223 Methods of earning on the Internet without investments: (Lists of sites and exchanges)

How to earn on the Internet without any investment?


This is quite an interesting topic, because now 4 billion people use the Internet.


They fall into two categories: those who spend money and those who earn it.


Today we will share all the secrets of making money on the Internet without any investment or deceit.

I decided to bring it up, because I’ve been making money on the Internet for 10 years.


I’ve tried all the basic ways to earn online.


And every day I pay for goods and services online.


These operations accumulate so much that I have to allocate a separate time for this.

That is why I treat myself to people who earn and spend money on the Internet.


The only thing I did not start earning money on the Internet is with the lowest paid jobs.


In this case, many times paid for cheap labor, so I know this work too.

The Internet is a very advantageous place when you sit at home and “chop dough”.

The target audience can be identified immediately:


    53% or more than 4 billion Internet users on planet Earth;

    42% or almost 3 billion 200 million active social network users;

    39% or nearly 3 billion people using mobile applications.


Those who do not use the Internet are a non-monetary, uneducated mass (usually).


Also, citizens of countries with limited or closed access are not the target audience of anybody.


Such countries as North Korea, Venezuela, Syria.


I will say at once: my work experience is related to three languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.


I do not even consider other languages.


Although I have often met clients who requested services in Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Polish and even Farsi (Persian, Iranian group).


Sharing experience: Without knowledge of the language, you cannot compete with professionals who are fluent in the language.


If you know English, you can earn much more than by working with the Russian segment.


5-10 times more, that’s for sure.


The most interesting thing: English started to be actively studied at 31.


Before that there was a school, weak level.


I was motivated by the crisis in Ukraine in 2013.


And the fall in oil prices, respectively, is not the best situation in Russia.


Russian-speaking clients stopped paying the way they used to.


In 3 years my level of English has risen to “free”, which allowed me to earn more in the English-speaking segment.


I can’t say: there is one method of learning that works for everyone.

Try and choose the one that works for you.


Same with online earning: there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


My advice is: choose one direction and grow.


If you want to work in several places, you will never be the best, even in one direction.


And the “fattest” cream is removed by segment leaders.


It’s come a long way to find something that works for me.


It all started with the global crisis in 2008, when my main income was the services of a credit broker.


I had a financial company that brought in good money.


We provided services – assistance in obtaining loans.


In September 2008, a moratorium on issuing loans was introduced in Ukraine.


Foreign banks started to withdraw their capital abroad.


Almost all industries were affected.


The outcome of the global crisis in 2008


While other segments were only affected, my business “burst” in 1 day.


Instead of huge profits, I got no less impressive debts, and in dollars.

The $100,000 mortgage debt was in all sorts of nightmares.


And the dollar began to grow from 5 UAH per $1 to the existing one, about 26 UAH per $1.


Please note: fivefold drop, the situation is disastrous.


The time has come to decide what to do next.


I constantly talked with my brothers, who lived in the U.S..


A frequent topic is prices in the U.S. and Ukraine.


And then came a cool idea how to make money on the Internet “from scratch”, without investment and risk.


Electronics in the states is cheaper than in Ukraine (we are “rich” here).


And the markup on some products was huge.


We made a decision: it is necessary to import electronics into Ukraine.

And how to sell it?


We did not have a shop, as well as no experience in sales.


I decided to open an online electronics store together with my brothers.

I will say at once: I am not a fan of partnership, but my own brothers are a little different.

How quickly do you think it started to make a profit?


Don’t get your hopes up.


Unfortunately, I don’t.


Initially, we did not have a warehouse, the goods were delivered only by prepayment.


Within a year, we started working for a return on investment with a small investment.


We faced the pitfalls: customs, theft, competition, marriage, price volatility.


At some point, we lost the focus of development, because we began to invest really much, having smelled the “smell” of big money.


We bought a bunch of illiquid that people needed, like fish umbrella.


Our payback turned into a huge loss.


In the U.S., a credit line of up to $200,000 was opened, which we used in full.


The debt was such that after recalculating, the hair stood up even in “secluded” places.


Dreams of riding a Ferrari, lying among palm trees and sailing on a yacht on the blue ocean melted in an instant.


In addition, there was a huge warehouse of illiquid, constantly falling in price.


We had to look for new types of advertising.


That’s when we discovered SEO promotion.


And again, the challenge was to find a specialist.


The work of promoting sites failed such “craftsmen”:


    the webmaster who created the site (6 months of work);

    the local SEO company (6 months of cooperation);

    one of the best freelancers at the time (fed with promises for a year).


Moreover, the whole process of such “promotion” took 2 years.


All this led to the fact that we hired our own coulter, which showed us all the processes of site promotion.

Then we began to study this direction independently and promoted our online store to 10 thousand visitors per day.


Sales were boiling, the situation stabilized, there was a profit.


But site promotion attracted more: there were the first customers who paid for it.


Over time, I realized that 2 directions “pull” can not, there was a choice: online store or SEO.


To determine the “helped” no one else, as competitors.


Namely – a custom hacker attack on an online store, right under the New Year.


During this period, we usually sold all our illiquid.


People even bought safety glasses for old phone models.


And here the site does not work at a time when sales are boiling, money is pouring down the river.

At the time, we didn’t understand how to deal with a DDoS attack.


    Note. In the section of this article “Thunder, TRAINING, AFERS”, I will tell you how to deal with this attack in 15 minutes.


Result: loss of more than 10 best selling days per year.


There is a lot of goods left, there is simply no money for a new purchase.


At that time, the SEO was making good profits, but there was not enough time for everything.


Therefore, the online store was finally closed in 2015.


It is good that we closed our last credits and were left without debts.


Cancellation of loans


Today, the main activity is website promotion.


Further we will consider more specifically all types of earnings on the Internet.


Each new stage will give the opportunity to earn more.


Therefore, I recommend that you read it all to the end.


I will certainly share with you the secrets of how to increase results in sales dozens of times.


Let’s start with the one who is best suited to work online.



