5 Secrets to keep your relationship perfect for years to come

Relationship between a man and a woman psychology: how to keep a relationship with the person you love for life? – The question arises when there is love and happiness in a couple, the desire to continue the relationship for a long time. To fall in love is easy, but to keep love and develop feelings is more difficult. Often happy couples initially lose interest in each other after 2-3 years of life together. Passionate love passes, how to live on? How to build a relationship?

In this article we will consider how to keep the relationship? There are many ways to strengthen, maintain strong bonds. Let’s look at the main points. Advice to couples in love.

5 secrets of maintaining an ideal relationship

How to stay connected

How do you keep a relationship between a man and a woman? – the question is incredibly important, who does not want eternal love and a quiet family harbor? It is possible to maintain a good relationship for many years by using such principles:

  1. Develop mutual understanding

The main reasons for the complexity of the relationship are related to the lack of understanding between the partners. The desire to understand, understand, feel will help to open the spiritual world of a loved one, and books on the psychology of men and women, basic knowledge is necessary for anyone to build and strengthen the family.

Men and women have different needs in love and its manifestations, often misunderstand the actions of loved ones, make hasty conclusions, there are conflicts. It is necessary to look for an answer in each case, what is behind the action, motives, reasons, thoughts. Perhaps, the person did not want to offend, but on the contrary – to help. Patience and understanding are the key that helps to open the hearts of love.

How do you maintain a long relationship? Develop the ability to understand, respect the personality of the partner, to accept with features and shortcomings.

  1. Relationships are not just romance

To understand how to maintain a family relationship, it is important to understand that relationships change over time – there are several stages in the development of love: love, lapping, decision making, kinship or separation. This means that love is an endless process, not a given from above.

The term of life of love depends on two people, it is possible to live, overcoming difficulties, or to give up and say: “Love has died”, feelings will live as long as there is an aspiration and desire to keep in touch. Happy couples have also gone through many difficulties, but from the outside it seems simple and easy.

Often the reason for parting is fading of feelings, but this is only passion fading, true love has not yet begun … Strong feelings arise as a result of spiritual closeness, the result of living together, gratitude to the partner for support, understanding.

How to maintain a relationship with the person you love? Continue to develop relationships after the fading passion, look for intimacy at the spiritual level – friendship, mutual understanding, maintain a high level of trust, look for ways to bring joy in the life of the partner. And the passion can be revived over time, with a common desire.

  1. Spirituality is more important than the absence of conflict

The question is to understand the truth – everyone has conflicts and disagreements, the main thing is how we react to disagreements, whether we allow a partner to have a different opinion or seek to dominate. The constant struggle for truth does not improve understanding, and the emphasis on shared values and interests unites.

How do we keep the relationship with the person we love? To develop spiritual closeness, to notice the positive sides of the partner’s personality, attention, help, efforts in the interests of the family. Good deeds give rise to a response, and scandals destroy the strongest feelings. Focusing on the positive makes life much easier and improves interaction in the family.

For women, it is important to understand – the return of a spouse from work – a holiday, do not cloud his mood with a stream of problems, it is more pleasant to see a beautiful and happy wife, and after dinner, calmly discuss current family issues, find common solutions.

How to keep love in a relationship? Less criticism of the partner, not to exacerbate conflicts, more praise, attention and support. This applies to a long relationship, couples with experience, in the initial stages – praise and compliments should be dosed and reasonable, so as not to sound unnatural in guys and too intrusive in girls.

  1. Love is more important than common interests

Common interests can be a unifying factor, people often get to know each other because of similar hobbies, but belonging to different spheres cannot hinder the development of relations. It is more important to recognize that the partner may have personal interests, not necessarily participate in them, the main thing – do not prohibit, do not interfere with the realization of a favorite cause. How to keep the relationship in the family?

Respect the boundaries, recognize the partner’s personal space. For example, fishing is a great activity for men and women are not interested at all. Women like to go shopping, and most men – can not stand, is it worth torturing? It is better to do it alone or with friends, more fun, less fighting. It is necessary to recognize the differences on the emotional and genetic level. If a couple likes to watch football together – fine, no – nothing critical, you can have 2 TV sets, find a compromise.

