20 Things to do while you’re young

Youth is probably the best period in a person’s life. It’s a time when people can afford a lot of things without being burdened by anything. And, of course, you want to live it in such a way that you have something to remember. Here’s a selection of things that every young person should try and then tell their grandchildren about.

1.Falling in love and being disappointed in love. This is a most valuable experience that will forever remain and from which you can draw the right conclusions. Unhappy love is a reason to reflect and change yourself.

2.Do a crazy thing. Everyone’s notion of “recklessness” is different. It’s important to do something that will help you look at yourself in a different way and overcome your greatest fear.

3.Get to know yourself. This is possible only in youth, while all the doors are open. Only in this period a person can determine with himself/herself and choose the further way of life.

4.Get yourself a pet. A dog is best, but there is always a choice in favor of your own preferences. Such a pet is a great opportunity not only to acquire a loyal and devoted friend, but also an occasion to learn responsibility.

5.Helping those in need. Of course, good deeds can and even should be done at a more mature age. But it is especially important for a young person, who is just becoming young, because it shapes one’s spiritual qualities.

6) Learn to dance. This will come in handy later on throughout one’s life. Dance is a way of suppressing negative energy and at the same time an excellent charge of vivacity and positivity, and a way of keeping your body healthy and beautiful.

7.Go on a hiking trip. This can be a regular hike out of town. It is important to understand the beauty and romance of such a vacation, to spend the sun and then meet its sunrise. To understand how a new day is born, how nature falls asleep and wakes up, to feel a sense of belonging to this world.

8.To know poetry and beauty. If a person in his youth learns to be sensitive to the beauty of native literature and works of art, it will then help him to have a positive attitude toward life. You can join the beautiful by visiting museums and various art galleries, striving for knowledge and understanding.

9 Break up all unnecessary ties. You can do this only at a young age, at the beginning of adulthood. The older a person gets, the more he gets bogged down in past connections. That is why all communication with negative people must be cut off at a young age.

10.Visit different places. This does not necessarily have to be other countries, you can travel with interest and benefit by visiting your native country and its many cities. Such travels will broaden your horizons and allow you to learn a lot.

11.To meet the best friend. The one who will stay until the end, the one you can trust more than even your parents. Such friends appear only when they are young, while there is still no self-interest to be friends. And a part of your own soul is given to them.

12.Study the languages of other countries. While a person is young, his memory works in a very different way. It is easy for him to learn, he does not get tired of the large amount of new information. That’s why it is better to learn foreign languages in this period of life.

13.Do experiments. Youth without all kinds of experiments on yourself is boring and uninteresting. You should try and act right at the beginning of your journey.

14.To learn something important. In general, it’s best to try to learn different things when you’re young, because you never know exactly what may come in handy. The more a young man can do – the more advantageous for himself.

15.Learn to be positive. This will determine the rest of your life. If a person is optimistic, he gets everything easy and simple, if a pessimist, then even the simplest task causes problems.

16.Plant a tree. Let it grow together with the young man and be a kind of symbol of his whole life, at first so insecure and thin, and then strong and sprawling.

17.Make something romantic. Youth is the period of first love, romance and magic. And life won’t be as fulfilling if it doesn’t contain memories of something unusual and beautiful done in the name of that high feeling.

18.Get a profession. Even if it won’t be a life-long vocation, it will teach you how to get the information you need, and that’s not unimportant.

19.To try an unusual dish. Strange as it may seem, but gustatory impressions stay with a person for a very long time. And while there is not yet much sophistication in food, it is worth trying something completely new and unexplored.

20. And finally, you need to learn to be calm about what others say. Simply because you don’t have the nerve to react painfully to every criticism.