Who can make money

CHAPTER 1: Who Can Earn

How the income level is distributed among different people.


Demanded specialties on the Internet.


And also advice: how to increase the value and level of income with your knowledge.


The following groups are looking for income on the Internet:




    mommy on maternity leave;







Of course, the level of earnings depends on your knowledge.


Therefore, schoolchildren always start at the bottom.


Unlike students, it is still difficult for them to get an offline job: a waiter, handyman, nanny.


These are usually different services:




    to share in socials, likes and comments;

    surfing the Internet;

    earning money from watching online ads;

    mail reading.


I, of course, am not a supporter of this type of earnings: for me it is a step back.


It is better to devote myself to studying at a young age and, in the future, to earn more.


But everyone is a blacksmith of his happiness, you should not make decisions for others.


In any case, let them try, then make a choice.


“Plus, everybody’s welfare situation is different: they need blood from their nose.


Students, due to the experience gained, can already try themselves on more highly paid jobs:


    writing essays;

    printing texts with audio recordings;

    text typesetter;

    call-centre operator;

    classic crowd marketing scheme (comments, forums, question and answer sites).


Other categories of earnings depend on your knowledge or specialty.

Demanded professions on the Internet:


    Content manager (filling in information on the site);


    accounting (1C or Quickbooks in the English-speaking segment);

    creation, design, promotion of websites, pages in “social networks”;

    consulting and outsourcing;

    teaching languages or other subjects;


    making money from online games;

    online sales;

    development of games, applications.


My advice to you: do not try to capture 2 or more directions.


Analyzing my experience, I was not able to run an online store and provide services to promote sites.


I have also failed to create sites and promote in social media.


I know how to do it, but I can not compete with the leaders.


Today I have one direction – English and Russian SEO website promotion.


In addition, I am engaged in contextual advertising.


In the near future, I do not plan to “spray”.


Further we will consider the list of resources that will help you earn on the Internet without investing for beginners.



Earnings for schoolchildren

Chapter 2: Salaries for schoolchildren

In this chapter we will look at how a newcomer can make money on the Internet without investing.


We will also reveal the truth about the proposed “unreal earnings” and easy work.


We will uncover the types of fraud so as not to lose time.


And also we will tell you how to get an income.


I warn you: in this section we will talk about the most routine work.


It’s mostly about the Russian-speaking segment.


After all, knowledge of English opens up wider earning opportunities.


We will consider them in other sections.

For the most part, work for schoolchildren is offered by so-called “book-sites”.


They earn on clicks and offer huge amounts of money.


Before choosing a resource to earn, remember: there are a lot of scammers in the market.


On their sites you will be clicking long and tiresome, while probably not see your money.


Basically, the “divorce” will be associated with setting a limit on the output.


To “click” on it, you have to work more than one day.


After that, there are also reasons why you can’t withdraw your money.


As a child, this becomes a bitter experience that teaches you not to trust people.


It’s better to use sites that have been around for years.


So before you register, read comments and feedback on the service.


To do this, enter the search query “reviews + site name” in Google and/or Yandex.


Search query “Reviews and site name”


Don’t be lazy: read more information, get acquainted with personal experience of participants.


A lot of people have already written the truth about making real money online without investing or cheating.


You should also understand that some of these reviews are fake.

I offer you a selection of well-known services (but still carefully read their policy and working conditions).


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
seosprint.net – one of the most famous sites in this area; minimal for withdrawal to webmoney is small, only 2 rubles 7.3
socpublic com 5.0
profitcentr.com – this site appeared even earlier than seosprint.net, has a wide audience of 4.3
wmmail ru 3.7
seo-fast ru – various prices for advertising, the ability to find the cheapest labor possible 3.3
work-zilla com – it positions itself as a freelance exchange where you can perform / place routine tasks: convert audio-video to text, create business card sites, write texts, work with Excel 1.74
wmrfast com 1.6
vip-prom net is an official seosprint project. difference from the main site: payment only in dollars 0.33

Here you can order almost everything: scrolling likes, comments, share in the social networks, e-mail viewers, surfing sites.


Probably, here are the most satisfied customers who need to “dust in the eye” customers.


For example, to show a public in a social-book with more than 10 thousand users or video, which has many views.


But, if we talk about performers, it’s not all so clear.


It’s almost impossible to make money on the Internet by “clicking”.


In this case, the Internet is full of advertising these services with explanations of how to quickly make money on the Internet without investment.


Quite real people promise huge profits and easy work.


Registering at their link, you bring income to these people.


Therefore, more or less “rise” can be at the expense of referrals.


Referrals – people who have registered on your link.


To do this, you need to invite friends or include promotion on forums, public in the social networks.


Without referrals, your maximum income will be just a couple of dollars a day.


If you attract thousands of active referrals, the real income can be from $ 200 per day.


Most bring money 2 types of services: surfing sites and reading letters.


Typically, the money is withdrawn on webmoney, but you can also use Yandex.Money and Qiwi.


This information can be found in the section on site rules.


I want to clarify right away: I am against this type of earnings, but for freedom of speech.


Therefore, I express my unbiased opinion.

The second type of earnings for schoolchildren – a variety of stock exchanges antikapch.


There are English and Russian versions.


In the English-speaking version you will have to compete with many Hindus (the population of India exceeds 1 billion 350 million people).


There are also people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal.


And many people have English as their mother tongue, as well as Hindi as their local language.


Such work attracts not only schoolchildren and students, but also uneducated segments of the population.


They are ready to work for minimal money, so give preference to Russian-language exchanges.


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
2captcha com – English service, main employees – Indians 2.10
rucaptcha com – Russian-language service about captcha 1.26
anti-captcha com – multilingual resource 0.32


Income on the stock exchanges is volatile, depending on the load and number of competitors at the moment.


I used the services of these exchanges constantly for the automation of routine tasks.

The third type of income is income from social networks.


These are comments in the sozialki, likes, payment for joining the group, to share the publication.


