23 best Ukrainian dishes

Ukraine can rightfully be proud of the fact that it will satisfy even the most pretentious gourmet. Ukrainian feasts are described by Gogol in his “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” – as to say, our people know a lot about food and are distinguished by their hospitality. Ukrainian cuisine has traditional dishes, thanks to which it is recognized. And if you go deep into culinary traditions, you will find such names and recipes that will pleasantly surprise you. will tell you about the best national dishes of Ukraine. Cook or travel around the country to taste original dishes in the areas where they were invented. And, as the Ukrainians say at the feast “to eat and drink and to be able and willing”!


What kind of Ukrainian without borscht? This traditional first course is sure to be used by foreigners. In cookery books we will find more than 50 recipes of borscht, because in each region it is cooked differently. Warm meat, seasoned with lard… Or lean with beans or mushrooms – this is cooked during the fasting, and vegetarians will also be satisfied. You can put fish instead of meat. In addition to traditional beets, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage and tomatoes, which only add to the borscht for spice! Some recipes even have apples, dried fruits and prunes! Borscht is often served with garlic dumplings. Borscht festivals are held in the village of Borschiv of the same name in Ternopil region, as well as in other regions of Ukraine. In October such a festival took place in Kharkiv – for the third year in a row. By the way, you can choose a hotel in Kharkiv on our website from 215 options.

Salo is our all!

Not without reason they say: lard is a Ukrainian drug. Without it, we just can’t get anywhere. And how many anecdotes about fat and Ukrainians! One kum says to another: “Have you heard that sclerosis develops from fat? And he answered: “And I think how I eat a piece of fat in the morning, so all day long I don’t remember what I want to eat! There are many recipes for salting fat. The simplest thing is to grind garlic, mix it with pepper, rub the mixture on the undercarriage or lard and keep it in the fridge for three days. You can add some fragrant spices. The fat festival has already become a tradition in Petrikovka in Dnepropetrovsk region. And in Lviv there is an amazing museum-restaurant “Salo”, where fat parties are held, unique sweets “Salo in Chocolate” and sushi-salo are served. It is not difficult to find accommodation in Lviv: on our website you will find more than 700 variants – from a hostel to a chic hotel.

Kapustnyak Zaporozhye

If you get to Khortytsia, in the Cossack liberties, on holidays or a festival, you will be sure to be offered Zaporozhye cabbage. Traditionally, it was cooked with pork and bacon, sauerkraut and wheat. If you cook on fire with smoke – the flavor and taste is delightful. If you go to Zaporozhye, you can find accommodation here. There are also plenty of recipes for cabbage and a festival dedicated to it is held in Zbarazh in the Ternopil region.

Homemade sausages

“Crumbs’ bustle, sausage ring” – remember the line from the Ukrainian carol? The Christmas table of Ukrainians does not do without homemade sausages. The most delicious sausages are cooked in Transcarpathia – you can hope that you will be offered a “natural product”, baked not in a gas oven, but in a rural oven, a completely different smell and taste more spicy! Come to Transcarpathia: 10 best restaurants and cafes in Uzhgorod are waiting for you. And you can find accommodation in Uzhgorod on our website. In Volyn, they also know how to cook sausages: in 2015, Lutsk produced the longest sausage – 5 meters – and recorded an achievement in the Book of Records of Ukraine.


Not all foreigners will “understand” our refrigerator – an appetizer from different types of meat. On the other hand, the Hungarians will definitely appreciate the fact that their cold meal is also a national dish and they even hold cold festivals there. Ukrainians traditionally serve cold meat with horseradish and mustard.

Varya Hutsul

Name already intrigues with its originality. Varya Hutsulskaya is a salad from Bukovina. It is good for fasting – both nourishing and tasty. Boiled beetroot, beans and prunes are taken, seasoned with sunflower oil. If you go to Bukovina, be sure to visit its heart – Chernivtsi.

The butchers are meat

Now let’s move on to the meat masterpieces. Meat for twists (more often beef or pork) is beaten off, and then the filling is wrapped in them, the roll is tied with a thread. You can fry and then stew. In the regions of Ukraine, they cook twists with different fillings: rice with onions, eggs, apricots, prunes… Mushroom stuffing is often used. The space for experimentation is huge. For example, for the nourishing Volyn-style twists, first stew meat until it is half ready, then put a piece of fat on it, covering it with stewed cabbage on top, and wrap it up.


This dish is from the “tasty and simple” series. The secret is a piece of good pork or beef loin. It was marinated in kvass, dumped in flour, fried in butter and then baked in the oven until ready. The Polyadvitsa was solemnly prepared for Christmas and Easter. Modern mistresses use lemon instead of kvass: they rub a piece of meat on it and bake it conveniently in a sleeve.

Zhytomyr Deruns

Ukrainian Polesie is famous for its potatoes and dishes. In Korosten in Zhytomyr region there is even a monument to the turf! Every year a festival dedicated to this dish is held here. And no matter what kind of turf you try: with meat, cheese, mushrooms and cottage cheese. Where to stay in Zhytomyr? Probably, the variant from offered by us will approach.

