, our entrepreneurs have stopped at caramelized apples on a stick. Sometimes there are also bananas in chocolate. Most likely, the reason is the universality of apples, their cheapness and popularity. The organization of the dot with other fruits is more complicated and cumbersome.

All you need for such a business is a machine that will insert chopsticks into apples and a machine for caramelization. Both will not require large investments.

But as you can easily guess, the niche is full of competitors. So we recommend that you consider unusual options first.

Shop of shaped chocolate

Chocolate is another delicacy that will never cease to be popular. But as the usual chocolate is full of chocolate in any store, we recommend you to pay attention to its non-standard types.

First of all, we are talking about so-called handmade chocolate. It is an extremely easy to learn business, which is suitable for those who spend a lot of time at home and can devote themselves to this activity.

The technology of making and pouring it is very simple. You can learn this by simply looking at YouTube, where there are many free master classes. With materials and shapes, there’s also nothing complicated. Now quite a lot of confectionery shops, which have a good range.

Once you have mastered the processes, you will need to think about where to mass search for customers. We do not advise you to open a point of sale immediately. It will take a lot of money, and at the beginning you can not cover the costs.

For a full-fledged point of sale, you will need a profile business plan and confidence that your product will be in demand. And for this you need not only to take care of the taste and different forms, but also to develop the right packaging. Therefore, it is better to start with the simple and promote through social networks. And then gradually go to large volumes and your own point.

There are other types of this business. For example, chocolate fountains and master classes in chocolate making.

Sale of peanut paste

The niche of selling peanut paste in the domestic market is not occupied. There is very little competition here. Most likely, this phenomenon is due to the fact that this product is not typical for our market. First of all, its popularity can boast America.

Although the technology of making peanut paste is easy to learn and does not require large costs for equipment.

For those who are planning to master this business, we recommend you not to take any risks by stopping the range of your point on this product only, because the demand will be very low first. The product itself is not characteristic and people simply do not know about its taste qualities. Therefore, it is better if it is an addition to other types of sweets.

At the same time, you can promote your product in an empty niche with tools that will not require large investments – exhibit peanut paste at fairs, sell and advertise it through social networks. And after you have regular customers, you can start production in large quantities.

Shop of sweets from the east

Unlike nut paste, oriental sweets are very popular with us. At least because they have long been known to our customers. And the taste qualities, combined with variety, have significant advantages over many other products.

Among them – baklava, kata, rakhat-lukum, pastila, shaker, halva and others. However, it is not really difficult to cope with their manufacture. This is what many confectioners do, supplying such treats to large stores.

In our case, it makes sense to open a complex point where customers will be presented with numerous options.

Whether to do them yourself, or to buy in bulk from manufacturers – it is up to you. In any case, the only competitors will be sellers from neighboring countries, which actually introduced fashion for these desserts.