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
vktarget.ru is a stock exchange that offers this type of service for both advertisers and cheat specialists. 6.27
bosslike ru 1.31
vkserfing ru 0.685
socialtools ru 0.365
smmok-fb ru – cheat only on Facebook 0.328
forumok com 0.319
v-like ru 0.264
likesrock com 0.254
bestliker biz 0.167
vprka com 0.147


That sounds like yesterday to me.

There’s absolutely no effect on the sales or promotion of twisted subscribers, likes.


Soaping up the eyes of potential buyers with your huge popularity is the only thing that’s possible.


At the same time, many can “feel” this trick, which will play only negatively.


For schoolchildren and students, this type of income still exists.

The fourth income option is bitcoin cranes…


As much as I love cryptology, it doesn’t reflect the mood of the users.


Of course, the growth peak has long passed, now this currency is “getting used up” on certain parameters.


The “sobering” has come: happiness doesn’t happen for a long time.

So, what is Bitcoin cranes?


These are services that allow you to generate crypt-currencies for registered users who perform certain actions.


It is necessary to perform the same tasks considered earlier – captures, clicks.


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
freebitco in is a Hindu domain, it is clear who it is aimed at. 119
freedoge co in 24
moonbit co in 15
bitfun co 12
bonusbitcoin co 10
dailyfreebits com 0.911


In this case, no one will give you a whole bitcoin for such work, but only a small part of it.


It’s called Satoshi.

The fifth type of earnings is from the reviews


There are 2 main exchanges where you can earn on reviews.


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
irecommend ru – exchange where you can leave a response about any product, service or company 36
qcomment ru 1


    I want to warn you: to make money on these sites, you have to lie.


And they won’t pay much for it.


If your conscience is cheaper than those kopecks you can earn here, then register.


There is no space income here, but there is a routine.


Okay, we’re done with cheap labor, let’s move on to real money…



Copywriting Exchanges

Chapter 3: Copywriting Exchanges

The next place where you can really make money is the copywriting exchange.


In this chapter we will discuss the most famous English- and Russian-language exchanges.


We will also tell you how to raise the price tag and earn more money.


I want to immediately “seduce” those who believe that copywriters do not earn much.


Yes, they do.


Everything depends on the level of copywriting, the language of writing and the type of topic you choose.


Most customers, at the first order of texts, looking at the price tag.


The cost starts from 30 American cents (20 rubles or 10 UAH) for 1000 symbols.


In the English-speaking segment, as a rule, the price starts from $5 per 1000 words (about 7 thousand symbols).


    Note. The bourgeoisie evaluates everything in words, not symbols, as in the Russian-speaking segment.


The minimum shown does not even closely reflect the average price parameters that exist on the Internet.


Only a beginner copywriter, who has never written before, can work for such money.


More experienced specialists in the Russian-speaking segment take on average from $1 to $20 for 1000 symbols.


In the English-speaking segment the price starts from $10 to $200 per 1000 words, depending on the complexity of the subject matter.


If we talk about journalists or high-level specialists, the price exceeds hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


The difference is that copywriters need to quickly find information and turn it into unique text.


A journalist or high-level specialist, using his experience, knowledge and additional search, creates a unique product.


For example, when I write articles, the information comes from a thousand read sources in combination with my practice.

Can I write about ballet, women’s dresses or vocals?


No, of course, I can’t even write about football and boxing, even though I am passionate about sports.


The key word is “passionate”, but I’m by no means an expert.


Copywriters specialize in a lot of different topics, so the quality of such material does not meet expectations.


My main message is to study one subject, not to try to write for everyone.


Then you can earn a lot more.


At the same time, the ability to write cool is also important.

Main copywriting exchanges in Russian segment.

Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
text.ru is less popular than etxt.
The peculiarity is that on the main page there is a convenient seo tool for checking uniqueness and spelling. 5.64
advego.com – many copywriters use the software of this exchange, also to verify uniqueness. 3.72
etxt.ru is my favorite exchange, mostly I find all deleted copywriters here.
Deadlines are set, payment, there is a wide selection of performers.
It may be difficult for novice copywriters to compete with experienced participants, but you can always “gain” a reputation by earning cheaper. 2.08
contentmonster.ru 0.300
copylancer ru 0.298
www.turbotext ru 0.282
www.textsale ru 0.232
miratext ru 0.113


Even if you already know how to write, registration alone is not enough.


Earn a reputation, get feedback, post your portfolio.


You can start with the prices of your work.


The English-speaking segment also has a large number of copywriting exchanges.


In this case, the freelance exchange attracts a lot of attention – www.upwork com.


Customers are offered a wide range of copywriting services and the best prices.


Therefore, I prefer to find performers on this very exchange.

Let’s look at the list of English language copywriting exchanges.


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
textbroker com 0.915
iwriter com – this exchange is interesting to me in that copywriters do not set prices for their services here.
The cost is formed by the exchange, depending on the rating of the performers.
This saves a lot of time when choosing.
Elite performers earn from $ 60 dollars per 1000 words.
Moreover, if you do not like the written text, then you can not pay. 0.501
listiller com – here you can immediately order guest posting, which helps the link builder no data
writeraccess com 0.199
hirewriters com 0.131


I want to warn those who want to make money on the stock exchanges of English-speaking copywriting.


If your native language is Russian, and English is just well learned.


It will be very difficult for you to compete with copywriters, for whom he is native.


Even grammatically correct construction of sentences is not the key to success.


Because the text can be hard to read for Americans, Canadians, Brits.


Even Filipinos, Hindus, Pakistanis learn English as the main language.


Yes, there are also many illiterate performers, but they also have a low price for services.


That doesn’t mean you don’t have to try it, just raise your level all the time.


For example, I am writing stories and reading a lot.


In this case, almost all teachers recommended me to write essays.


But it is so difficult to understand the construction of phrases, sentences, paragraphs.


Reading a quality article and rewriting it literally gives good results.


This method really helps to understand the structure of sentences and other nuances.


    Remember: the better you write, the more you will earn.



