20 Most fascinating male hobbies

Many of us spend our free time watching TV or spending it at the computer without noticing that there is a lot of useful entertainment and activities around us that can bring you moral satisfaction and even income.

20 of the most exciting hobbies for men

It often seems that in modern life because of the huge amount of work we do not have enough time for some exciting and interesting activities. However, if you look at it, many of us spend our free time at the TV or computer, without noticing that there is a lot of useful entertainment around us. They can bring you not only moral satisfaction, but also help you solve your health problems.

We offer you a list of exciting and useful activities that can interest you and bring variety to your life.

  1. Reading

Of course, such an activity as reading is not just a hobby for men. Every cultural and reasonable person likes to read interesting and informative literature. And history knows a lot of great men who were reading enthusiasts. Insatiable readers were: U.S. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and John Kennedy, the famous French writer Honoré de Balzac and the great German scientist Albert Einstein. And this is not the whole list, it can go on forever. Reading widens the horizons, gives new ideas and makes a man a fully developed personality. In any book, you can always find something useful for yourself. It does not matter what kind of literature – artistic or scientific, about business or art. And in the era of the Internet, this hobby has become even more accessible.

  1. Hike with a tent

In our intellectual age, an age of acute employment, many have lost touch with nature. And for physical and psychological health it is very important to travel and contact with nature as often as possible. After all, it is great to sit with friends at the fire, spend the night under the stars, and at dawn to go fishing. Camping is a great way to relax and relieve yourself from the negative of everyday city life.

  1. A game of chess

For many men, playing chess has long been a favourite pastime. It is really interesting to spend time with friends at the game. In addition, it is not only fun, but also a way to develop logical and abstract thinking, concentration of memory. Such famous people as Italian philosopher Galileo Galilei, English physicist Isaac Newton, English historian Henry Thomas Bockle, philosopher Spinoza and others were fond of chess. A great chess lover was the outstanding chess player Dmitry Mendeleyev. He claimed: “For me, science is like a game of chess. Well, I like to spend time doing it.”

  1. Fishing

Many people like to sit in silence with a fishing rod on the riverbank. This hobby provides an opportunity not only to heal shaken nerves, but also to provide yourself and friends with a delicious ear for dinner. And even if you do not catch anything, the process of fishing itself will have a beneficial effect on the psychological state. Relaxed on the shore with a fishing rod, you can just calmly think, dream, looking at the beauty of nature around you.

  1. Hunting

It has long been believed that a man is the breadwinner and breadwinner in a family. Hunting is a truly male hobby. While hunting in a purely male society, anyone can learn the principles of masculinity, patience and responsibility. And on top of that, you can get fresh game for dinner. This isn’t McDonald’s fast food.

  1. Shooting

If you’re not interested in hunting, you can always master sport shooting. By studying this activity, you can become a real professional. However, if you really want to do it, you need extreme attention, concentration and a firm hand. You can choose to master any direction you want. It can be stand shooting, shooting with a pistol or a rifle. Or you might want to start with pneumatics. It’s safer and cheaper. First, check how many bottles and how far you can shoot down.

  1. Sports

Everyone, regardless of profession and age, should be engaged in sports. Physical activity not only increases testosterone, but also makes a man healthy, hardy, and relieves depression and stress. You should not limit yourself only to exercising in the gym. Play football, wrestling, cycling, as well as swimming in the pool. It doesn’t matter what sport you choose. The main thing is to always be active, in good shape and enjoy it.

  1. Hiking

What could be better than long hikes with a backpack behind your back? During such hikes you can perfectly relax, regain your inner strength, breathe fresh forest air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Besides, it is quite inexpensive, all you need is durable comfortable shoes and some food. The main thing is to choose an interesting route, and that you are accompanied by good weather. If you are a citizen of the city, the most suitable place for such a hike is a suburban nature reserve with forest areas.

  1. Alpinism

For most people, mountain climbing is not only a great sport, but also an active holiday. Mountaineering is first and foremost about overcoming fear and fatigue. And the main thing is to overcome yourself. After all, when you reach a goal, then pride, joy and a sense of superiority can cover your head. Of course, such a hobby is not for all people. It requires great courage, strength, skill, patience and persistence.

