50 Incendiary Contest Ideas

Competitions are one of the best ways to strengthen the brand, increase the indicators of involvement in social networks and attract the target audience.

Even better, it is not difficult to hold contests.

Such promotion is easy to organize, management does not cause any problems, and ROI pleasantly surprises.

But where to start right now?

We have prepared for you 50 incendiary contest ideas that you can use immediately. Enjoy!

  1. Opening raffle

If you have recently opened a business, the drawing will make a fuss about this event. It will not only attract potential buyers, but also present your product to the world.

It is desirable that the proposed prize is associated with the business. Only this way you can make sure that all participants are really interested in your offer. Excellent ideas for the prize:

Gift basket of your products

One year subscription to your service

Packaging of local products

Gift certificate for your products or services

Products with brand logo

Tip: If you are promoting a new store or establishment, announce the winner at the opening ceremony to attract more visitors.

  1. Pet photo contest

All owners of dogs and cats love to take pictures of their pets. Use this love and arrange a contest for the sweetest, funniest or scary picture of a four-legged friend. Choose the winner by open voting.

Here is an example from UrDOgs, which attracted more than 2300 participants and significantly increased their average participation rate:

Tip: To attract more participants, tie the contest to a popular holiday (Halloween, New Year’s Eve or Easter).

  1. Drawing with the mention of a friend

There are several types of lotteries. One method involves entering personal information, the other involves reposting a record or mentioning a friend.

It is easier to share a photo by tagging your friend in Instagram. Create a post with information about the contest and ask users to add a tag for a friend in comments to get a chance to win.

After a certain amount of time choose a winner and announce it in the social network. It’s easy!

  1. Lake to win

Organic coverage in social networks is now more than ever low. For example, on Facebook it is equal to no more than 2%. This means that the likes have become much more valuable. They build confidence in the brand and expand coverage.

That is why some companies launch competitions on the principle of likes to win. At the end of the campaign, the organizers choose the winner from users who have set up likes to record.

Here is an example of a similar drawing on Facebook:

  1. Selfi Contest

Even if you do not like selfies, it does not mean that they are not liked by your potential customers.

Give them the opportunity to share the prize by participating in a photo contest. Determine the deadline date for accepting applications and the conditions for determining the winner: randomly, by the number of likes or by the decision of the judges at the end of the contest.

Here is a good example:

  1. Text Contest

When people talk about custom content, they usually mean photos or videos. But do not forget about texts – important and interesting content.

The audience can come up with it:

New menu items



New locations for hotels

And much more.

Offer to send your options in the comments and select a winner based on the voting results.

  1. Essay contest

Ask users to share their unique experiences with your business. This may be a description of their overnight stay at a hotel, a trip to a restaurant or a product experience.

To do this, organize an essay contest. The submitted works will be a source of excellent reviews and advertising for your brand.

  1. Guess the number of beans in the bank

This is a classic guessing game. In the bank placed a certain number of beans. Who can guess it correctly, he will receive a prize.

It can be conducted in social networks. It is enough to publish a photo with the bank and offer users to share options in comments. It is also possible to ask them to give their email address along with the number, for example.

  1. Quiz

A variety of quizzes are popular in social networks. For example, the car brand may ask questions about traffic rules.

The prizes will be awarded to those users who gain a certain amount of points.

  1. Vote Contest

Today, voice contests are among the most popular in social networks. All because of the fact that thanks to them users can express their opinions. Use them for:

Choose products for sale

Create a new product

Votes for the best meal in the restaurant

Here is an example of such a contest from Lego, thanks to which the brand was able to determine the most popular product and consumer expectations:

  1. Contest for the best design

Do you need new design ideas for your business? Ask the audience to help you!

Invite users to publish their version of the design on the social network, and then vote for the best work.

  1. Links contest

The most difficult part of the contest promotion is to tell about it to the widest possible audience.

To simplify it for yourself, hold a link contest and reward participants for the number of friends involved. The prize can be awarded to all users who managed to attract a certain number of participants, or only to those who attracted the most friends.

  1. Thematic survey

Want to know how well the audience knows your brand? Conduct a survey and reward the most loyal admirer!

You can ask such questions:

Date of company foundation

Product Features


Industry knowledge

For example, a bookstore may arrange a survey on books about Harry Potter. The main thing to make sure that the questions you prepared are interesting to the audience and relevant to your brand.

  1. Show how you use our products

Inspire customers to share your product experience in the form of photos, videos or stories.

Such contests allow you to collect user-generated content and build confidence in your brand and its products.

  1. Retvit to win

If you have a Twitter account, you can hold a “Retwit to win” contest. To do this, just post a photo with the contest rules.

Here is an example from National Lottery:

  1. Come up with a new dish for the menu

If you own a restaurant, offer subscribers to help you choose a new dish for the menu.

Ask them to publish their recipes, and choose a winner by voting.

  1. Fill in your pass

To conduct this contest, you need to create an image with text and ask users in comments to fill in the blanks.

Take a look at an example from Oreo:

  1. Contest for the sweetest photo of the baby

Everyone loves cute babies. A variety of brands may ask parents to send pictures of their children to the contest. It is best to tie it to a popular holiday:



New Year

  1. Hashtag contest in Instagram

People exchange a huge amount of photos in Instagram every day. Organize a hashtag contest for users of this social network.

In order to participate, they will only need to add your hashtag to their photo. Here are some ideas for promotion:



Seasonal promotion

Company slogan

Search brand admirers

  1. Festive drawing

The festive drawing will allow you to show all your generosity. Offer a memorable gift to all subscribed users. But don’t forget to specify the end date of the lottery.

  1. Guess where this photo was taken

Ask your subscribers to guess where a certain photo was taken. This type of promotion is great for radio stations, travel agencies and other types of business.