Freelance exchanges

CHAPTER 4: Freelance Exchanges

Why 80% of freelancers say you can’t make money there.


While 20% “live” and collect basic “cream”.


In this chapter, we share our personal experiences.


I get a smile when someone says you can’t make money on freelancers.

At the same time, for more than 5 years the money has been flowing from there to me by river.


Feedback from the customers


Of course, huge movements do not happen every day, the seasonality factor also plays a role.


But there are always clients and money here.

Has it always been like this?


No, for the first 2 years I belonged to 80% of losers, interrupted by casual earnings.


Basically, they were penny clients, who gave money as the last shirt.


The wealthiest clients are always picked up by performers with a lot of feedback and a high reputation.


All that’s left is to fight your kind for poor clients.


Customers can be understood.


They are also repeatedly burned by performers who do not have decent experience.


As a rule, this quality of service is low, so they tend to appeal to more verified.


But there is also a huge “plus”.


Working with such clients, you learn and improve the quality of your services.

So how do you speed up this process?


First, work on your reputation, rating, feedback.


Do not try to take powerful clients without rating at once, this is the way to nowhere.


Add a couple of requests for services under the guise of the customer, then assess the level of the offered prices.


This will help you see an approximate picture.


By raising the rating, you raise the price of your services.


Second, work on your portfolio.


This is the second place potential customers will look.


Don’t be stingy on the design of your previews, avatars.


Make it as professional as possible, then customers will appreciate it.


Look at my portfolio on famous freelance exchanges:


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
  fl ru – the main Russian-language freelance exchange, where the most customers are 3.03
  freelancehunt com 1.93
  freelance ru 1.55
  weblancer net 1.25


Third, stop throwing the standard answer for all clients.


Customers do not like to be thrown templates without any analysis.


Take the time to search for information and prepare an individual offer.


Yes, you can use the template, but it must be modified for each potential customer.

For example, what is better?


Send 100 template offers and get 1 customer, or send 20 individual offers and get 2 customers.


I think the answer is obvious.


Fourthly, do not be deceived if you respond to a lot of requests and there are no sales.


Many requests are blanks.


Getting 1 sale out of 10 requests is a great result.


Although, on average, 20-50 other freelancers respond to one request.


In the English-speaking segment, almost all the attention was “taken” by the freelance exchange – upwork.


Many make a fortune on this exchange.


Without knowledge of English, do not even try to make money there.


The second most popular exchange – www.freelancer.com.


Of course, such money as upwork here will not earn, but they too are here.


Here are some of my dollar transactions in a couple of days.


Transactions of funds


Believe me, Russian speakers don’t pay like that.


I freeze some stock exchange jobs because I don’t have enough time for everything.


Other English-speaking freelance exchanges take much less commission to somehow compete with upwork.

Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
upwork com 39.58
fiverr com – the main difference is a lot of cheap labor, the quality here is low. 35.62
freelancer com 12.60
peopleperhour com 2.92
hubstaff com – they say that they are 100% free, and there are monthly limits for use. 1.55
guru com 1.46
freeeup com 0.176

There’s a pretty wide range of specialties on the freelance.


Starting from the most monotonous: typing, virtual assistant to already quite highly paid – development of applications, games.


Catalogue of freelancers


For example, I respond to requests only in 2 sections: advertising and marketing, SEO optimization.

Attempts to go to other areas where I am not a specialist, only took time and, worse – spoiled the reputation.


Do not chase two birds, it is better to be the first in your direction.



Job Search Sites

Chapter 5: Job Search Sites

Look for remote jobs on job search sites.


In this section we will look at popular places.


We will also look at how to maximize your results.


On the freelance stock exchanges should long increase your rating, accumulate feedback.


All this is quite a long process, taking a year or more.


But there is a list of places where reviews go into the background.


These are job search sites.


There are a huge number of performers who constantly find remote work.


Many fail in search of remote customers, also believe that it does not work.


Let’s look at the main errors.


It is necessary to search for clients on sites of work in two directions:


    the publication of your resume;

    search for published jobs.


When I need to find an executor, I don’t even consider poorly designed resumes.


Job seekers who have spent 5-10 minutes on its design, will never find a decent job.


They have shown their ability and willingness to work from the very beginning.


This does not mean that it is necessary to write long resumes, which will not read.


But the very essence must be shown on one page.


        What any employer pays attention to is a photo.

        If you don’t have a picture, you’re not open, it means you’re probably hiding something.

        Make it beautiful: with paragraphs, headlines, clear sequence.

        Raise readability.

        Enter full contact details: E-mail, phone, Skype, so that a potential employer would be convenient to contact you. Also be sure to include your gender and age.

        Enter your education, broken down by years. Also give information about additional knowledge received: certificates, courses, places on Olympiads, scientific degrees.

        Do not specify the types of work that are not relevant to the main request. For example, in his student years he worked on a construction site, as a bartender, as a loader. Employers are not interested in these data, they only distract from the main parameters.

        Specify complete data on work experience. Real experience is probably the most important parameter when looking for work, more important than education. Also give your achievements and recommendations. This is always a huge “plus” to getting a result.

        Specify your conditions: the size of the bet, time of work, remoteness. Since many job search sites break down the data by region, be sure to specify it in the settings. Or add more than one priority region if you can’t select all.


Here is an example of a well-written resume, replace my data with yours.


An example of a well-written resume


Publication of a resume and long waiting is not always the best option.


Additionally, use the job search.


Dump your resume and portfolio to potential customers, then your employment options will increase.


Many job search sites offer paid access to their databases or make limited access available in the free version.


Do not be stingy, use these opportunities, then the number of options will increase significantly.

The most popular job search sites in Russia.


