31 Ways to save money

These simple ways will help you cut costs and no longer throw money away.


1. renounce branded products.

Buying goods of less promoted brands instead of well-known brands can save a lot of money. Take the time to study the composition of expensive yogurt or body milk and compare it with the composition of an unpublicized analogue.

The same applies to medicines, so look for cheaper analogues of expensive drugs on the Internet or ask about them directly at the pharmacy. A good pharmacy chain focuses on customer loyalty rather than emptying their wallets.

2. Use bank cards as little as possible.

Many people are used to paying with cards, because it is more hygienic, safe, and do not have to carry a wallet. But numerous studies show that the constant use of bank cards can lead to loss of control over your expenses. It is much easier for a person to part with invisible numbers than with real papers.

If you don’t want to get attached to your wallet, then make a habit of examining your check in detail after shopping or controlling your expenses with mobile applications. They will clearly show all your weaknesses and unnecessary purchases.

3. Reduce your commission costs

If you decide to withdraw money from someone else’s bank ATM, be prepared to pay interest for this service. It may be small, but regular transfers and cashing money through another payment system will empty your pocket.

4. Buy only what you need

Often buyers make purchases only because of the fact that the product had a promotion. It is especially difficult to overcome the temptation of personal discount sent by the seller immediately after receiving your salary. But it is worth remembering that a coupon is not a reason to buy.

Purchase only what you really need, and only when you are ready for it. And coupons and discounts can be found on forums and specialized sites. And don’t forget about cashbacks.

5. Master online stores

If you have not yet experienced the joy of remote shopping, we strongly recommend you to try such shopping. Of course, it has some shortcomings. But the lower price compared to conventional shops is one of the obvious advantages. Many popular brands and less well-known brands sell their collections at discounts of up to 90%.

In addition, online you can buy someone bought but not fit clothes in perfect condition, which left all the tags on. Such things can be unique and cost very little. Check the shops and save money on clothes.

6. Replace the beauty products you buy with homemade

All advertising refers to the naturalness of ingredients used in cosmetic products. Therefore, buyers without remorse give half of their salary for such cosmetics. But why spend money for processed natural cosmetics, if the Network is full of simple recipes for skin and hair care?

7. Use the store’s services

You can be sure that slicing the cheese and packing it in a nice wrapper is included in the price. Isn’t it better to step away from the shelf and buy a piece of cheese from the seller? Usually supermarkets slice the purchased product for free and wrap it in cellophane.

8. Try shopping together

Many stores offer a 1 + 1 = 3 scheme. If you take two things, the third is free. You don’t have to buy a second pair of pants to get a discount on them. Most likely, there is a buyer who is looking for someone to dock with and benefit from.

If you’re uncomfortable talking to strangers about a joint purchase, go to social networking sites: there you will definitely find like-minded people. This also applies to online shopping. Collective buying from such sites will help you save a lot of money.

9. Make a purchase plan

You have to learn how to plan your purchases. This is convenient to do with mobile applications. Their use will protect you from many unpleasant situations. For example, if you forgot to buy a loofah or a tutu of tea, you will have to return the next day to the store. It is very likely that you will want to take something else to the necessary things.

10. Talk to the sellers at the market

As a rule, sellers in food markets become much more accommodating by evening. This can and should be used. This is what the market is all about. Pay attention to almost empty counters. What could be better for a seller than to go home and sell all the goods?

Remember that you should refrain from visiting the markets at the weekend. After all, it is on Saturdays and Sundays that prices rise slightly. Some buyers for years buy products from the same sellers, getting discounts and the freshest product.

There are also sellers who come to cities from nearby villages and crowd in crowded places. Find out where they come from and when they go home. This will help you buy goods an hour before the bus or train leaves for the city at a very cheap price.

11. Try to solve the problem yourself

Buying private transport is just the beginning of a long journey to its further maintenance. The time of the first breakdown comes and the money for rest is sent to the cash desk of the service center. However, many faults do not require the hands of a specialist of level 85 pumping.

There are many thematic forums and videos on the Web, clearly explaining the cause and the way to fix the breakdown. Find the auto repair web school, talk to local car owners. It is quite possible that someone will be from your region and will not mind helping you.

12. Don’t buy food at gas stations

Did you notice that when you stop at a gas station, you don’t buy coffee, chips or a hot dog? It’s a completely useless waste. If you’re going on a long trip where you’re sure you’ll be hungry, take some water and sandwiches from home. This approach will not only save money, but also be more useful to the body.

13. Keep an eye on the tires

Insufficiently or excessively inflated tyres can lead to machine breakage, rapid wear or increased fuel consumption. Pay regular attention to this nuance. Put a reminder on your smartphone and inflate your wheels as often as necessary.


14. Replace the cable TV

Notice how many of the offered tens and hundreds of channels you really watch. Probably no more than five. So it is worth finding out if your operator has truncated packages of channels for less money. Or better yet, simply turn off the cable and use the Internet to transmit the signal to the TV through your computer.

