6 Summer clothes you can wear in the fall

New season – new wardrobe? Not necessarily. Some of the most influential figures in the fashion industry admit that the idea of ​​changing wardrobe every season is no longer relevant and even irresponsible. Just think about the conditions, by whom and for what salary all these clothes are sewn. In addition, climate change is rewriting the rules of style: if 10 years ago in November we wore a warm coat, then in 2020 it is still quite time for T-shirts. Of course, winter is a time to warm up instead of wearing shorts, but this does not mean that you need to reorient your entire wardrobe 180 degrees. To help you navigate the off-season and resist shopping dictates, we’ve identified top summer pieces to keep you wearing into fall. So don’t take them far away.


1 Polo shirt

2 Breton shirt (vest)

3 Denim jacket

4 Cropped trousers

5 Loafers

6 Sunglasses

Polo T-shirt

This elegant yet casual summer garment looks just as relevant with the first days of autumn. Lightweight, breathable, but not as thin as a regular T-shirt, a polo shirt (especially if made from cotton piqué) will make your fall look trendy. But if in the summer the floor shirt takes the central place in the image, then in the fall it plays a supporting role in the ensemble. While it’s relatively warm outside, wear a short-sleeved shirt under a woolen jacket, raincoat, or trench coat. When it gets colder, choose a long-sleeved shirt, under which you can wear a thin T-shirt, and on top – a jacket or light coat. Such an ensemble will tell you that you keep your finger on the pulse of fashion.

Breton shirt (vest)

In the fall, we sail the city streets, not the blue seas, but this is not a reason to give up vests. Breton shirts are timeless, versatile and easy to wear at any time of the year. You will look equally good in a vest while sipping a Negroni on the beach in Nice, or over a beer with friends at a bar. Plus, the vest works great with everything else in your wardrobe. Pair it with chinos and sneakers for a relaxed look, or wear it with a wool blazer, pants and boots for a more elegant look.


Street fashion taught us a very important lesson: a denim jacket is not only outerwear, but also a real wardrobe workhorse. Of course, it can be worn over a T-shirt or shirt, but a denim jacket is also an intermediate element of an image that contrasts with outerwear, adds extra warmth and makes your look especially fashionable. If you’ve worn a denim over the summer, chances are it’s thin enough to create a layered look. Slip the denim over a sweatshirt or under a jacket or jacket so that it creates contrast and highlights the layers of clothing. Just remember about color coordination: a classic blue denim jacket looks good with black and gray outerwear, and a black denim jacket is no longer so good in a layered look.

Cropped trousers

The season of bare ankles is over, but that doesn’t mean that the length of the trousers should go back into place. Cropped or tucked-in trousers are fine in colder seasons, but they should be worn with socks. It is necessary. We look at goose bumps with disgust. So please put on your socks. Any socks. A few years ago, we would have said that only classic socks would fit here, which you would wear under your office pants. But in 2020, sports style is especially relevant, so sports socks will do.


A pair of bare ankles and loafers is trendy in summer. And in the fall, these shoes are a must for everyone. Just look at them: light, yet strong. They are simply made for the off-season because they are warm and can be walked in the rain and puddles, but they do not look like winter boots. The decisive factor for choosing loafers for fall is the material. If summer ones could well be fabric or suede, then in autumn they should only be leather. And again: socks are an important element of the image. While loafers can be worn on bare feet in summer, socks are essential in autumn.


Secret Information: UV damage is not seasonal. This means that the sun’s rays are active both in winter and when there are clouds in the sky. Your eyes, just like your skin, are vulnerable to UV rays, which can lead to macular degeneration and cataracts. So don’t put your glasses away with your shorts. What’s more, quality sunglasses not only protect the eyes, but also prevent the formation of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. And, of course, they look stylish. Just don’t wear them indoors.