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
hh ru is probably the most popular site with a huge base of employers. 50.19
jooble org – search for jobs around the world, by region. 49.88
superjob ru 17.59
zarplata ru 9.05
rabota ru 8.32
trud com 7.90
Job search sites in Ukraine.
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
work ua – mostly, I found remote labor specialists here.
rabota ua 9.61
hh ua 1.75
jobs ua 1.39
Job search sites in Belarus.
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
belmeta.com is the most popular site in Belarus with a very convenient and simple design. The site shows a directory of professions and regions. 1.09
praca by 0.582
rabota by 0.443
trudbox by 0.208
rdw by 0.136
Job search sites in Kazakhstan.
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
hh kz – according to site statistics, the database contains 1.8 million resumes and more than 24 thousand vacancies 1.78
qyzmet kz 0.211
US job search sites.
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
linkedin.com is a blocked social network in Russia.
At the same time, in the English-speaking segment, almost every applicant has an account here. 927.15
indeed com 347.87
glassdoor com 55.88
monster com 21.97
careerbuilder com 15.34
simplyhired com 6.58
dice com – the main base, these are technologies, web developers. 4.51
nexxt com 3.75
theladders com 3.71
roberthalf com 2.98
efinancialcareers com— site for accountants, financiers. 2.19
idealist org 1.46
linkup com 0.749
us jobs – a site for those who want to work for the American government 0.623
 collegerecruiter.com – the site positions itself as a portal for students and recent graduates who have no practical experience. 0.201

Many sites from the American list have a large base in other English-speaking countries.

Therefore, use them to search all English-speaking countries.
UK job search sites
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
reed co uk – convenient breakdown by region and by specialty. By far the UK market leader. 9.83
monster co uk 3.54
adzuna co uk 3.12
jobsite co uk 1.86
jobs.trovit co uk 1.26
cwjobs co uk 1.20
jobs.telegraph co uk 0.180
secsinthecity co uk 0.119
Search sites in Canada, Australia, South Africa
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
seek com au – the main emphasis is on the search form, and not on the catalog, which in principle is convenient 18.64
monster ca 2.40
jobbank gc ca 2.85
careers24 com 1.71
careerjunction co za 1.54
bestjobs co za 0.972
careerone com au 0.942
eluta ca 0.577



Message Boards

Chapter 6: Message Boards

In this chapter we will see how to use message boards correctly to search for remote jobs.


We will also show you a list of popular message boards broken down by country.


Many of these sites you may have used for other purposes.


Message boards still have a lot of jobs and job offers.


The format of the job offers and the intended collaboration is slightly different from the classical methods.


However, you will be surprised at the abundance of opportunities to earn.


OLX advertisement board


I also want to warn you: there are a huge number of fraudsters.


So check the date of registration of the author of ads, the number of published vacancies, ratings.


In the previous chapter we made a resume, use this data for publication on the bulletin board.


Don’t forget to try paid opportunities: raise your ad to the top of the list and increase the number of submitted ads.


It is notice boards that gave me 10-15% of all sales of my online store.


For publications I had a separate specialist, who placed a day 50-100 ads about different products.


Especially they helped to get rid of illiquid and marriage.

The most popular notice boards in Russia.

Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
avito.ru – traffic and popularity Avito just rolls over, the undisputed leader. 316.30
youla ru 31.62
farpost ru 09/22
irr ru 5.40
flagma ru 3.69
moyareklama ru 2.36
barahla net 1.72
bazarpnz ru 1.36
ubu ru 0.711
unibo ru 0.560
doski ru 0.553
websender ru 0.436
sindom ru 0.358
flado ru 0.188
doska ru 0.117
Ukrainian bulletin boards
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
olx ua – Ukraine is its undisputed leader among bulletin boards. 111.37
prom ua 60.09
ria com 29.82
besplatka ua 4.57
flagma ua 3.47
ukrgo com 2.42
Bulletin boards in Belarus
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
kufar by is the most popular bulletin board in Belarus, it is possible to both sell goods and find online work 9.19
deal by 6.13
slanet by 0.274
Kazakhstan notice boards
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
olx kz – the resource was taken not only by the Ukrainian market, but their market of Kazakhstan, where it is also the leader 8.66
satu kz 5.08
market kz 2.41

For remote work, consider bulletin boards of different countries.

Perhaps customers will give preference to local performers.

But this does not mean that they will not consider other strong specialists.

Slowly we moved on to English-language bulletin boards.
USA Bulletin Boards
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
craigslist.org – the appearance of the site is not comparable with popularity.
Almost every American has ever used it.
Of course, the portal is less suitable for remote work, because There is a clear regional breakdown in the structure of the site.
But still, many people use it just for publishing job vacancies. 501.23
gumtree com 59.87
trovit com 24.41
offerup com 17.48
letgo com 15.16
backpage com 3.05
hoobly com 1.96
oodle com 1.80
geebo com 1.35
locanto com 1.27

Crazylist is also insanely popular in other English-speaking countries, so it’s enough to select your country in the settings.
Bulletin boards in the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
kijiji ca – the resource offers a breakdown by region of Canada, in connection with this there are fewer opportunities for online work and trade, unless of course you need a specific region 71.52
gumtree co za 17.36
locanto com au 6.02
olx co za 4.08
adsafrica co za 2.46
freeads co uk 2.04
friday-ad.co uk 1.71
locanto co za 0.916
locanto ca 0.367


Three places of work

Chapter 7: Three jobs

There are rich clients here.


Many freelancers are looking for work here.


The main reason is the low level of competition.


Work can be found not only on specialized sites, but also on various resources.


The basic additional places of search of work:


    public on forums;

    social groups;

    vacancies on official websites of different companies.


Almost every forum on the Internet has a thematic branch about work.


To find a forum with your topic, use the following formula: keyword + forum


Search the forum for your topic


Next up is the technique: find the target branch.


Searching for the target branch


Carefully check the date of the announcement, the data may not be up to date.


Also look at the ratings of accounts, there are also many scammers.


Searching in social media is a little more complicated, so you need to find topic groups and review for possible vacancies.


So in this situation I combine the pleasant with the useful.


I communicate on Facebook, in theme groups, dedicated to different methods of promoting sites, sometimes I find a job.


Communicating in thematic groups


Basically, it is connected with questions of other users, to which it is necessary to give competent answers with hidden advertising.


