25 Things a woman must try in sex

1. The starting point in the world of sensual pleasures is the parting of one’s virginity. Not all girls are unequivocal about the loss of their virginity. Some of them stand up for preserving their honor before marriage and advertise (read: put a price on) their virginity. Others – leave their innocence easily and naturally – with the first man they meet, and as soon as possible. Be that as it may, you can’t do without this first point, and in order to plunge into the sea of carnal pleasures, you have to brave the first step. If you have problems with this – follow the experience of the ancient Egyptian women: the process of defloration was considered sacred by them, no man should have touched that belongs to the Almighty. The girls sat down on a golden phallus to be initiated into the priestesses of love, depriving themselves of their virginity in this very chaste way.

2. To have an orgasm. It sounds funny – is there any sex without an orgasm? It turns out that 88% of girls under the age of 25 have problems getting an orgasm. It turns out that most women have their first orgasm by the age of 30. The statistics are depressing. Especially if the girl is prone to hypnosis and experiences a real drama on this ground. But it is not worth much to get upset: sexologists assure that if a girl is able to bring yourself to orgasm with masturbation, she is not frigid. Just have not met the hero, able to reveal her woman. I should add: girls, after the first birth, problems with orgasm disappear most mysteriously!

3. To qualify for the title of lady of love, you need to learn at least 10 positions. How many? Men are advised to master only 3. There are reasons for this. A woman gets pleasure not from the change of poses, but from the feeling of unity with the loved person, from the opportunity to give him the whole self, so in order to be a delightful lover, a man does not need to know a lot of poses. Men love to watch, they devour you with their eyes, they like different angles from which you can watch, they feel like a sex guru when they try several positions during one coitus. So, to be known as a delightful mistress, change positions more often, offer him new, extraordinary options – he will be in pleasant shock.

4. Master the basic techniques of massage. Men mingle when they are massaged with the trapezius muscles, shoulder girdle, feet and…. But first, take some massage oil with a drop of essential oil of patchouli, ylang-ylang, rose and relax his tired shoulders. Caring and caressing warm hands can melt the heart of any doggerel. And the euphoria he received from an erotic massage, simply nothing can be compared!

5. You have not yet tried a condom with relief? You have to start sometime! Of course, he doesn’t care at all in terms of sensations, but you do. The supple rubber ribbing of the condom can bring a lot of voluptuous moments…

6. Master the art of contracting the vaginal muscles. Every self-respecting lover must dedicate at least half an hour to this activity every day. Moreover, you can do it anywhere: on the bus, in the workplace, in a cafe, in the theater – no one sees it! But when sufficiently trained for his “baby”, you can not only show him the highest class, but also to get pleasure in the highest grade!

7. Transform your love space. Simply put, clean up the bedroom, throw out of bed a collection of teddy bears, bunnies and dogs, eliminate chintz and flannel nightgowns and knit pajamas. Get a red nightlight, long-burning candles, silk sheets and gorgeous erotic lingerie. If you can not part with his stuffed behemoth – hide it under the bed, at least while your boyfriend is in bed. Men tend to think a woman is a little unhinged if she sleeps snuggled up with a toy. Psychologists also …

8. Petting involving mutual masturbation. Sexology experts say that there is nothing better for getting to know each other, mutually enriching sexual experiences, and establishing a close, trusting relationship. Indeed, only by watching each other can we see everything in detail and improve our own sexual skills, because no one but your partner can know his or her erogenous zones better.

9. Oral sex. No man will call you a super lover if you aren’t able to give him pleasure orally. There are plenty of guidelines for it. However, there are a few basic principles around which the variations revolve: take care of the moisture; don’t forget the frenulum, the most sensitive place of the penis; don’t suck it (paradoxically); help yourself with your hands; pay attention to the scrotum. These are the essentials. You can read the rest in the blowjob manual.

10. Quick sex. Men love this for some reason. The instinct of a male wakes up in them when he runs home for a minute in the middle of the day, pounces on his not yet “awake” female, possesses her powerfully and roughly and dissolves into a crazy business day. Don’t turn down this kind of sex – it’s your bonus in favor of future real sex. And then – well, isn’t it wonderful to feel weak and submissive at least once in a while?

11. A sex shop is designed for people to go there, and sex toys are designed for people to use them. You shouldn’t take all the products from there seriously, but to diversify your sex life, your erotic sensations – why not? You will surely like condoms with different flavors. And vaginal balls will help keep your intimate muscles in shape. Aren’t you curious about the sensations a vibrator can bring? Good sex should be fun.

