30 Wise truths for self-realization 100%

The modern world is very changeable, news becomes irrelevant, and fashion becomes obsolete. But there are truths in life that not only do not lose relevance, but also become even more correct. How to realize yourself in life?

“A man is wise, who knows everywhere to find a worthy study and to draw a lesson that is useful for himself from every minor thing.” An Indian proverb At school and university, they gave you knowledge, but not wisdom. A small fraction of wisdom, which can help to realize oneself in life. 30 wise truths for self-realization 100%

1. Go to what you want, and do not run from what you do not want.

2. You will never forget those who were near in difficult times.

3. If you are angry or hate, then you have been defeated. 4. Most of all we regret that we did not complete or did not complete it.

5. Think about who you trust your secrets and with whom you communicate.

6. You are not what happened to you, but the one you want to be.

7. There is no point in running away from the rain, just go where you went. So it is in life.

8. Cases and dreams, impracticable or hard going, should be abandoned.

9. Strong characters are formed in difficult times.

10. Do not underestimate enemies and do not overestimate friends.

11. Do not know yourself what you want? Around will be what you did not want.

12. You can buy buddies, but not friendship. You can buy sex, but not love. 30 wise truths for self-realization are 100%

13. Best of all they learn the difficulties that leave scars on us.

14. Knock on the maximum number of doors.

15. Absolute truth and the right path do not exist.

16. Any emotions are your own choice, as well as how to deal with them.

17. Do not wait, but do something. Answers will come with actions.

18. Shame, conscience, imposed rules and foundations – this is a way to manipulate you.

19. Before you change the world, change yourself.

20. As you relate to yourself and life, so it relates to you.

21. Self-control and discipline are the path to success.

22. There is always a choice, even in the most difficult situations.

23. In a strong and athletic body, a strong spirit that can achieve anything.

24. At one right moment, it’s important to send everything to hell.

25. Do you want to have many friends? Be a good friend.

26. There are no evil people, there are unhappy and unfortunate.

27. Are you going against the whole world? Most likely you are fighting against yourself.

28. Have the courage to listen to the call of the heart.

29. Sometimes a single action is more effective than 1000 words.

30. Not so much dream as live dreams.