2020 Trends in the world of men’s sunglasses

Manufacturers of sunglasses usually divide their advertising budgets between tried and tested models, and new innovative design frames that can capture the imagination and public mood and become what is called a trend. Often new models are combinations of basic models with new technologies of lenses, and materials for sunglasses.

Let’s consider the fashion directions in 2020:

  1. Metal frames: gold, silver

Metal is almost as universal as acetate frames. And metal frames have made a huge return from retro styles to modern times. Men enjoy the thin lines and lightness of metal frames against acetates. In addition, the sunglasses in the metal frame have vintage overtones.

  1. Double partition glasses

The frame is a pair of lenses that are connected by two partitions – one at the level of the nose bridge and the other at the level of the eyebrows. The finely framed lens is similar in shape to the Aviators. This pair will not suppress your face, giving protection against ultraviolet, which you need on a sunny day. The frame is ideal for round faces. The angular, straight lines of your face are sharpened with these sunglasses.

  1. Round sunglasses

The accessory has retro inspiration, it is popular for many seasons. Round sunglasses is planning a serious return this spring. The original sunglasses make you think of John Lennon.

Suitable for a narrow face. Round frames are ideal for people with narrow, square or angular facial features.

  1. Bamboo sunglasses

These unique bamboo sunglasses have pleasant design, light weight and good wear resistance. In 2020, this novelty will definitely be in demand. Such frames can have different shades of wood, choose the right one for your color type.

  1. Oversized Aviators

Aviator sunglasses never go out of fashion. These sunglasses are both sporty and classic and will add glamour to any outfit. The Aviator frames have changed parameters over time. In 2020, the so-called Oversize Aviators (large or massive) will be particularly popular, they have larger lenses and a monolithic frame.

Of course, these are not all trends in the world of men’s sunglasses. To make it more convenient for you to orientate yourself to our section News, there you can find models that are relevant this season.