15. Don’t spare money on expensive equipment…

A large percentage of utility payments relate to heating and electricity. Winter comes and everyone starts to turn on the heaters. Summer comes and everybody clicks on the air conditioners. Remember: avaricious pays twice. Saved on cheap windows and a low-end electrical appliance – your money will flow away from you hour after hour.

Don’t spare money on expensive equipment. These costs will pay off quickly.

16. Give up disposable razors

There are men who prefer disposable razors. They may be affordable, but their long-term use is still more expensive than using a razor with replaceable blades. All the more reason to look for a whole set of replacement shaver heads, which are sold wholesale for a small amount of money.

The same goes for waxing women’s legs. There is no need to buy miracle machines advertised by marketers for the most delicate skin. It’s usually a bluff. Nothing prevents you from using cheaper products for men.

17. Re-use the containers

Many remember how Soviet mistresses dried the bags for reuse. Don’t let it seem like an unnecessary saving. In fact, the same plastic boxes for sushi or cake do not cost much, and in the future can be useful in many situations.

18. Be friends with your neighbors

They make jokes and whole legends about them. In practice, most people around us are not so bad. It is worth making contact with them, and you do not have to buy a number of goods “once” or rent them for a while.

19. Don’t get carried away with buying cleaning products…

Clever sellers have convinced us that every surface and piece of furniture requires its own cleaning products and appliances. In fact, you can buy universal or use handy products. Of course, it is worth distinguishing between carpet cleaners and wooden furniture, but you do not need to fill the shelves with all kinds of cans, too.

Food .

20. Eat up before you go shopping

You shouldn’t go to the supermarket even if you’re half hungry. In this case, your brain becomes a wreck for unreasonable stock purchases. It is not recommended to walk around the store because of idleness: you will definitely put something extra in the basket.

If you go out for food, try to define for yourself a limit on the time you spend wandering between the counters. By doing so, you will reduce the risk of excessive acquisitions.

21. Do not buy perishable food

Many of us are drawn to buy more of these pears, which are sold for half the price on sale. Of course, you have to eat the fruit for sure, but you don’t have to gain more than you can actually eat. Tomorrow the perishable product can take an unsightly look and become disgusting to taste.

All the more so as a decrease in berries, vegetables and fruits, as well as other perishable foods, should hint at an early expiry date.

22. Get rid of the habit of buying energy…

Try to see the composition of the power engineers. There’s nothing secret or supernatural about it. Spend some time and find recipes of natural energy drinks on the Internet. This way you will save your body from getting used to a harmful drink and save a lot.

23. Stop eating fatty meat

No, you don’t have to give up meat completely. But instead of your favorite pork chops, you should choose cheaper and healthier chicken meat. Optionally, you can highlight a certain day of the week during which you will not eat the meat. Keeping fast will also benefit your budget.

24. Make coffee at home

In modern society there is a kind of cult of coffee. Thanks to it, every decent establishment has a large menu with varieties of drinks. Mobile street coffee shops are gaining popularity, and there is no need to talk about coffee machines in every institution.

If you are an ardent fan of coffee, the cheaper option for you to buy a coffee machine at home or in the office. Especially since modern devices know how to prepare a few drinks at exactly the right time.


25. Reduce the number of in-game purchases

Sloppy gamers severely undermine their budget by spending a lot of money on in-game shopping. Let’s look back and remember that the five-dollar heroic sword from the old game, that everyone has already forgotten about, was not worth its money. And how many such things, pumping accelerators and bonuses have accumulated over the years of passion for games? It’s scary to count.

26. Do preventative health care…

We all know that prevention is not only easier than curing illness, but also much cheaper. But most people don’t like to go to the doctors. And for nothing! Their services sometimes cost a huge amount of money, which you could not spend with proper care and regular prevention.

The same goes for the whole body. Inappropriate diet, unhealthy habits and alcohol will sooner or later hit your pocket hard.

27. Give up laundry services

Some people prefer to do their laundry without bothering themselves with this troublesome business at home. Others, on the contrary, buy dryers for the washing machine as well. Both lead to a loss of money. It’s not so hard to throw laundry in the washing machine and then hang it on the balcony.

28. Get more packed up

Phones, chargers, wallets require constant attention to themselves. They should be worn and kept in a certain place or pocket. Clap your clothes before you leave, make sure everything is in place and drive safely.

29. Learn to manage and plan…

Not all people know how to manage their finances properly. If there is such a sin behind you, then why not transfer the right to dispose of money to your more reserved half?

Or postponing some of the money you earn? It will teach you how to do without loans and installments.

30. Don’t create an oversized wardrobe…

When you see someone wearing a new shirt or dress, do you catch yourself thinking that you also want to buy something? It’s enough just to fight it, following a simple rule: buy a new one – throw away the old one. If there are three pants in your wardrobe, before you buy a new one, throw away the old ones. It’s easier to give up new purchases.

31. Don’t waste your time

Appreciate your time. Instead of playing or listening to music on the transport, read or listen to something educational. Knowledge will pay off anyway. During a boring lecture, you can check out social networks, or you can learn about lab work and not pay for it. Time is money.