  1. Parachute jumps

Parachuting is one of the aviation sports. For lovers of extreme and thrill it is a wonderful activity. It gives an opportunity to try yourself and feel the beauty of flight. By choosing parachute jumping as a hobby, you will not only test your courage, but also get a sea of pleasure and thrills.

  1. Painting and drawing

It’s no secret that we all loved to paint as children. Drawing is one of the most aesthetic, creative and simultaneously accessible kinds of hobbies. It is also an ability to express oneself. Painting gives a person the opportunity to express their emotions, feelings and moods in a picture. You can experience yourself in various genres of drawing. Perhaps this will become your hobby. The famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was very fond of drawing. He spent a lot of time in the garden behind the easel painting a cigar in his mouth. Such celebrities as Jennifer, Aniston, Sylvester Stallone and others are also fond of painting. Satisfaction with your own success, the opportunity to make a gift with your own hands – these are the pleasant moments that are missing in our everyday life.

  1. Playing musical instruments

Knowing how to play musical instruments is something that can provide you and your loved ones with great entertainment for many years to come. In addition, many women of the fair sex like young people who are passionate about music. Especially girls like men who play guitar. Guitarists, as a rule, are able to gather around a grateful audience, which with great pleasure will listen to and sing. Now online you can find many courses on any instruments.

  1. Dance

Our grandparents were very fond of dancing. Why don’t you try it out, too? Dancing can increase self-esteem, attract the attention of others, as well as improve health and posture. And, of course, girls are much more pleasant to dance with a partner who will confidently lead them. Now in most cities there are dance studios. If you have a family, dancing is a great way to spend a free evening together. And if you’re a bachelor, it’s a great way to get to know each other.

  1. Gardening

Gardening is not only about harvesting; it is also a great relaxing activity. It’s a hobby to the taste of many people around the world. People who love gardening more often feel a sense of peace, tranquillity and connection with nature. For many people, gardening is a meditation that brings peace and normalizes the nervous system. The result of this useful exercise is also important. Harvested fruit and berries – it’s pride, joy and very delicious.

  1. Collecting

This interesting activity attracts many men, the ability to concentrate on a single object allows you to enjoy a great collection. It can be brands, antiques, coins – anything. In order to complete the collection, men are able to spend a lot of time looking for a particular object. After all, the essence of collecting in the excitement and search.

  1. Volunteering

If you care about other people’s problems, volunteering is the best activity that can help change someone’s life for the better. Volunteering (from Lat. Voluntarius) is your opportunity to influence the world. You can choose who you help and how you do it. Even a little good deed will help make your city, your country better. Your selfless help can save someone’s life, make someone happier. Think about it, if you want to do something useful.

  1. Diving

Which man does not dream of scuba diving to the sea depths. Diving is scuba diving with special equipment. When diving to the sea bottom, you can see amazing representatives of flora and fauna. This fascinating spectacle is hard to forget and describe. Every man should definitely try this dive. And maybe it’ll be your favorite hobby.

  1. Sailing

Sailing isn’t just for rich people. It’s a hobby available to everyone. It’s comparable in cost to traveling on land. But it’s more exciting and exciting. When you sail wherever you want; the sails are full of wind and the screams of seagulls can be heard above your head, you can experience real pleasure. Sailing enthusiasts can enjoy daytime cruises and racing competitions. Famous writer David Seidman writes in his book “Walking a Sailing Yacht”: “Walking a sail is like art. But it is rather a sophisticated craft, and learning it is helped by courage, love of the sea, sails and boats.

  1. Cooking

It’s no secret that the most talented chefs in the world are men. Many successful entrepreneurs have found their place in the kitchen. At the same time, they have achieved success and made a huge fortune. Men chefs make an impression on women. And most importantly, it is a very exciting activity.

  1. Photo by

You’re certainly better at taking pictures than the average teenager who always makes selfies. The basics of photography and you will be able to take beautiful and interesting shots. It can also be a great addition to any other hobby, because you can take photos of absolutely everything.

If you suddenly have signs of depression, anxiety or apathy, the problem may be that in your life there are no real hobbies. Reconsider your lifestyle and listen to our advice.