5 Failsafe Ways to Tune in to Work After the Vacation

The vacation season is coming to an end. Someone was hunched over in a ram’s horn pose under his native apple tree, someone was sunbathing at the Sochi resort “Rosa Klitora,” someone was sitting at home and expressing tolerance with black and potato protests. In general, everyone was chilling in their own way, but it is necessary to make a comeback to work – for many it is as depressing as knowledge day for a suicidal schoolboy.

How to get back in the mood for work – there are a lot of articles about this on the Internet. The problem is that such tips are disconnected from real life, so we will have to fill the information gap:

  1. Get to work and get right down to business

We have this habit: come back from vacation and spend the day yapping about how someone’s kid squealed at the airport, how stupid lupo-eyed girl at the reception and how you heroically tried to pee in a car turbulence between Anapa and Gelendzhik. As a result, the vacation continues to stay with you – it can not leave your heart, just like childhood ass.

And that’s not how it should be. To cut the threads with the past vacation should be abrupt, like scotch tape from a hairy armpit: came in, immediately ducked into the task-manager and began to bathe. Shock therapy, but by lunchtime you’re already in work mode.

  1. Go to work a couple of days before the end of your vacation

Every prisoner of war experienced the shock of the department to Buchenwald, because Buchenwald was piled on top of him all at once. If you don’t want to see an “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign on your office door on your first day of work, visit there in advance. If you have a separate office and your own key, you can stop by and sit in one face for half an hour: even a village latrine smells good when it’s empty.

  1. Set yourself up for dismissal

Cocks and chickens at conferences will tell us that you work best when your colleagues support you and you can feel the corporate spirit in the same way that the Virgin Mary felt the spirit of the saint.

In fact, nothing inspires you more at work than the feeling that you can get out of that job at any time. Let that feeling sink in, and working after a vacation will be many times easier. Maybe by next week you will have had enough fun and will change your mind about quitting.

  1. Start to clean up the mess from home

You probably are not a market trader or plumber, so you can work remotely. At the very least, go to your work chat room and email account, and read what you’ve been overwhelmed with during your vacation. Start sorting out this crap from your home computer a couple of days before you go to work – after all, it’s more useful than staring at Efremov’s wrinkled face in Presnensky Court.

  1. Don’t go on vacation at all

There are May holidays, there are New Year’s vacations, there are Saturdays and Sundays, there were two months of self-isolation, there was parade day, there was czar zeroing day. And many expert office hamsters are squealing that we will all be locked back into our homes again in September. And I really do not understand why we need another 28 days of vacation?