4 ways to get back on track after the holidays

Here are four simple tips on how to effortlessly get your body (and mind) back into work mode after a holiday, vacation, or just a long weekend.

Holidays are not only pleasant conversation and a delicious table, but also a complete change of routine. Instead of standard meals, there is an endless feast. It is necessary to begin to put the body in order after a weekend full of food vacations or weekends with a general cleaning of the refrigerator. What are we doing? Get rid of fat, fried, salty, sweet and alcoholic ─ these foods clog up our body (especially the intestines). Salty, spicy snacks and alcoholic drinks retain fluid in the tissues of the body, which is also unpleasantly reflected on the scales. But a serious lack of fermented dairy products and vegetables reduces metabolism, which leads to digestive problems, so the corresponding shelves, on the contrary, fill up. Moving on.

No to starvation

Our body readjusts quickly to an unhealthy wave, and it is especially difficult psychologically to give up abundance, so the diet after a “binge eating” is a sure loser option. Thinking that it is hungry time, the body will start to accumulate fat. It is important to gradually reduce the caloric content of food, include in your diet vegetables, fruits, diet, lean meat, seafood. Dried fruits – apricots, apricots, prunes will be an excellent addition (all of them contain so necessary vitamins and microelements, in addition, they have good cleansing properties). It is useful to eat cereals – buckwheat and rice (not white). Fruits, vegetables, dietary dairy and fermented foods should be eaten without fear or doubt. Also the body, “exhausted” by “Narzan” and “Borjomi”, needs potassium (it is contained in oatmeal, bananas, nuts, carrots, tomatoes and the same dried fruits).

Serve water

It is not for nothing that they say that water is life. Despite the fact that abundant not too correct diet leads to stagnation of liquids in the body, the latter lacks water. Coffee, juices, and alcohol have also worked to worsen our metabolism. Drinking a lot of water will help to solve this problem. Regular water, without gas and dyes. No juice, no mineral water, no tea with all sorts of candy cakes (our Russian tradition, which has caught on even on regular days, not just holidays), namely water.

Advice, in fact, is relevant not only in the post-holiday period. There is a known formula, according to which everyone can calculate by himself the amount of water necessary for his body per day – 30-50 mg per each kilogram of weight. Of course, the water balance is individual for everyone. Age, weight, height and other factors are important.

Movement is life

Normalization of nutrition is only one step in the question of getting into a normal routine. You also need movement. We are not saying that immediately after the holidays you should set a goal to break Olympic records, but it is necessary to restore the motor activity. We remember the promise we made to ourselves to do morning exercises after the New Year and make the task a little bit more difficult – without going to gyms or fitness centers we start exercising with an individual “coach” directly at home. Modern mobile applications allow you to choose a training program in accordance with the level of fitness and monitor its implementation with the help of video tips (completely free). Do not forget about the basic necessity of walking outdoors.


Bath and sauna is one of the most effective ways of cleansing and revitalization. In the bath we get rid of dead skin cells, stimulate sebaceous and sweat glands, which leads to the removal of toxins and waste products. Bathing steam helps to improve metabolic processes, saturates tissues with oxygen and strengthens the immune system. Let’s not forget about the pleasant things: the bath improves your psychological state.

To sum it up: after the New Year holidays we need the right products usual to our standard diet, a sufficient drinking regime and movement.