If your goal is only to find a job, this search method, I would not recommend.


Many large companies can not cope with the volume and hire remote specialists.


To do this, they publish jobs on their site, usually in one of the menu sections or in the basement.


Section “Vacancies” on the site


Throw them your résumé that we used to make.


If you would like to try working on my team, I will be happy to review your resume.


How to sell without a site

Chapter 8: How to sell without a site

In this section we will consider a list of places where you can sell without having your own website.


Which popular sites are better to use and which should be avoided.


And also how to increase the results of sales by several times.


Creating a quality optimized website, payment for hosting and its promotion – it is an impossible task for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Of course, on the Internet a lot of services costing from $ 100, but the quality is not there.


In this case, the network has places where you can sell your goods and services, even without a site.


In addition to the message boards considered earlier – it is different sites and trading platforms.


For a fee they offer promotion, as well as a separate domain that will be supported on their hosting.


In this section we will not display a huge list of such services.


Because there are not so many more or less quality designers of sites that are strongly promoted on the Internet.

Russian-speaking sites (depending on the domain, choose a region).

Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
prom.ua is the Ukrainian analogue of tiu.ru, and at the same time has even more popularity. 60.09
tiu ru – uses search within the system, which increases sales opportunities in Russia. 24.85
deal by is an analogue of tiu.ru for Belarus. 6.13
satu kz is an analogue of tiu.ru for Kazakhstan. 5.08
Design sites that need to be promoted independently.
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
shopify com is a popular English language designer. 42.60
ucoz ru – is mainly aimed at a Russian-speaking audience. 15.27
ru wix com is the world’s most popular site builder. 1.25

Aggregate sites do not offer the creation of a separate online store on their site.

At the same time, without your own website, you can also sell in these places using the functionality.

At one time, the main sales of my online electronics store came from just aggregator sites.

Payment is made for clicks, which, in principle, is profitable, because 1-2% of clicks gave sales.

At the same time, not all sites gave the same percentage of selling clicks.

Some of these included clicks due to irrelevant traffic.

In the lists I will indicate those sites in Ukraine that abused this.

Perhaps the situation has already changed.

Because this way of sales is striking and has nothing to do with long-term development.
Aggregate sites in Russia
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
market.yandex.ru – blocked in Ukraine, while very popular in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan 110.39
regmarkets ru 12.02
price ru 5.32
torg mail ru 2.39
aport ru is the amazing fate of this aggregator, it began its journey as a full-fledged search engine, and subsequently completely lost this fight to other major players 1.89
Aggregate sites in Ukraine
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
hotline.ua – this resource gave me the main sales of my online store, I still use it for personal purchases 13.17
ek ua 6.62
price ua – it was this resource that was seen to be clicked, as a result, large online stores turned with an open statement about unfair work.
I also noticed huge expenses in the absence of sales, as well as strange traffic behavior. The goal was to earn per click, not to buy goods.
Then I decided not to work with this resource.
After some time, they asked to return, promised that this would not happen, because completely changed the approach and leadership.
We really tried, but the situation improved only in the rubric of mobile phones.
At the same time,% of real sales was lower in comparison with hotline.
Other categories didn’t even pay for click costs. I don’t know the situation today, so check and be careful. 4.16
m.ua 1.99

Of course, aggregator sites are a huge list, but I will not show those with a small audience.

Nothing but a click will be there.
Aggregate sites in Belarus and Kazakhstan
Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
onliner.by is undoubtedly the market leader in Belarus, look for opportunities to sell your goods here 07/27
shop by 1.22
kupi tut by 0.760
1k by 0.752
tomas by 0.476
migom by 0.450
tomas kz 0.341

Gradually, we moved to the western segment.

Of course, I don’t have such sales experience as in the Russian-language segment.

At the same time, I had many clients who sold their goods in the West.

I studied their secrets and promotion techniques, which just work well in the English segment.

I will say right away that I will not show a huge list of different aggregator sites and designers here.

Because almost the entire market took a couple of resources.

The undisputed leader – www amazon com

This site makes 44% of all online sales and 4% of all sales in the USA.

Moreover, Amazon has captured not only the US markets, but also Canada, the UK and many other countries.

Therefore, many sellers do not even have their own sites, concentrating all the attention only here.


Except it’s not that simple.


Even if you have high quality goods, favorable prices, you need to compete with thousands of other sellers in almost every section.


Adding a product does not mean getting sold immediately.


It is quite possible that you simply will not be found among the huge number of competitors.


So to be successful, follow these steps.


    Analyze your competitors – prices, delivery terms, content, number of comments.

    Develop the right pricing policy, the possibility of establishing discounts and promotions.

    Fill in interesting and unique content. Amazon pages are also indexed in search engines, which allows you to get additional traffic. Also think of a buyer who will read this information. If you have a higher behavioral factor and conversion rate, Amazon will lift your products up the list.

    Encourage us to give you feedback. This is very important for growth.

    Make paid ads on Amazon.

    Promote your pages on Google Adwords.

    Perform SEO promotion of your Amazon pages.

Also, don’t try to sell low quality products, because Amazon is ruthless about it.


One of my clients literally met with it face to face.


He was selling student software under the guise of professional.


The chip was that after the software had been installed, six months later, activation was required.


And when buyers six months later wrote to Amazon that the software does not work, my client’s account was blocked without appeal.


Well, at least not in court, then he was on the “bird’s-eye” rights in the U.S., which could put a cross on many of his efforts.


At the same time, he cut down a three-bedroom apartment in the last six months 🙂


The next resource we will consider is www ebay com


He used to be as good as the Amazon, but still lost this fight for leadership.


At the same time, Ebay still remains a pretty big player in the U.S. market and many other countries.


Different from Amazon, it is possible to organize auctions, sell б\у goods, as well as lower quality assortments.


Another of my SEO clients was selling cans of weight loss pills here.


And he bought 4,000 at a cool price.


The shelf life remained six months, so they had to be urgently sold for $39 for 1 piece.