The winner will be the one who guesses the location first, or the one who will give the most correct answers.

  1. Come up with a name for a talisman

Ask subscribers to help you with a responsible task: to come up with a name for a brand mascot.

To do this, simply publish the image of the mascot on the social network and describe the terms of participation in comments. The winner can be determined by judges or other users.

  1. Photos of food

Do you sell food? Then hold a contest for the best photo of your product. Choose a suitable prize for the winner and start the photo contest.

Such promotion will allow you to expand your brand coverage and attract new hungry customers.

  1. Become a 1000th subscriber

To increase the number of subscribers in social networks, offer a prize to a 1000th user who will join your community or put a liking page.

  1. Twitter survey

Ask users on Twitter what prize they would like to receive. In this way you will attract their attention and warm up their interest in the upcoming draw.

  1. Pinterest contest

Ask Pinterest users to upload their board to the gallery. Other contestants will be able to vote for their favorite board. This is how you determine the winner.

This promotion is perfect for designers, furniture brands or fashion stores.

  1. Contest for the best poem

Let the participants upload their poems as images to the gallery. Users can vote for their favorite works and share them with friends.

The winner can be determined by the number of votes collected or by a jury decision.

  1. Carnival costume contest

People like to dress up for holidays. Ask them to upload the best photos to participate in the contest. Reward the contestant with the most scary or unusual costume.

  1. The first 100 buyers will receive a prize

The idea of drawing, in which the first 100 buyers will receive a prize, always works efficiently.

You can link it not only to a purchase, but also to downloading the program, joining a group, registration, etc.

  1. The video contest “Why I deserve this prize”

Are you drawing a big prize that will attract many users? Then organize a video contest “Why I deserve this prize”.

In it, participants will be able to tell you why they deserve the award. The winner may be the one who gets the most votes, or the one chosen by the judges.

  1. Contest for the best dance

Organize a contest for the best dance. Participants will be able to send you a video with their best performances, and you will reward the creator of the most popular video. Such promotion always attracts many users and creates a hype around the brand.

  1. Competition for a new brand representative

Are you looking for a new representative? Ask interested users to send their photos to the contest. In comments, they will need to tell you a little about themselves to help you with your choice.

Be sure to let them know in the contest terms what responsibilities the new brand representative will have.

  1. Tell your love story

People all over the world love true love stories.

Ask users to tell you about their love. It will be great if it is associated with your brand.

Such promotion is ideal for jewelry companies, hotels and restaurants.

  1. Choose your favorite character

If your brand has famous characters, offer users to choose their favorite hero.

Ask people to vote by giving their email address. At the end of the contest, choose a winner.

Such a contest will help you attract fans of the brand and generate lids.

  1. The most creative comment

For this contest you will only need to publish an entry in the social network and ask users to comment on it. It can be:

Slogan variants

Ideas for your business

New product offerings

Choose the most popular comment or the one you like best.

  1. Contest for the best song

The contest for the best song will allow you to attract new musicians and DJs. To enter the contest, they will need to publish their record.

Users will be able to vote for their favorite tracks. All you have to do is reward the most popular musician.

  1. Selfy in store

Arrange a selfi competition among your subscribers in the store. This will allow you not only to expand your brand coverage, but also to attract visitors. The winner can be determined by the number of votes.

  1. A puzzle

Ask your subscribers a question and ask them to publish the answer in comments. Such contests are usually quick to attract attention.

Reward the one who solved the riddle first, or choose a winner from all the correct answers.

  1. Resort to victory

Ask subscribers to repost your published record to participate in the draw.

This will help your contest become viral and reach as many users as possible.

Use this example for your inspiration.

  1. Download and win

Do you promote an application, e-book or other downloadable product? Then this contest is perfect for you.

Just let users know that everyone who downloads a certain file in the specified time, will participate in the drawing. Choose the winner at random.

  1. Specify the geolocation to win

Do you have a store or an establishment where you want to attract visitors?

Then offer your subscribers to specify a location to take part in the drawing under the photo in Instagram. Select the winner from all users who have fulfilled your condition.

  1. Share your favorite memories

Competitions allow companies to collect user-generated content and product information firsthand.

One option is to ask subscribers to share their favorite memories related to the brand.

  1. Back to school competition

The beginning of the school year is an important event for children and their parents. It is also a great idea for a competition.

You can arrange a raffle of goods for the school or organize a photo contest for the best school outfit.

  1. Drawing for Easter

Easter is a good time not only for sellers of eggs and cakes. Any company can organize a lottery in honor of the holiday. For example, you can organize a hashtag contest in Instagram.

  1. Shrovetide holiday contest

Ask subscribers to share photos of the most delicious pancakes or their stories about the highlights of the holiday. This is an excellent method to promote almost any brand.

  1. Contest in honor of February 23

Child Defender of the Fatherland brings together men of all ages. Invite your subscribers to participate in the photo contest. Winners can be handed over:

Ticket to the event for fathers and sons.

Gift certificate

Weekend set for the whole family

  1. Contest for the best essay about brand experience

Find out what your subscribers are most concerned about.

To do so, ask them to send an essay on their best brand experience to the contest.

  1. Selfish with friends

Let subscribers share their selfies with friends. To do this, organize a contest, but do not forget to specify the dates.

The winner can be chosen by the total number of likes or by the decision of judges.

  1. Essay contest “Why should I win this prize?

If you offer an expensive prize, ask the contestants to send an essay on why he or she deserves it. Reward the most worthy one.

  1. Contest in honor of March 8

Join in congratulating women and invite your subscribers to participate in a contest or drawing.

That’s all 50 ideas! Use them as inspiration for your next campaign. But don’t forget about the promotion of your contest as well. Its effectiveness will determine the success of your efforts.