White mushrooms in Hutsul

The recipe for white Hutsul mushrooms is very simple: boil them, fry them in vegetable oil, stew them in sour cream or cream, add green onions and parsley. But it’s all about the mushrooms themselves! You should definitely go to Bukovina to get them, because boroviki are the real treasure of the local forests. Mushroom tours to Transcarpathia are popular. But even if you go in winter, you can buy dried white mushrooms or pickled ones. Choose a gastronomic tour “Tasty Transcarpathia” and enjoy fine cuisine and wonderful nature of the region! Many travelers believe that here they cook the most delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.

Roast with mushrooms

Zharkoye in potatoes with mushrooms is usually served in all restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine, and it is easy to cook it at home. But it is worth tasting this dish in Western Ukraine, where you will be served with white mushrooms, and not some shop mushrooms! Hutsul-style roast is original in that in the pot layers of turf, meat and mushrooms are laid out. And all this with sour cream!


Another dish from Hutsul cuisine is banosh (or banosh). It would seem that what can surprise a corn porridge? The secret is how it is seasoned: sour cream or sour cream is added when cooked, and fried pork and cheese is put on top. Would you like to taste a real banocha? Then plan a trip to Transcarpathia in May: here in Kostylyovka village of Rakhivka district is the festival “Berlibash banosh”. Rakhiv is a picturesque place for tourists, it is always ready to receive and accommodate guests.

Poltava dumplings

“Poltava dumplings” are often called “Poltava dumplings” by the residents of the region of the same name – their regional dish has become so recognizable. Dumplings are both stuffed and with meat, liver and mushrooms. Every year Poltava hosts a festival dedicated to galushka, and even a monument to a respected dish is erected. Choosing a tour from Kiev “Poltava Frybenki”, you will fully enjoy the dishes of this region and feel its inexpressible flavor.


“Native Brothers” dumplings – dumplings – is a part of Ukrainian folklore. Remember – “And my dear varenychkov wants…”? Unlike dumplings, the stuffing of dumplings can be more diverse: cottage cheese, vegetables and berries. In the city of Alberta in Canada, the Ukrainian diaspora has installed a 9-meter high monument to the varenyk. There was such a monument in Ukraine – in Cherkassy, but despite its popularity, it was dismantled: the court moved to the building next to it, and its neighborhood with the varenyk was considered incompatible. Lutsk is hosting a festival of national cuisine, which grew out of a festival of dumplings.


Traditionally, Ukrainians also prepared stuffing for the holidays: cabbage leaves were wrapped in stuffing. The record book of Transcarpathia contains 25 species of stuffed cabbage, which were cooked at the festival in one of the villages. By the way, in Transcarpathia it was believed that if a girl can make small dove, she will marry faster and be a good wife.

Cutlets in Kiev

Interestingly, the “authorship” of the recipe for chicken cutlets made of beaten chicken fillets, which wraps a piece of butter, pretend, except Ukraine, France and America. Culinary legends say that Kievan cutlets could have come from there. They were very popular in Soviet restaurants, then they were undeservedly forgotten, but now in Kiev you can find places where this dish is served. And there are a lot of variants where to stay in Kiev – on our site there are more than 800.


Tastiest sausages are cooked in Volyn. Eggs, grated cheese, butter, garlic and spices are added to the minced meat. Then they form sausages and fry them in a pan.

Pike-perch in Kiev

Baked with potatoes and cheese. The secret largely depends on the sauce, which is used to pour the dish when baking. Sour creamy mushroom sauce or sour creamy sauce with shrimps is used. Pike-perch in Kiev can be recommended in the capital’s restaurant “Spotykach” or network “Kozyrnaya map”.


Restoration to Sweet – generous, as well as the entire Ukrainian table, baking! Restoration is a cake made of yeast dough, which is laid out in layers: a test pump. They cook it with poppy, nuts, cherries, jam and other fruit stuffing. And you can alternate them several in one pie.


In Ukraine, varguns are also popular – products made of yeast-free dough, which is usually supplemented with alcohol (vodka, cognac). The dough is subtly rolled out, cut into strips, then they are woven, hence the second variant of the name – plaits. Real Ukrainian varguns (unlike Russian firewood) fry not in sunflower oil, but in lard. Served with powdered sugar.

Kievsky cake

Previously, it was considered almost a duty to bring the cake “Kievskiy” from Kiev to the hotel. Now you can buy it in almost every Ukrainian city. Earlier at the Kiev confectionery factory, which now belongs to Roshen, the original recipe was developed. The legend says that proteins intended for biscuits were forgotten to be put into the fridge, and then, hiding the mistake, they experimented. And so came the cake, loved by more than one generation.

Chernihiv-style pancakes

There are a lot of recipes for pancakes and pancakes in Ukrainian cuisine, with and without stuffing. And here too there is a huge space for culinary creativity. And we will share the original recipe of Chernigov region. For pancakes (nalistnikov) prepare nut filling with milk, sugar, rum, orange zest and raisins. Served with chocolate gravy. If you go to Chernigov, you can find accommodation here.

Lvivskie Dyutski

Galicia is famous for its wonderful dessert – dancing. A high whole pie with stuffings is baked (they can be different) and then cut into cakes. The top is usually glazed. And try to say “cakes” only to Lviv dancing – you may be offended. On the Market Square in Lviv there is a nice cafe “Lvivskie Dyutski”, where you can enjoy this wonderful dessert with a cup of coffee. We hope that an appetizing review of the best dishes of Ukrainian cuisine will inspire you to cook one of them or go on a gastronomic tour around the country.