Sometimes there is an encroachment on freedom in the family – before the wedding a man was fond of racing, now – it is impossible, it is not safe, how to live? It’s the same element, passion, without friends, sport, a man ceases to feel the power and independence, turns into a dodger, driven beast. The result – tired of living in prison, or a woman herself becomes bored with a wimpy man. How to maintain a relationship with a man?

Respect for mutual interests and hobbies – a guarantee of a happy life together. We are not talking about a hobby for alcohol, it is closer to the disease, requires treatment in severe cases.

  1. The improvement of sexual life has an impact on the improvement of relationships

It is erroneous to think that over time the need for sexual relations decreases, on the contrary, the need exists, and the lack of satisfaction leads to the search for more attentive partners who love intimacy. How to maintain a relationship with your husband?

Realize – this area is incredibly important, especially for men, although it is also useful for women – normalizes the hormonal cycle, improves health, mood. It is important for women not to play a passive role, to show initiative, men tend to hide needs, desires. Experiments, openness, naturalness will help improve and diversify life.

How to maintain a relationship in marriage?

Looking for information, ways to improve the intimate sphere of life. Nowadays there is a lot of literature available for men and women, but remember – the main thing is not new techniques, but sensuality and the desire to please the person you love, otherwise it is better not to try … You need the mood and desire to please, to bring variety to the intimate life.

Advice is tantamount to men – mechanical action will not help, but only naturalness and communication on personal topics with a partner. A woman needs love, care, tenderness, and men – the conquerors, passion for them – the highest expression of love. There is interest in the partner – you should strive to learn the psychological and physical needs of the partner.

Relationship between a man and a woman psychology: how to keep a relationship with a loved one?

Maintain the fire of passion, look for emotional intimacy and understanding, develop relationships at the level of understanding, acceptance of the partner. An important point – people change over the years, interests, personality traits, you can fall in love with a person again or deny the change and disappointment. But there is no constancy in the world, everything is in motion.

Family couple – friends, partners, associates, future parents, lovers how to keep the relationship? Remember that spouses should strive to become not a formal couple, but really close friends who understand each other and provide for each other’s basic needs, including love, affection to avoid losing a loved one.

Above described are the main ways to keep the relationship, the couple can find their own approaches to strengthen the relationship.

The main thing is to want to be together for a long time

Psychologists’ advice on how to preserve relationships is not unambiguous, simple, often complex and dissatisfied with the inner world, childhood memories, internal complexes. Especially such manifestations are jealousy, suspiciousness, a desire to tie up a partner, to feel constant attention. Often are signs of dissatisfaction with the “inner child” who lacks love.

Therefore, it is important to understand where the cause and effect in such situations may be to work through inner fear and anxiety, get rid of complexes and whims, learn to trust and conduct an open dialogue? We all come from a country – childhood, our manifestations in personal life originate in our relations with parents – were we loved, met with understanding, care or alienation?

Everyone wants to feel unconditional love, adoration, but it is important to understand – an adult should be able to take responsibility for relationships and love, then happy years of life are possible.

How to maintain a relationship with a guy? – young girls think. Often lack of experience leads to mistakes – dissolution in love, idealization, loss of individuality – in priority partner and his interests. In this case there is a “paradox of passion”: the more love one person shows, the less interest the second partner has.

Everything has to be in balance and harmony

Each partner makes its own steps towards love, it is not worth going after the other. You need to be a person, have your own interests, develop confidence, and the partner should strive to understand and support. The ideal union is a combination of two independent personalities that complement each other.

Advice on how to preserve relationships, friends often do not correspond to the truth, the older generation has extensive experience of life, learned to overcome everyday difficulties and deserve respect, were able to preserve feelings for life. Interested in the secret, we get the answer: “we should do everything together” – to help, support, inspire.

