23 of the most stubborn tourist complaints imaginable

My fiancé and I booked a room with two beds. Instead they put us in a room with a king-size bed. Now I am pregnant. This would not have happened if we had been given the room we asked for.

“Traveling helps us to be more humble. Each of us is but a tiny grain of sand in this desert of people,” said Gustave Flaubert. The classicist is somewhat right: travel helps us look at the world and our place in it in a new way. However, among the tourists there are many whose demands can not be called modest or even moderate.

“Tiny” dug through the Internet and gathered for you such complaints that you could not even imagine (especially in our pandemic times).

1. My fiancé and I had booked a room with two beds. Instead, they put us in a room with a king-size bed. Now I am pregnant. This would not have happened if we had been given the room we asked for.

2. Our flight from Jamaica to England took a full 9 hours. It only took 3 hours for the Americans to get home. That’s not fair.

3. Having lost half a day to look at some buildings, which the guide stubbornly referred to as Gaudi masterpieces, I demand that the tour operator returned to me the cost of the tour, as well as compensate for the moral damage I received from contemplating this “unfinished construction”, which even at home in bulk.

4. Sunbathing on the beach topless is not allowed. It was very distracting for my husband, who was staring around all day, even though he just wanted to relax and rest.

5. There was too much sand on the beach. We constantly had to shake it off when we went back to the room.

6. During my vacation in Goa, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant serves curry. I hate spicy food!

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7. When we went to Spain, there were too many Spaniards. The receptionist spoke Spanish, the food was Spanish. No one warned us that there would be so many foreigners on vacation.

8. I compared our one-bedroom apartment and our friends’ three-bedroom apartment. Our friends’ suite was much bigger!

9. There were too many potholes in the roads. Because of this, we didn’t get to read the guidebook while on the bus to the resort and didn’t learn interesting details that would have made our vacation more fun.

10. As a tour operator, it is your responsibility to warn us about guests who are too noisy and pushy.

11. We went canoeing. No one warned us that there would be no toilet aboard the boat. This is very inconvenient!

12. You said the town was located at the foot of a volcano, but we didn’t find any lava at the site. I think it’s just a mountain.

13. The water in the Gulf of Mexico was too salty. No one warned us that there was salt in the sea. This is disgusting!

14. We were told there would be a pool on the roof, but there was just another room above us.

15. We went to Australia for Christmas and were shocked to find it was warm!

16. There was a sign hanging at the door of the restaurant that said “Kids Eat Free,” but we still had to pay for our 19-year-old daughter’s dinner!

17. When we were on vacation, the weather at home was nice. Because of that, the vacation turned out to be meaningless.

18. I went to Egypt to practice scuba diving in the pool, but I couldn’t do it because there were a lot of Arabs swimming and they were looking at me

19. About Buckingham Palace: “I was not impressed. What’s the point of going to England just to stand outside? You can’t go inside. Is the Queen so greedy that she can’t let anyone see the palace?”

20. Our hotel in London had no view of the ocean.

21. We didn’t enjoy the tour at all because the tour guide was too ugly. You can’t enjoy the beauty when you see a face like that in front of you.

22. We were given welcome cocktails upon arrival. But I don’t like Sex on the Beach!

23. My hair got a little burned out because of the sun. I liked the old color better!