33 Rules of modern etiquette. How to always be on top?

How to make a good impression, like shippers and communicate effectively? All people are attracted by cultural, polite and neat people who know the rules of modern etiquette. “Etiquette creates an atmosphere of universal respect, where at the cost of freedom and convenience, dignity is preserved.” Anna Fyodorovna Tyutcheva It is often bad education and ignorance of etiquette that puts an end to human success. The modern world requires its gentlemanly rules, where knowledge of appropriate etiquette is important. The rules of good tone and appropriate manners will always look good. Etiquette is a learning art, which perfectly shows the level of development and culture of a person.

33 rules of modern etiquette.

How do you always look good?

1. The first to be greeted are those who are younger in age, position and position. Men are the first to welcome women.

2. Men never wear women’s bags. Podkabluchniki can.

3. First gives a hand, for a handshake, the older or position. When you sit and shake hands, you should stand up. It is not customary in the toilet to say hello by hand.

4. A man enters the elevator first, and comes out last. Going down the stairs a man goes ahead, and going up behind the woman.

5. If you are on the phone, you should step away from the company so as not to interfere. 6. Showing your finger is not decent, just like laughing loudly or making noise.

7. In transportation, give way to the elderly, children, pregnant women.

8. Clothes, shoes and yourself must always be tidy.

9. Do not take up space for the disabled in transport and parking.

10. You should not ask questions about money, salaries, religion or politics.

11. If your friend says hello to someone on the street, you should say hello to them too.

12. According to the etiquette, a man should walk to the left of a girl. Although that rule can be broken.

13. Turn off your phone at the theatre, movies and similar places.

14. If communication is interrupted during a conversation, the person who called before must call back.

15. At the theatre or cinema, you should face people who are already sitting.

16. It is possible to switch to “you” at the initiative of an older person.

17. The first to meet are men, the younger and the last to come.

18. Always specify the subject of the email to make it easier to understand what it is about.

19. Don’t start eating at the table if the others haven’t already been served.

20. You don’t have to knock on the door at the entrance. It’s enough to go in and ask for permission. But you don’t have to stick your head out the door. This is ridiculous.

21. Hold a glass in your left hand at the banquet so you don’t get your right hand wet to say hello to people.

22. Control your alcohol consumption. It’s not appropriate to be drunker than others. It’s better to be sober than the others.

23. Always keep the doors open so they don’t hit the man following you.

24. Take out your headphones and take off your sunglasses when you’re communicating.

25. Use toilet water, but in moderate tantrums.

26. Never come to visit without calling and warning.

27. You should only smoke with the permission of those present.

28. Social networks are not a place to show your personal life and find out your relationship.

29. Don’t put your phone on the table during a meeting.

30. It’s not proper to be late for a meeting. You’d better marry earlier so you don’t get caught up in the meeting.

31. It’s not decent to discuss other people loudly. There’s no need to gossip or criticize. Keep other people’s secrets, not talk to everyone.

32. When you call, ask if a person is busy and can talk. 33. Always follow the dress code of the event. You can look a little more elegant.