The peculiarity lies in the simple truth – in the old days things were valued and fixed, as well as relationships, now we are used to throw things away and divorce immediately after the fading of passion. There is a significant difference in approach to life, people, core values.

5 tips for men and women

How to maintain a relationship between a man and a woman, the psychology of the issue is quite diverse, there is a specific need of men and women in marriage. Let us consider in detail the features of the psychology of the strong and weak sex.

How to maintain a good relationship with her husband?

  1. Accept the truth

Men do not have the ability to read minds like women – they are more perceptive, understanding. Try to speak clearly and clearly about expectations and needs (write a shopping list, set up a day, week plan of action), plan weekends in advance to avoid overlaps. By the way, it is useful to remind about important dates and holidays, so that you don’t miss Valentine’s Day or dating, they have “memory lapses”.

How do you keep a relationship with someone you love? Learn to speak directly, to voice thoughts, to be open in expressing opinions, desires, to keep calm, to communicate without claims.

  1. Communication – to the extent

Men have more need for privacy, rest. Women often need to talk, share the news, watch the mood of the spouse, do not talk without silence, give him time to recover. Sometimes it is better to discuss some issues with a friend than to constantly puzzle your husband with a stream of emotions and impressions.

Psychology, how to maintain a relationship – seeks to ensure that the partner a comfortable stay together. The important point is that men tend to think about the situation for a longer time and may delay, do not rush, give time for reflection. Everyone has their own characteristics.

  1. Be lenient – say goodbye to mistakes

We are all human beings who tend to make mistakes, if a person loves and admits mistakes, then he is worthy of forgiveness. Offenses degrade health and relations, it is better to learn to let go of unpleasant emotions – anger, envy, jealousy, irritation. All this way to nowhere, try to understand personal feelings, reasons, learn to get rid of the negative – auto training, meditation, music.

How to keep the relationship for a long time? – To love, appreciate, forgive, notice the positive in a partner.

  1. Do not make hasty decisions

In each situation, there are different development options depending on the woman’s reaction. Try to understand your spouse, learn the circumstances, do not rush to accusations for various reasons. Open dialogue is the way to understand your partner.

  1. Let the man feel like the head of the family

To be responsible for providing for the family, arranging the house. A woman must be feminine, periods weak to increase male strength. And words of gratitude will strengthen men’s aspirations to work for the family.

How to preserve family relations? To support the man you love, to praise for help and participation in family affairs, to keep the comfort of the house – to minimize claims, quarrels, to be always attractive and seductive, especially at home.

Over the years, spouses notice – feelings are weakening, less romance, how to keep a warm relationship?

To say compliments, kind and affectionate words;

Surprise, make surprises (gifts, romantic evenings, love letters, text messages);

Spend more time together – family visits, meetings with friends, trips to nature.

If there is a desire to maintain the first relationship, strong and passionate feelings – it is necessary to constantly maintain the level of passion and emotional intimacy – to go on dates, to conquer anew, to fall in love, to surprise, to open new facets of love.

So how do men act to keep their relationship with their wife, what are the basic rules?

To maintain the level of love – surprise, delight, try to diversify life. The uniformity depresses everyone, especially after years of living together.

To talk about love, to find a place for romance

Regularly find time to communicate together, walk, romance, intimate, both need – 2-3 times a week is the standard, so there was no desire to look for an attentive and loving partner outside the family.

Learn to listen, understand – women often have a need to speak out, the task of the man – just listen and sympathize or support, even advice is not always needed, more – understanding. A little attention in this matter will make the husband the best man in the world.

Help around the house, especially after the birth of a child – a woman in today’s world plays many roles, is responsible on an equal footing with her husband for financial support, home affairs, raising children. But women also get tired, they need support and help.

In a patriarchal marriage, the wife did not work, and was engaged only in household chores, now life has become more complicated and dynamic, treat with understanding, seek to take part in the domestic care.

How to maintain a relationship with someone you love? To maintain a good relationship with your spouse need care, love, affection, attention, help. Any woman will be happy and the best wife, feeling that she is desired and loved.

