5G smartphone with a push-button price tag will be presented soon

The Indian market continues to amaze the whole world with the ultra-low cost smartphones with quite acceptable characteristics. This time Mukesh Ambani – the head of the telecom company Reliance Jio – has “made a name for himself”. He told the local edition of India Economic Times about the readiness to launch a 5G network in India, as well as plans to release a branded 5G smartphone at a hugely low price.
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According to the manager, at the first stage the smartphone will be offered for sale for $70. In this case, a favorable growth in sales should lead to a reduction of the price tag to 34-41 dollars. For comparison, the cheapest 5G smartphone at the moment is OnePlus Nord. For it is asked almost five times more than the future super-budget – 340 dollars.

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio is expecting a 5G spectrum allocation from the relevant Indian authority to enable them to perform full-scale high-speed network tests. With this project, Mukesh Ambani hopes to refocus 300 million second-generation users on the fifth. Apparently, in the implementation of the conceived a lot of hope rests on the “people’s” 5G smartphone. By the way, its release is vaguely planned for 2021.