At the same time, his main competitor made sales of this product 10 times more at a higher price on the same Ebay.


Ebay was the first to show a competitor in the search for 2 reasons:


    He had cool content, with a full description, photos (so far, many of the curve is filled through the admin site);

    he also did his page linking, for which Ebay encourages him to promote.


Tell you another interesting example.


Also my client started to sell on Ebay All Power Rings from the movie “Lord of the Rings”.


He ordered their production in China at a cost of up to $5 per 1 piece and pushed Ebay at $99.


Demand was so huge that the first batch of 1000 pieces flew away in less than a month.


There was a huge queue of pre-orders.


But he couldn’t sell the second batch anymore, because his account was blocked due to copyright infringement.


The copyright holders wanted their money back, but a client from the US went back to Russia, where it was legally impossible to get it.


The next resource is www etsy com, mainly intended for those who create something with their own hands.


There are a lot of creative people and even more art fans.


If you have a desire to create, then this resource is for you.



The secret to increasing sales

Chapter 9: The secret to increasing sales

Further we will consider without what exactly there will be no cool sales.


How to increase the results by several times.


As well as additional methods of income, which work best of all the above.


The main secret – is the high-quality content of your own site.


Earning on the Internet with investments in the content of your site gives maximum results.


This is the main factor that helps to increase existing income by several times.


Even if you are looking for customers on all of the above resources: freelancer exchanges, bulletin boards, job sites, price aggregators, trading platforms.


Availability of high quality content on your own site increases the level of trust.


All the above resources attract additional traffic to your site.


With a competent SEO promotion can generate more organic and direct traffic.


It does not matter what you do, your website is your face, on which your results depend.


In this section we will consider the main misconceptions of site owners, why killing several years in promotion, they have no results.


Believe me, I understand them very well.


Because I’ve been promoting my websites and clients for over 10 years.


The most important problem of young sites is the attempt to promote commercial pages.


In modern trends it is almost not real.


The main reason is that it is impossible to create links with green methods to commercial pages of the site.


Young sites need to promote a blog and blog articles.


Today all large sites have their own blog, which attracts more traffic than even commercial pages.


Some large sites do not even promote commercial pages.


For example, my favorite authors are Brian Dean and Neil Patel.


They have 100% customer engagement with their blogs and Youtube channels.


In their content they include a call to action that directs the selling traffic to the commercial pages – branding.


It is branding that gives the maximum conversion and sale.


At the same time, it is impossible to promote branding using white methods, because no one will refer to commercial pages using green methods.

The second option – this is not to direct traffic to the branding, and immediately offer to fill out a form directly in the content.


For example, our article on video promotion in YouTube has a good Google position and provides excellent traffic.


Displaying the position of the video on Google


But the traffic has to be monetized somehow, for this purpose we include a call to action in the content.


Fill out the form and you will get a free analysis of your site with a list of keys, technical audit and promotion strategy.



Best of all, this form works in the content itself, neither right nor left.


The button to send an application must be bright and visible, it must necessarily differ from the main background of your site.


Accordingly, we come to us a day for a few lidov on the promotion of YouTube channel.


Ordering the promotion of YouTube channel


Of course, not all of them turn into sales, but a certain percentage is actually buying.


Without a quality blog, it’s hard to get good results today.


You don’t have to create dozens, hundreds and thousands of low-quality articles.


Do one first: with unique useful information, which is supplemented by pictures, video, infographics.


To do this, study your competitors as much as possible, find their shortcomings and create something better.


The next step is to promote your content with green methods.


Without promotion the traffic will not come to you on its own.


It is better to promote 1 article and get cool traffic than to have 10 other cool articles but not advanced ones.


There are a lot of useful interesting articles on the Internet, researches that do not get worthy of attention because they are not promoted.


Over time, they become obsolete and do nothing but harm.


Do not repeat their mistakes, it is better to do 1 article per month than a few a day.


Also with the help of the blog you can sell not only your goods, but also the goods of different contractors.


Many sites offer different percentages of sales due to the traffic you attract.


To do this, look for sites on your topic that offer such conditions and add a call to action.


For example, we have written the maximum review of the Serpstat service.


Now we take 3rd place in google.com.ua, giving way only to Serpstat itself, all the same it is a branded request.


By switching from our review to Serpstat, you help us earn 30% of every purchase.


In addition to our review, we often refer to our articles on Serpstat, because there is high-quality content.


We kill two birds at once, help our audience to learn about useful service and earn on sales.


To find referral programs in your topic, use the following search operators:


    keyword + referral program

    brand name + referral program

    keyword + affiliate program (for English language segment)

    brand name + affiliate program (for English language segment)


Search for referral program


Even market leaders such as Amazon have referral programs.


Another 1 option is Google Adsense, placing ads and banners in the content of your site.


Of course it is less profitable, but not under all the content can find the right partners.


Next, let’s move on to not recommended methods of earning.



Earning on games

CHAPTER 10: Making money from games

Do not play for money, go around the online casino.


Those are the words my mother would say, like any other.


But that doesn’t stop millions of gamers.


Is it worth listening to your mom and how do you make money here?


I also decided to share it, because for a while I was trying to become a millionaire in this direction.


There is a good expression: “Mathematicians do not play the lottery.”


I think everyone understands that the easiest way for them to calculate the probability of winning.


Once I had an interesting conversation with the owner of a network of slot machines.


He told me an interesting thing – all who win, then come back and leave more.


Personally, I checked it on my own skin a few times.


Really won $150 on Pokerstars, raised bets to make more money and lost more than $500.


Then I deleted the app and my account.


But after a while I analyzed my mistakes, created a win-win system, quickly restored my account and got back on the money.


This was repeated several times until I firmly stated to myself: “Enough”.


You know, getting out of gambling addiction isn’t that easy.


It takes time to get over it, make a habit of being no longer a player.


And in about six months, you can breathe freely.


Six months of left-wing thinking, wanting to play again and again.


You must understand that all online casinos are created only for profit.


