23 ways to hint and tell a girl that I like her

23 ways to hint and tell a girl that I like her As a preface I will note that I am always against learned templates and prepared material. So do not use the material of this article as a magic pill. Always learn to generate the right words yourself.

1. Initially it is better not to hint, and to speak as is (the girl is not a telepath) The best – it is always to tell directly and as is. For example, tell her: “You’re cool. You’re great! I like you!” Tell her why you chose her among other ladies. And then she’ll feel like you chose her! And then she’ll feel special for you! And it’s super attractive and strong. It’s better not to hint, it’s better to talk straight!

A girl is not telepathic and can’t read minds. So, you remind yourself why you have every reason to be with her, and what she’s holding you to. That’s where the motivation and confidence comes from. That’s the first point on how to tell a girl that I like her.

2. If you’re really clinging to her looks (hair), say it. For example, you can compliment her hair if she’s really cool: “I like your hair”. “Wow, I like your hair!”

3. Hint at a future together where you’re already a couple in love You can use phrases to project your future together, where you’re already a couple in love: “What are you doing on February 14th?”. “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day next year?” It’s such subtle hints of a girl’s sympathy.

4. You can compliment her on her sweetness if she’s really sweet.

Compliments on how nice a girl is, you can come up with different and a lot. If she’s really cute, there shouldn’t be a problem with that. If only because she reads from your face the charm of her femininity. For example: “You’re so cute. I will definitely give you a New Year’s present.” So, I’m not worried about hinting at a girl that I like her.

5. Let her know what’s going on with you inside because of her. You can tell her implicitly, thus creating some kind of intrigue. “Why are you doing this to me?” – Ask her that, that way you’ll know she’s very attractive to you.

6. Hints of her style at the beginning of “Hi, I like your style” – you can start with those words. I’m talking about a case of a hottie you don’t know at all, and you’re taking the first approach to her.

7. Offer to play funny roles as in the novel, to voice his script “Let’s play a novel where you get pregnant from me and then we’ll have to get married” – this phrase you offer her to play different roles on funny tops. guy wants to tell his girlfriend that he likes her Saying about such words, I no longer ask questions about how to let a girl understand that I like her.

8. Use that phrase to express your sympathy for her and your soulful closeness to her, “Do you want to be my other half?” – a phrase of sympathy for her and soulful intimacy. In no case do not say these words from the point of view that you can not live without her, and she allegedly will complement you somehow.

9. We compliment her and blame her for it at the same time, “You’re so cool and pretty. What are you doing to me?” – I’m complimenting her and blaming her for it at the same time. For example, those words close the dilemma about how to tell a girl I like her.

10. Be as close to her as possible, “I want to be close to a nice girl” – say that if she doesn’t understand what’s going on and you get close to her. That way she feels your condition better, it’s passed on to her. It also happens when a guy knows all about flirting with a girl.

11. In case you want to ask her to date a soldier is going to tell the nurse that he likes her. There’s no need and there’s no need to hint at a serious relationship. A relationship doesn’t start until you spend the night in bed together. And you don’t have to think about it until after that. It’s not before. So the point of offering to date before that is zero! To a girl I like, I usually talk about wanting to see her more. It doesn’t have to be a word for word to copy my words. It’s like, “Look, you’re cool, and I’m good with you. Let’s see each other more often and have a great time together!” Then I usually ask her which days she’s more free. I never have a problem telling a girl I like her and asking her out.

For those who want to tell her that they love her For those guys who ask questions about how to tell a girl that I love her. Ask yourself first: Did you sleep together before, or did you have nothing? If you haven’t, it’s stupid to rush a statement like that. Do you want to tell her this because you feel you’re not self-sufficient and you think that the girl will somehow complement you? If the answer’s yes, she’ll probably leave you sooner or later. Does that feel mutual to your feelings? If the answer is no, then why rush to say it again? It is better to say your approximate words as in the 11th point a little higher or to run and choose the words that suit you from all 23 points. For those who want to confess the love of their passion, you should remember and realize the following. A woman does not want to be an adventure, she wants to go on an adventure with you. She wants to go on a more meaningful and larger event than herself. Otherwise, if your focus is entirely on her, she loses interest in you and you become in need of her eyes. Remember this, in this way, you will not need phrases about how to hint a girl that you want to date her, and remove all doubts.

12. Ask her out on an adventure with you, “Do you want to go out with her? Do you want to have an affair with me?” – It’s better to tell a strange hottie when you first see her. A man likes a pretty girl, and he’s gonna tell her. That’s how you ask her out on an adventure. And I’m not even saying it to invite or ask her out, I’m just finding any reason to start a conversation with her. It’s all done playfully and the words have to match your condition, so there has to be congruence. Otherwise, this point won’t work for you. Then you can continue communication by changing the top on any other topic.

13 We use jokes with hints of bed “I just posted on Facebook that you and I made love” – convergence through positive emotions and humor. With this, I can further develop the theme of how to tell a girl that I want her. Ideally there should be no filters at all. Know all about how to get rid of shyness in communication and life in general.