12. An erotic photo shoot is another extraordinarily attractive thing. Give free rein to your lover, let him wake up a brilliant photographer. For you a few rules for a successful photo shoot: do not relax – a girl sprawled out in bed looks flabby in the photo, so keep your pose; hairstyle, makeup, illumination, underwear – must be at a high level; the skin should shimmer – use glitter; preferably choose a uniform background – scattered things, the living environment greatly spoils the impression.

13. Cushion, bathtub, table – for sexual experimentation you can use everything – any thing in the house can be tested for its suitability for sex. Give free rein to your imagination and, looking at the thing that has not yet been in your bed, think: – And how can you use it?

14. Porn – you can watch the Hollywood version, and you can shoot your own. Just again – don’t get your hopes up too high to relax and enjoy it. In movies – it’s like in the movies: you want it to be pleasant to look at later – you have to try to look good.

15. Synchronized orgasm – some people consider it the top of the sexual action. But there is another opinion, because it does not bring any additional sensations except a purely psychological feeling of unity. Moreover, after orgasm a man wants to “fall off”, and a woman tends to continue the love game, because now she is at the peak of excitement, and she needs some time to come to the slump. Because of these considerations, it is technically considered more correct when a woman is the first to have an orgasm. But still, sometimes it’s nice to feel what it is – simultaneous gratification. Try not to close your eyes at this moment, but to “dive” into each other mentally – then you will definitely never forget it.

16. Sado-maso – I’m not calling for beating each other with chains, holding each other in handcuffs or using dog collars. Just let him tie you up and tell him to do whatever he wants with you… Feel like a weak woman in the hands of a strong, handsome male. And next time, pay him back with the same coin – let him feel what it’s like to be helpless in the hands of a willful woman.

17. Sauna, swimming pool, or at the very least, a bathtub. No miracle will happen if you just get into an ordinary oval-shaped standard bath, even if generously sprinkle the environment with aromatic candles, foam, glasses of champagne, light music. But sometimes it is possible to rest and relax. A much better option – a sauna with a pool or a large round bath… And if even with whirlpool! High-quality rest is guaranteed, and as for the continuation… at your discretion.

18. All day in bed – the high point of pleasure. Every hedonist should have at least one day in her life that is lived this way. And do not fight and argue about who will go to make sandwiches. Go together, have a little fun, and at the same time have sex on the kitchen table.

19. The beach, the park, the driveway, the elevator, the roof… – …car, bench, airplane toilet, Ferris wheel… Well? Have you tried out any of the list as a sexy racetrack yet, or are you bored with envy of those who colorfully lie about it?

20. His fantasies are a liberating task. Do you want to get inside his head and find out what he secretly dreamed about during his exuberant puberty onanism, and maybe still does? Carefully ask him about it, revealing some of your sexual fantasies beforehand. Only, if you say “a”, say “b”: ask him, and now try to translate it into reality. Just do not be too frightened when you realize that you have to play an English teacher, making blowjob to his student!

21. Cream, condensed milk, honey – a gourmet treat – lick it all off your favorite body. At the same time, you can decorate your beloved covered with cream with strawberries, slices of bananas, pineapple slices… Why am I still talking about sweets? Not everyone has a sweet tooth! I think connoisseurs of beer will like pieces of smoked herring on the body of your favorite girl and a sip of beer in her belly button. In short, choose a treat at your own discretion, but you must master the gourmet of love!

22. The anus – his anus, according to very educated sexologists – is one of the sweetest places on his body. And all because of the prostate located in it. Don’t be intimidated, of course, but you have to try it sometime – stick your finger in his anus. You may have to persuade him for a long time, but afterwards you won’t be able to drag him away from this pleasure. I warn you, not everyone will agree. Those who suspect they have homosexual tendencies would never agree.

23. Secret petting – can brighten up the time spent on long journeys on buses, planes, trains, and also allows you to recharge the adrenaline when the night caught you on a visit and had to stay the night … Here you are sleeping on the floor in a row: your lover, you, your girlfriend, her boyfriend, his friend, your friend’s girlfriend. Everyone’s long asleep, and you’re… Well you can’t sleep, you are trying not to make noise and you don’t notice that four more people are rustling near you in the same diligent way.

24. To seduce a virgin is the task of every sophisticated mistress. Besides, it is also quite a valuable sexual experience, because only next to an inexperienced partner you can not only test your skill level, but also act as a sex teacher. You will never understand the depth and beauty of sex until you act as a guru, because teaching sex is the next step to perfecting your art.

25. Sex Marathon – Who’s the Bigger. Brutal stuff, not every man will agree. You need a strong type – very hairy, preferably swarthy, no higher education (less cockroaches in the head). Of course, if you feel he’s weak, don’t even suggest it. Choose a truly worthy opponent. I know men who can endure up to 10 hours of almost continuous sex marathon.