50 Ways to Love and Enjoy Your Work

When you don’t like your job in principle, no measures will bring any particular result, you just have to find a job you like.

Well, if you like your job in general, but there are moments when you don’t get much pleasure from it, there are a number of measures that can be taken to increase your level of happiness at work.

So, what are these measures?

Let’s not pull the cat by the tail. Here’s how you can love your job and enjoy it:

1. Remind yourself why you’re here. Why you chose this particular job and are doing it. Name a few reasons that get you out of bed in the morning to come to work and start doing it. What do you particularly like about your job? Or maybe you only do it because it pays well, but it allows you to provide for your family, to give them stability? This self-determination helps to find a new source of energy to cope with even a very difficult task at work.

2. Take breaks when you need them. During your breaks, whether it’s a lunch break or just going out for some air, try not to think about work at all.

3. Don’t forget about your long-term plans related to your work. These plans or goals can be: gaining new professional skills, building a career in the company, saving money, making the right connections – whatever it is – don’t forget about it and periodically monitor your progress.

4. Don’t regret anything. Regrets are usually useless and very often harmful. We often make mistakes and bad decisions in business and in our careers, this is normal. The main thing is not to engage in self-injury, but to move forward, look boldly into the future and make plans.

5. Believe in what you are doing. When you realize why your work is important, who it matters to, who it changes lives for the better, you are inspired to work better.

6. Reward yourself for what you do. Any reward will work, even a small one. The key is not to engage in self-deception. Do a certain amount of work that wasn’t easy to do, reward yourself with something nice (maybe a tasty treat?), and keep at it.

7. Add to your work an easy, entertaining activity. It doesn’t have to be boring or super-serious. Sometimes you can joke with your colleagues, because they are one of the main reasons why people love or hate their jobs.

8. Add some decor to your workspace. A workspace is not meant to be formal and dull. You can transform it into something beautiful and stylish.

9. Also make your office or desk more comfortable. Get involved in its “improvement”. This warm-up will allow you to distract and make your body cheer up. At the very least, you can add a sign with your name on it.

10. Spread out the amount of work into smaller chunks. Solving a problem step by step is always easier. Any complicated task, broken down into parts, no longer seems so unsolvable.

11.Wear headphones and listen to your favorite music. Music brings joy, it can add drive to your activities, and it can also calm you down if you need it. It’s better to have a variety of tracks in your playlist, for all occasions, as long as you like them.

12. Take a walk. Walking, even inside the office (or better yet outdoors), gets the blood flowing and all your internal organs working better. If you feel chilly, that’s a good indicator that it’s time to take a walk.

13. Play a game of ping-pong. Now in many offices there are ping-pong tables, but even if they do not exist, some tables still can be found, and not only in offices. You can just attach or make from whatever tools (books?) a grid on any of the free tables, take a couple of rackets (or again, books?) And the ball, and the playground is ready. Various medical studies confirm that our level of happiness increases when we do various physical activities. Ping-pong is one of those activities that allows for a large variety of physical activities in a playful way.

14. Get some sleep. Yes, get some sleep, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes a 20-minute nap during the work day is enough to get on with the day as if it had just begun. A short nap is energizing after a long, tiring work process. Successful companies like Google and Facebook have dedicated sleep rooms for employees.

15. Take a walk on the vastness of the Internet. Various social sites will distract you from your daily routine. Sometimes it’s enough to get distracted online to unknowingly find a solution to your problem, or at least change your activities to become more productive when you get back to your task. But of course, don’t get carried away with it; social media can easily take you over for hours and hours, and you’re not productive at all anymore.

16. Drink water. How many glasses of water do you drink in your work day? Probably not enough. Did you know that water makes you healthier and more efficient, and you should drink plenty of it. Find out exactly how much you need personally and try to always have a water bottle nearby.

17. Help a colleague. It is pleasant and useful. A colleague who you helped is sure to express or otherwise show his gratitude. And in general, it’s a great feeling when you really helped someone. But if the person doesn’t need it or simply refuses, by no means impose your help.

18. Organize an event of some kind. Make sure that the bosses do not mind, and go ahead. This can be some kind of tournament among the employees, a celebration, a master class. You can make such events regular.

19. Take a day off – it doesn’t matter if it’s paid or not – sometimes it’s important just to set aside one day for yourself, maybe more. It’s a way out when you can’t get enough of it, or when work just isn’t going well. After a good break, you can be refreshed and fresh again and get down to business.

20. If it is allowed in your company, and no one is allergic to animals – bring your pet to work. Dogs or cats help you feel more comfortable, and in addition, they are a great stress reliever and raise the mood of both their owners and other workers. Suggest that your coworkers bring their pets to work with them from time to time.

21. Take on extra responsibilities. When work seems boring and monotonous, a great solution can be your initiative to do something else. Such a challenge will benefit both you and your organization.

22. Work from home. Many companies allow this, especially when an employee needs it. Working from home saves the time it takes to get to work and then back home. It also gives you the opportunity to work in a more comfortable/familiar environment. People who work from home tend to spend much less time eating lunch. But there are disadvantages. For example, when you are at work, you interact more closely with your coworkers, finding and making decisions together faster. Relationships with colleagues are stronger, which means it is more pleasant to work together, which improves corporate culture. In any case if there is a necessity to change the environment or to save time, and your bosses don’t mind, work from home.

23. Go to bed early. One of the most common causes of fatigue at work is lack of sleep. Just get into the habit of going to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep and even wake up without an alarm clock. Good sleep is a guarantee of health and a full working day.

