5 Principles of wealth or how to learn how to make money

Everyone wants to know the secret of wealth. It really exists. And it has not changed since the beginning of human history. In short, wealth is a way of thinking. To get rich, you have to think in a certain way. Which is it – read below.

The advice of all rich and successful people is similar. They recommend not to think of templates, throw away outdated stereotypes. Go to your goal and never give up. And also to properly manage the money. It sounds simple, but in reality you will have to think a lot, analyze and learn throughout life. And even in this case, no one will guarantee you the result. But the one who does not try, does not achieve anything. We suggest you start by getting acquainted with the basic principles of wealth.

  1. You will have to learn for the rest of your life

And every day. In other words, you earn exactly as much as your knowledge is enough. Only someone who constantly learns something new is able to increase his capital. The famous comic book author Scott Adams said: “New skills increase your chances of success. And the writer and motivator Hal Elrod is sure: “The level of wealth cannot be higher than the level of personal development. As we develop, we attract success”.

In fact, you always have to pay for success, and the main currency here is your development. And your main enemy is prokrastinatsiya. Everybody loves watching serials and leafing through social networks. But only those who spend minimum time on it succeed. Television, streaming services, installations – these are not bad things in themselves. But they take away valuable time. You could spend it on learning useful skills, but you are wasting it. After watching the new sitcom series, you don’t get more opportunities, your income doesn’t grow. That’s why it’s important to spend as much time as possible on self-development. Create something new and unique instead of going back to the old one again.

Find the right motivation to focus on learning. Received knowledge will certainly give you a powerful impulse that will lead to new achievements.

It will have an impact not only on financial well-being. Your whole life will be changed. Some changes always drag on others. Your health will improve, your relations with others will improve. You will become more organized, which is also a very useful quality. An unpleasant feeling of lack of control over your life will no longer bother you. After all, you will always be busy with important and interesting things.

  1. Books are the best source of knowledge

If you ask successful entrepreneurs how they prefer to develop, the majority will probably name reading in the first five favorite activities. Someone reads 50 books a year, someone 200. The speed of reading and amount of free time is different for everyone. But rich people certainly find at least half an hour a day for a book. They do not necessarily read applied literature or classics. It is important that you really like the book, bring pleasure – says the hedge fund manager and entrepreneur James Altuscher.

Even in entertainment literature you can find something useful. At least reading increases your level of literacy. And literate people always succeed. You also learn to look at many things more widely, see opportunities where you have never noticed before. Perhaps, you will be inspired to something really brilliant.

The experience of other people, which we take from books, is extremely useful. Including for making social contacts. You will change your behavior for the better. You will learn to better understand others, to find an approach to different people. You will understand what kind of people you should surround yourself with and how to get what you need from them. This, in turn, will expand your possibilities.

Especially useful in this regard are the biographies of real people, successful, rich, talented. Reading how they managed to reach heights, you will get new fresh ideas and find answers to important questions. And you will believe: if others have succeeded, then you will surely succeed.

Try to read every day, at least a few pages. Just as constant practice allows you to sharpen a skill to perfection, so regular reading increases your level of development. With each book you read grows the luggage of your knowledge, experience, empathy, fresh ideas and inspiration.

  1. Money is simple and difficult at the same time

When you flip through several books on financial literacy in a row, you will see that they all duplicate the same thoughts. Because the basic principles of wealth are already formulated today and it is impossible to invent anything new. You just need to know how money works, and use this knowledge. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestseller “Rich Daddy, Poor Daddy”, expressed it best: “Some people are rich simply because they have financial literacy.

The better you understand finance, the more you can earn – it’s simple. At the same time, it’s not easy to really understand the issue. Again, you have to read a lot, learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs. Without the knowledge base, there is no way. People who have no idea how money works, do not understand basic principles, will never get rich.

Many people are afraid of money. They do not want to penetrate into this sphere and are limited to general concepts from the category of “credit on the card should be extinguished monthly”. Or do not want to know anything at all. They live from salary to salary, spend every last penny, get into debt. Most people do not have any savings, let alone investments. The other extreme is inability to use resources properly. A person saves on everything and saves money for some unknown reason. One cannot save much in this way. And what is the point if the savings are just lying around and are not useful anyway.

To really make your life better, spinning and constantly growing, it is important to get a full picture of financial literacy. Examine the issue thoroughly, and apply knowledge in practice. Many experts advise to start with the book “The richest man in Babylon” by George S. Kleyson.

  1. First work, then rest

To be able to relax and live in your own pleasure, you must first work like no one else – says financial guru Dave Ramsey. Of course, the tits in your hands are more tempting. If you already have $100, you’ll want to spend it on yourself now, not invest it, so you can earn $1000 sometime later. After all, you may not even earn it. However, if you make this approach your credo, you will never get rich.

Successful businessmen are sure that you need to take risks and sacrifice everything today, so that you can get many times more later. Even if you invest 1 cent, it will still bring you profit. And a small amount can one day become a billion.

To adhere to this principle, you need to have iron discipline. Save when your friends and family are happy with new purchases or go on vacation. To fight the lost profit syndrome is a disappointment that someone today gets everything, and you save again. But if you can overcome this feeling, then you will live better than your whole environment – this is a fact.

The main thing is not to forget what all these sacrifices are for. Clearly imagine the life that you aspire to. Remember that hard work today is a high income tomorrow. Constantly reinforce your motivation and do not give up.

  1. The more sources of income, the better

Look how most people live. They have a lot of expenses and debts: purchases, rent or mortgages, credits, loans… The source of income is usually one salary. Even if it is quite high, but a person does not invest, but just shits with money, then sooner or later he will get into debt. And what if he is fired? Of course, in such situations, people can not dispose of the funds as they want. They do not have financial freedom.

That is why it is so important to develop what experts call financial intelligence. Thomas Corley has been collecting information for several years about how the most successful businessmen of the world live. He wrote the book “Habit of the rich people”. It contains a lot of useful statistics, but right now we are interested in this: it turns out that 65% of millionaires have three sources of income. 45% of the richest people in the world have four, and 29% have five or more.

If you have several financial flows, in the end you will get a decent profit. And the more of them, the better. Back to “The richest man in Babylon” Kleyson. The author gives an interesting analogy: imagine that each of your banknotes is an employee. And this employee knows how to create others, just like him. And he can create many copies, if you organize his work correctly. You can compare the money with the seeds. By planting one, you will grow a few. If you manage to organize the process, you can say that the money works for you.

Ideally, find revenue streams that do not require your daily presence. So that they grow literally while you sleep. If you have such a source of income, you will be able to spend more time on education, reading, learning new tactics and strategies. And you will definitely come up with other ways to increase your income.

If you remember these principles and will be guided by them, you will not need any other secrets. Just follow these rules and continue to develop.

Do you believe that everyone can get rich?