This is a very big industry with billion-dollar investments that need to be worked on and multiplied.


The same bookmaker’s office, just imagine what costs they spend on promotion.


For example, advertising 1XBET betting office everywhere, in the target and even not target places.


All spent money on advertising should be returned with a huge profit.


Let’s present the situation – a boxing match of two equal athletes.


If you had a bet with your friend, the situation would look like this.


By betting $100 on the victory of your sportsman, you should get $200 if he wins.


But bookmakers have to earn, so their coefficient will be 1.85.


In this situation you get only $185, and $15 goes to bookmakers.


Now think about how perceptive you will be to keep guessing who will win.


The sport is unpredictable, so it is of great interest, because no one knows the result.


After 10 games, the loss is 150% of your average bet.


Let’s say you’re guessing 50/50, so your loss after 10 games will be 75%, that is out of $100, only $25 will remain.


Honestly, I also suffered from these bookmaker’s offices and even somehow I had 13 bets in a row.

At that moment I thought that all this was created for me, Nostradamus should envy me.


Do you know how I slept?


I dreamt of rain of money falling from the sky.


But after that, there was a black streak of defeat, so I wouldn’t try.


These defeats are awesome “sober” and show the reality of this world.


I’m not telling you any secrets about how to win there.


No one’s gonna tell you them because they’re gone.


Just listen to your mom…



Deception, fraud, scams

Chapter 11: Cheating, fraud, scams

This isn’t a topic I decided to bring up to teach you to cheat.


It’s about how to help you avoid all kinds of cheating.


Since my clients’ projects have been hacked more than once, as well as my personal ones.


Well, god bless you.


More than a third of the sites on the Internet are hacked by hackers, and the number of hacker attacks is constantly increasing.


I’ve had problems with hacked sites, viruses dozens of times.

My advice is how to avoid hacking.


    To prevent the attack, you must put a paid antivirus. Free versions are usually reduced in their capabilities, paid the same more reliable.

    Do not install broken or unknown software, they are full of viruses.

    Do not visit “stressful” resources.

    Do not download the left files.

    One such file was sent to me on Skype.

    After that, the password to the Skype was stolen, and all my contacts were sent a message asking for financial help.

    Some guys really “helped,” they sent money.

    Unfortunately, I did not have the full data to restore Skype, so it was lost forever.

    Put double authentication on your email.

    In such a situation, even if you have a password on your email, it will be impossible to login.

    Put a login from a given ip on your hosting.

    Do not create easy passwords – this is the fastest way to access your data.


If your site is still cracked, do not panic.


It is best to contact a virologist, who quite quickly clean up on viruses and put protection.


Usually I found them on freelancers, with prices from $ 20 to $100.


To determine that your site is infected, use 4 tools.


It’s best to check the Google Console all the time, there are quick messages coming in.


There are hackings to put a lot of external links to your site.


Their antiviruses are not visible.


In this situation it is important to check outgoing links from your site with Ahrefs, Majestic, Serpstat.


It was Ahrefs that showed me 1000 pages created with Japanese content on my site.


Which also ranked well and gave Japanese traffic to hackers.


Japanese traffic.


After we cleaned them, traffic on dubious pages went down to zero.


If the site can’t be hacked, it can be attacked by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).


Usually attacks are made on Internet shops or political sites.


In my introduction, I have already told you that I lost 10 of my top 10 selling days and closed the whole business because of this attack.


In fact, the attack can be fought back in 15 minutes.


The cost of the attack is 30 times more expensive than a painless fight against it.


Therefore, as a rule, they are not long.


Mostly aimed at those who do not know how to deal with it.

To fight against DDoS attacks, use special resources.


Domain Monthly traffic, in millions
aws.amazon.com – even Amazon 48.31 offers such protection
cloudflare.com – the advantage of this service is that you pay for the volume of the repulsed attack.
There are even free rates for small attacks.
If your enemies have large resources, you will have to fork out. 17.88
akamai com 2.66
alibabacloud com 2.29
sucuri net 1.71
incapsula com 0.840
ddos-guard net – it was this service that helped me repel the attack in 15 minutes 0.315
qrator net – Russian-language service 0.054

In addition to Internet hacks, there are many other types of fraud, such as fraud.

They are mainly associated with the promise of easy money, quick results, unrealistic discounts and cheap prices.

Moreover, the volume of fraud on the Internet is growing every year by 20%.

As a rule, sellers of goods and services who have no reviews, ratings or have recently registered are cheating.

Examine carefully the information about the selected artists on trusted sites.

I specifically used the word “verified” because On the Internet there are many sites with reviews, where different competitors specially spoil the reputation.

Check the traffic to these sites using Similarweb, as a rule, they do not have traffic.

Anyone to whom you do not even have the right to answer can leave a review.

For example, it is impossible to leave a review on freelance exchanges if you have not had any joint transactions.


If you want to get maximum income, do not try to promote several projects at once.

Get the results first in one, then maximize the results.

In my own skin, I felt that you can’t promote several projects when you don’t even have one successful one.

It’s best to start where you are a true professional.

To do this, first study your competitors, find their weaknesses and create something better.

Without your own website it is very difficult to get maximum profit.

Even customers from freelance exchanges, message boards or job sites will be asked to show your site.

Cool content on your site will help convince them to work with you.

Plus, you will strengthen additional sources: direct and organic traffic.

It’s also best to promote your blog or information requests.

From the blog articles do internal linking to the selling pages.

Do not use only one source of advertising, it’s better to try many and leave the ones that work best for you.

You can’t make money on the Internet without investing right now, it’s impossible.

Because the level of competition surpasses almost every topic.

Even if you have created a truly unique and useful product, you need to promote it.

Without advancement, it will quickly become obsolete, and others may use the idea.

The promotion process can not be done quickly, do not get caught by the scammers.

Many projects have been promoted over the years for high profits.

Be patient, check as much as possible all the recommendations made, choose what works for you.

Text information is stored at 10%, video format at 65%, so watch this video to consolidate the material.