24. Bring your favorite flowers to work. Try to find out in advance whether any of your colleagues are allergic to these flowers, so that your joy does not become someone else’s problem. Flowers tend to smell nice, they are beautiful. Admire them pleasantly, and not only you but probably many others in your team. Working near flowers will become much easier.

25. Dance – Dancing, in general, is a wonderful thing. At work, you may seem at least strange if you suddenly start dancing, but after all, you can go private, or offer your colleagues to organize a mini flash mob with the inclusion of dancing. The main thing is not to be complex, and allow yourself to loosen up. The new flow of energy received will help in further work.

26. Meditate. Of course, one must know how to meditate, but simply try to turn off all (or at least working) thoughts in silence and solitude. Meditation will teach you to better control yourself, both mentally and emotionally. It will help you calm down, focus. Even a 10 minute meditation can be enough. Be sure to give it a try.

27. Eat a meal or just chew on something. Intense work takes a lot of energy, but food gives it away. Even if you recently had lunch or breakfast, a small sandwich or fruit can be very helpful. A small snack will give you energy and help you feel better. You can also drink tea, the very process of tea drinking soothes and gives energy.

28. Smile. A smile will make you and those around you happier. Unfortunately, we don’t smile much. We always need a good reason. Just smiling, or finding a completely insignificant reason to do so, can be a cause for criticism. But the power of a smile is great. According to scientists, it improves mood, even if the smile has no reason. But finding a reason to smile isn’t that hard either. Think back to something that made you laugh recently, and you’ll smile right away. Or read jokes online.

29. Or try to add some humor to your work.

30. Concentrate on what you like most about your job. It could also be not what, but who 🙂 .

31. Buy yourself a funny, original mug for tea and other drinks. An item (not necessarily a mug) that makes you feel good will make your time at work more enjoyable. To enhance the effect, surround yourself with such things.

32. Celebrate your achievements. Even if it’s something modest, praise yourself, note it in your notebook or on file, or better yet, in your Pulse Survey account. Celebrating success and associating it with a positive experience is important.

33. Give a gift to one of your co-workers or subordinates, you can also give a gift to your boss, but this could be seen as subservience. Gifts with or without cause are always gratifying. It does not have to be expensive gifts, the main thing is attention. Even a balloon or a chocolate bar will work.

34. Well, or at least give someone a sincere compliment. And the person feels good, and you feel good.

35. Take up an outside project that you never got around to, but is also important to the success of your organization. Switch to something more interesting, something you believe in more. This way you create your own, so to speak, experimental lab, where awesome ideas, unique products, services or their elements, more efficient mechanisms and processes, and even new directions for your company can be born. Even an hour a week can produce interesting results.

36. Read motivational quotes. There are plenty of them on the Internet, and you can also download one of the relevant mobile apps. At Pulse Survey, we’ve compiled an excellent database of the best motivational sayings. Employees of our client companies have constant access to these quotes. They’re great inspirations.

37. Have a conversation with a colleague you like in the kitchen or some other place where you won’t interfere with other people’s work. Talking about nothing or about something specific, but not about work, will allow for abstraction. But you can also consult about your work task, people often see better from the outside, they can give good advice, offer an interesting solution.

38. Take a picture or a video of your work process. Many people like to take pictures and videos. Nowadays, it is enough to have a phone for this. If you start filming your workflow and posting pics on Instagram or the company’s intranet, it makes the workflow more fun. You can ask a colleague to take pictures or videos of you when you are in work mode.

39. Change your position. If you or your company can afford a desk that changes height, be sure to try it out. You can also build or purchase special stands on which you can put your laptops, and so work standing up periodically. Changing position is very useful, otherwise you risk getting all sorts of diseases associated with many hours of stationary work.

40. Add an element of variety to your work. Even very responsible people get bored with monotonous work, and the practice of variety in work solves this problem, thus making a person more productive.

41. Celebrate your first month of work, your first year, and then every anniversary or even every month. You are used to celebrating only important events, so chronological work accomplishments will be part of the most important life events for you. Such celebrations will become an enjoyable part of your work.

42. Look for a solution on the Internet. Your problem may have already been solved by someone and even posted the solution online. You can avoid trying to reinvent the wheel, and just find a ready-made solution and apply it. This, too, will make your day a little happier.

43. Every morning when you get to work, before you get down to business – decide on your top three priorities for the day. This will keep you focused and not too distracted by other things. Such a habit is very useful for achieving serious results in your work. And when you are productive, you are appreciated. When you are appreciated, you want to work even harder.

44. Have a good rest on weekends and during holidays.

45. Don’t take your work home, give yourself an opportunity not to think about work during your personal time. Devote time to your loved ones, take up your hobbies, communicate with friends and relatives, go or fly somewhere. Try to miss your work so that you can happily return to it.

46. Develop as a professional. Read professional blogs and books by the best in your profession. Attend professional seminars and courses. The more professional you become, the more you will love your job.

47. Talk to your supervisor about a free work schedule for you. If you have trouble waking up to your alarm clock or are unstable in your productivity during the day, but overall you’re doing fine with your responsibilities – a free schedule can be a great solution for both you and your company.

48. Take advantage of your company’s various perks. Many organizations have all sorts of programs to improve the lives of their employees. Talk to your HR department (human resources department), find out about all these programs, and be sure to take advantage of them. Companies specifically create and implement these programs to make you happier.

49. Evoke a positive attitude toward work, mentally thank yourself for having it, and work will become more enjoyable.

50. Well, and if you have tried everything, but none of our tips did not help, change your job or start working for yourself.