5 Harsh male revenge! How to get revenge on your ex for treason

Statistically, 83% of inhumane massacres of exes are carried out by women. However, among the remaining 17% there was also something curious!

1. The Michigan millionaire Allan bought the property across the street from his ex-wife’s house for the sole purpose of decorating the terrace with an unusual sculptural composition.

2. Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzgerald made his unfaithful girlfriend a parting gift in the form of a “fantasy-style” tattoo on her entire back.

3. Liam McGarry from the UK broke into his vegetarian ex-lover’s house at night, all wrapped up in raw meat, and spit chewed steak all over her.

4. The 20-year-old New Yorker dug up the grave of his girlfriend’s beloved chinchilla and posted photos of the abuse on Instagram.

5. When the unfaithful wife asked her husband to leave her alone for her birthday since she would be working anyway, he said he would leave. However, he gathered his friends and family together in the morning, all wearing hubcaps and, blowing their horns, entered the house with the words “Surprise!” to catch her in bed with her lover.