5 Types of girls on the acquaintance site

Anyone can use the services of international dating sites. The service provided by international dating sites is usually absolutely free for girls and paid for men. No wonder that on free dating sites among girls hoping and eager to find their love, you can also meet girls who do not intend to find their other half and find love. It takes a lot of time for men to find not just the right girl but at least the one who is interested in building a relationship.

Let’s take a look at what categories are available for girls using international dating sites.

Potential brides

This category includes girls who believe sacredly, and most importantly, want to find a man for serious relationships and marriage. It is a pity that they have to wait a long time for this very man, while he will find her among a huge number of girls from other categories, which are presented below.

A potential bride usually competently filled all the boxes in the profile and given detailed answers to questions. In her questionnaire, she will be sure to indicate that she is looking for a partner for a serious relationship. The potential bride knows what she wants and, without hesitation, paints out her preferences and wishes for the potential man in her questionnaire.

Potential brides are very selective in their responses to messages. They will not waste their time on superficial communication and empty chatter.

The potential bride carefully selects photos for her profile. On her page, the man will definitely see some professional photos, as well as photos from everyday life.

The eternal bride

This category includes girls who have been sitting on dating sites for years, but, alas, to no avail. Some of them are desperate people from the category “Potential Brides”, who have entered the taste of online dating and do not want to go back to reality. When a person does not get enough attention and emotions in everyday life, he tries to fill it with communication on dating sites.

Some of these girls may have been married a long time ago, but their imaginary popularity among men makes them return again and again to dating sites to get another dose of attention and sense of importance. Eternal bride profiles may not change on dating sites for years, as they are not in a hurry or just not interested in finding a life partner. Thanks to this, they’re not that hard to calculate.

For them, staying on dating sites is like a hobby or a pleasant pastime. Someone communicates on Odnoklassniki, and someone on dating sites.


Girls of this category use dating site as an additional, and sometimes as the main type of earnings. Fraudsters use different schemes to lure money from foreigners. Some schemes became known to the public a long time ago, but girls of this category never cease to amaze and invent more and more new ways to easily earn money.

Scammers like to press pity with stories about misfortune or fictional stories. The most common scheme: cheating girls try as soon as possible to fall in love with a gullible guy and ask him for money for an air ticket and visa fee. After receiving the money, they stop communicating with a trusting foreigner in love and find the next victim.


Girls in this category have a purpose. They know exactly what they want and are confident in their goal. They are groomed, dressed in style and speak English. Girls in this category have good looks.

Usually they do not work and have plenty of free time to move from one continent to another. The “travellers” have good eyes and on dating sites they can easily determine which of the men will be able to make her next dream come true and take her to an overseas country, a stamp from a stay in which she still does not have her passport.

“Unreal” girls

This category includes profiles of girls who do not exist. Unfortunately, dating sites contain a huge number of fake profiles of girls, who, in turn, may not even suspect that they are “registered” there and “looking for” a life partner. There are girls who consciously use someone else’s photos, taken just from the Internet. Usually this is done by crooks or girls who are not sure of their appearance.

As you can see, potential brides have to put a lot of effort to be noticed among travelers, scammers and eternal brides. And men, to find their only one, have to spend a lot of time looking for her among the huge number of girls, completely uninterested in building a serious relationship.