The period of a child’s birth is the happiest and most difficult for a married couple. We are waiting for the appearance of a little miracle in life, believe that will brighten it up, fill with bright colors, turn everyday life into a fairy tale. However, in books and magazines everything looks more beautiful than in life.

The birth of children is a test of a relationship…

Many people have no idea what kind of load they are going to have – moral, physical. Not all couples can survive such a test. How do you maintain a relationship after the birth of a child?

Splitting responsibilities between spouses;

Night shifts – Mum needs her rest too, or Dad can walk during the day allowing Mum to sleep;

unload a woman in terms of household chores, let her stay strong;

try to come home early from work, helping with household chores, and dedicate the weekend to the family;

a rested wife is a good mistress, tired is sleepy and inattentive.

How to keep the relationship with the person you love after the child in the family? The main rule – joint responsibility for the child, the decree – not rest, and a huge amount of work that a woman performs every day with the baby in his arms. Help, take care, show understanding, love.

There are situations – spouses are separated for a time to realize the life, feelings, inability to raise the child together. With little attention from the spouse, the wife tends to raise the child with parents who are always ready to help.

The question arises: “How to save a marriage, how to restore a relationship?”

Realize the need to restore the relationship, find an opportunity to convey information about the aspirations of a loved one, a partner.

The way to restore the relationship depends on the cause of the breakup, it is worth to understand what is the root of the troubles that prevented the life together? Calmly analyze the situation of life without emotions, using logic.

Find the antidote:

the lack of attention is to become the most loving, caring, romantic;

cheating, trying to stir up passion, experimenting, learning;

children – to pay more attention to household chores, to help the spouse;

misunderstanding – to communicate more, to study the psychology of the partner;

advice from relatives – take responsibility for your private life, make your own decisions and find a separate home.

It is possible to restore the relationship even after a few years, the main thing is a common desire. A common situation – the husband goes to a young mistress and comes back in a couple of years, how can we restore the relationship?

How to save the relationship after cheating?

Returned – so, repented, realized the value of the family – reproaches are not reasonable;

trying to understand the reason for leaving, what was missing in the relationship;

we work to develop and improve the relationship, we start building a family again, filling it with romance and passion;

we don’t remember a bad time; we forget the grievances of the past;

thank fate for a new chance and a turn in the relationship, any negative contains a positive, looking for the positive sides of the situation.

How to maintain a relationship with someone you love? It is important to realize that the period of life of love and relationships depends on the couple, the desire to continue working on development, preservation of relations. There are no desperate situations – there is no desire to solve current issues, find ways, solutions.

How to keep the relationship from a distance?

In today’s world, dating through the Internet, love from a distance has become increasingly popular. There are also situations of temporary separation – business trips, seasonal work, study in another city.

How to keep a relationship from a distance, psychological advice…

Communicate more often using the most modern features – telephone conversations, social networks, Viber, Skype. Staying in touch at all times is a prerequisite for maintaining a relationship at a distance.

Collaboration – try to do something at the same time – go shopping, cook food, consult on the choice of clothes, shopping. We try to ensure maximum presence in life.

Surprise – surprises and gifts are loved by everyone, especially valuable to receive parcels from distant lands, to feel love from a distance.

Don’t be jealous – don’t talk about your colleagues hosting or regular parties, and likes can be tracked online. The best thing to do is to remain honest and open with the minimum of suspicion.

Try to see each other more often – to maintain a relationship you need to meet – find an opportunity to meet, come, see, real communication is no substitute. Temporarily it is possible to be friends virtually, and to prepare for a life together you need to meet.

Relationships at a distance, how to keep love – everything is possible if there is a desire, a couple can keep the fire of love regardless of distance, the main thing – the desire.

Analyzing the advice of psychologists, older people and specialists in family relations, we come to the conclusion: love – not just a gift from above, but a great deal of work. How to save the relationship with the person you love? Constantly work on them, strengthen feelings, put the soul, strive for compromise and understanding in pairs.

We wish all love for many years to come!