14. Be the one who chooses, not the one who chooses “I choose you, I like to communicate with you” – this is the phrase you use to show that you choose her.

15. If you see her for the first time, “I just saw you and couldn’t stay away” – use it when approaching a stranger. A man likes a short girl and he wants to tell her. You don’t have to be megaharistic to know everything about how to meet a girl if you’re shy.

16. Tell her she’s better than all the other women around “I like you better than those girls” – and you point at any random girls around. Another word as a supplement to the topical discussion on how to tell a girl that I like her is beautiful. You can do it both in the club, if you just met her, and on a date.

17. Jokes about the wedding and her mum, “Can I call my mum and tell her I met my wife?” – hints of your marriage as a joke.

18. Say how you feel and how you feel about her with humor Between us as much chemistry as you do on “In All Heavy”. It’s always better to talk about your feelings for her with your words without learning the text. Thus, you will pump this ability in yourself, you will not need any prepared material and will know everything about how to communicate with the girl.

19. You don’t have to say why you’re attracted to her, “I’m really attracted to you. I don’t know why” – say your strong attraction to her.

20. Let her know what you want to be with her most right now “I like being with you more than my friends” – you chose her among others and you want to be with her most of all. Give her a kiss To the question of how to hint a girl at a kiss: Take the position that you give a kiss, not take it away. Usually I kiss myself and I don’t ask permission verbally. If you initially positioned yourself correctly, there’s no resistance to kissing. How did I do it? I had a case where a woman intentionally started dodging my kiss. Originally, I did everything right and saw no reason to resist. I didn’t want to play those mouse cats and I said straight away, “I want to kiss you.” To which she said, “What if I can’t kiss?” (and everything became immediately clear). To which I said, “I’ll teach you.” And there was no more resistance. That’s how easy it is to hint a girl at the first kiss without any games or other nonsense. Video with my approach In addition to the topic, I decided to show my video, where I meet a hot woman at the mall. In it you can clearly see what I wrote about in this article. You can also find answers to the topic of how to tell a girl that she is beautiful in her own words.

21. Let’s use the role-changing chip. The role-changing chip between you and the clues to the future together: “If you take me on a date, where are you taking me?” “Where are you taking me on our date?” “Stop seducing me” is a sly phrase with a change of roles that you’ll take off your responsibility. Adriana Lima is a famous girl model that many men like. Even if she doesn’t seduce you, you’re her, but it will remind you that you are a man and a woman.

23. Thin, not repulsive words about her figure and face at the same time “Get your chest, hide it from me, I only want to see your beautiful face”. Such a compliment to her figure and appearance at the same time, helping to confess sympathy for the girl, you can give.

The key important moments that are worth remembering You make her understand that you distinguish her from others and why you like her. When you tell a girl you like her, you look her in the eye. It’s stupid to look away and look away and say nowhere. Make it as simple as possible! Be stupid, don’t be serious about everything. Enjoy the process. When you express yourself, don’t try to impress. Don’t be afraid to touch her and touch her. She’s waiting for it herself. Never consider your openness in sympathy for the girl a weakness. It’s always a plus and it’s strong. But at the same time, don’t think she’ll swim right after your words and want you. Be honest and congruent. Say what you think (don’t forget adequacy). Let your emotions come out, and they’ll attract her. Don’t focus on the words you’re prepared to say! Let your own words be ugly, but from the heart. And it will be your best words than borrowed from someone or prepared in advance.

Don’t try to mow James Bond or any other movie hero in the movie by saying cool phrases. You can only be a cheaper and more unnatural copy of a movie hero whose life you can’t live anyway. The best thing you can do is be a better person. You need to understand that many of the phrases spoken in a state of flux, and do not have to wait after these phrases unrealistic reactions from a woman and quick acceptance. In any case, you need to continue communication and do not depend on the phrases prepared. The sooner you let her know how you feel about her, the better. The longer you drag on how to show sympathy for the girl, the more embarrassing it will be later. Talk about your sympathy in places where there is no social pressure and unnecessary judgmental attitudes. It’s better to be alone. Why the Internet or SMS – the worst ways to show sympathy and feelings If this is the first time you want to tell a girl about your sympathy and intentions, then never do it online.

It’s better to ask yourself: “What prevented you from doing this the first time you met?” What stopped you from hinting at the girl that you liked her the first time you saw her? Why is the Internet so bad for this: A girl can read your message and just leave online without even answering your deep lines about crazy love. On the Internet, very beautiful women in social networks write letters of love confessions sometimes by several dozen men in a day. Do you want to be one of those grey fans? All the sincerity and honesty of your sympathy, all the openness to women you can convey only through your eyes when meeting face to face. But not through the monitor. A woman might think you’re lying or just kidding by reading your message. And then there’s the wrong positioning and the wrong understanding of you.