20 Tips for stylish men

It happens, you look at a man: he seems to be stylish and neat. And then when you see one of the following details in his appearance, the picture immediately spoils. What are these details?

Collected 20 tips for those who are trying to look like a stylist and not look ridiculous. Read, pay attention, and be beautiful.

  1. Wash yourself every day. Exactly every day, not just after some physical work.

  1. Change your socks every day. It is every day in the morning to put on clean socks.

  1. Cut hair in your nose and ears (if you have any). Yes, those around you can see your nose hairs sticking out of your nose.

  1. Wear a clean shirt or t-shirt every day.

  1. Apply antiperspirant to clean underarms. Yes, that’s right.

  1. Clean your shoes. It is disgusting to look a nice suit and dirty shoes.

  1. White socks are only appropriate with sneakers. Yes, not with shoes and not with black pants.

  1. Moccasins are barefoot.

  1. Sandals, flip-flops, etc. – No socks.

  1. If you have a big belly, do not wear tight shirts. It is better not to wear T-shirts at all. The healthiest alternative is stylish shirts. For example:

11 Don’t blow your nose or spit in public.

12 Don’t eat garlic before work. Have pity on people.

  1. Watch the length of your pants. They shouldn’t be short, and they shouldn’t be long. One zag at the bottom is the golden rule.

  1. If you’re balding, get over it. Don’t hide the baldness behind three hairs. Just get a shorter haircut.

  1. If you’re physically weak, don’t be embarrassed. A lot of strong men – only in the movie “Unstoppable”. If you have the desire – do sports. No desire – prove by work that you are a man.

  1. Don’t be a slacker in life (see paragraph 15). It does not make a man look good.

  1. Don’t give up. A man can not be a pessimist. If something didn’t work out, it will work out later.

  1. Don’t be jealous of other men. It is better to act and reach the heights so that they envy you. Find out how to do this in the next gallery:

  1. Don’t cry and whine and complain. It just looks ridiculous.

  1. Don’t try to prove anything to anyone. That’s not the point of a man’s life.