6 Types of girls on dating sites

We’ve all met girls or aunts after we’ve met online. And if you do not yet have an understanding of who you may get caught on the first date after the correspondence – our editorial staff, relying on their solid experience, will kindly tell you about the types that you may meet.

Hunter Extremely common species. From 25 years to infinity. Most often found in classmates or on dating sites with emphasized non-erotic orientation. It is unbearable, to the pain and trembling in his knees, wants to get married. The photo in the questionnaire is taken by a professional photographer, the lady in their ceremonial interiors, exquisite poses and extremely nice.

Girl hunter On her first date, she will wear a jacket with a turtleneck, trousers and low heels. Minimal cosmetics, earrings and hair without liberties. Not written beauty, but not scary either. It often happens that she recently divorced her husband and has a small child. Or, as Jerusalem is besieged by the Crusaders from all sides by mothers, aunts and girlfriends with the same question: “When are you going to get married, Lucius? As a result, he already has a strong neurosis on the subject to his 25-27th birthday. The conversation is very concrete. He will immediately begin to feel you about the seriousness of your intentions, your past and your pedigree. Nenaroke will be interested in living space and love for children. If you suddenly seem to her to be a reliable option – can give and on the second date.

But after that, prepare for total control of your movements around the city, assigning the title of “doll” and getting acquainted with her possible child. Unless you have a goal to get married sooner, you should avoid these options. Traitor Most often the lady is over 30 or so. About 10 years of marriage, boring and want to take a walk. Often very beautiful, well-groomed and not particularly demanding as to your appearance, and your wallet. Not a freak and not a beggar – it’s bread! The questionnaire has an undefined photo from the back or from a distance of 100 meters. Faces are not disassembled, but it is visible that the figure is good. If she likes you, she will be interested in laughing at any of your jokes and in every possible way to demonstrate the location. However, with a break in the answers to her husband in the messenger. Orders a cappuccino or a latte. Well, and salad. About himself practically does not tell anything, but avidly listens to stories about how you spent your vacation or went to Berlin for the exhibition.

She has nothing to say to you except about a boring weekend with her husband who is cold and about the same vacation in Turkey. In general, the lady needs nothing from you, except a little attention and good sex. It is quite possible that it will happen even on the first date, so just in case, clean the apartment, have a couple of bottles of champagne in the fridge and fresh fruit. It will be a crazy adventure for her. After the sin has been committed, repentance can fall and disappear for a while from the horizon of events. Do not call or write to her. If you’ve been on top, you’ll show up in a week. Just remember – adultery as an adultery, and the family, and even with children, should not be destroyed. So as soon as you feel that Juanita is ready to pack up, throw her husband and move in under the stairs, tear up the relationship like a web on her face! (Do you feel the high metaphor?)

You and I are law-abiding citizens, and the contingent is under 18 years old. But here’s the catch. Some young ladies at 25 remain conditional eighth-graders. Infantile as Inches, despite the confident third size. Dress up at any age as a mother commanded. The experience of communicating with men is close to absolute zero, again according to the holy commandments of a pure mother. We can assure you that your mother knows where your daughter is now, saw your profile and carefully studied it. By the way, good news! You have passed casting! In her questionnaire very nice photos of how she and her mother climbed the mountain with her mother in Evpatoria, and then ride on a pony. Mom’s daughter on a date giggles at any occasion and talks about how they all class at the prom (10 years ago, please note!) went on a boat ride and was a fireworks. Mom was on the boat, too, no doubt about it. She orders fruit dessert and tea. Even if you’re a couple of years younger, you won’t be left with the feeling that you’re an abominable molester of minors. The date ends with your mother picking her up (by accident!) and taking the child home. Nine nights, after all. Sex…are you serious now? In order for you to be able to do this to her, you will first have to deposit your passport with her mother, propose to her hand and heart and get married. Mom will prepare your marriage bed for you herself, and only then will you lie down together and merge into something that usually happens in women’s novels… As you have already understood, we strongly recommend that you do not contact such a contingent to avoid trouble. The escortress lives on the mamba and in the tinder. Bright photos of bulging asses and ball-shaped chest tops, undoubtedly, will attract your attention, we know you.

She will communicate mainly with smileys and single-complex phrases. If you have signs of solvency in your application form (a photo of a good car, you in expensive tsatskas, resting in fashionable places), then the meeting will be agreed at once. She does not position herself as a prostitute, but prefers to receive money or other material niches for sex. Understand, as you know. girl escortess will come spectacular, with evening makeup, on 12 cm heels and with a decollete. Intellect, of course, will not amaze, but with all its strength it will seem nice. If you are not quite naive young man, the commercial component of your romantic meeting will be clear almost immediately. In case the courtesan sees that you are far from the cruel reality and believe in pure love with a silicone breast – will begin to hint directly that you would like a gift for the meeting. We don’t know how you feel about corrupt love, so we won’t take responsibility for recommending you in this case.

Silence occurs on all dating sites and social networks without exception. In the questionnaires only photos, without text posts and statuses. Photos are modest, but not devoid of languid charm. Well, there she is in a summer dress, barefooted and simply hairy, rambling on a dead leaf. She has serious problems with her communication skills, even though she has a humanitarian education. If you are such a virtuoso and will be able to arrange a date, remember that this is only the first part of the quest. Real berries are waiting for you in a real meeting. On a date will come in the same clothes as he goes to work. A hint of sexuality is either not at all or just a little noticeable. He orders mineral water without gas and lemon. But that’s not the worst part.

The lady is so closed to any kind of penetration that it is worth a lot of work to shake her up. At first, your dialogue reminds you of the shooting of a machine gunner and a soldier with a silicon shotgun. Your extremely witty story about modern music will be answered with a quiet voice saying “I don’t know”, after which, for a while, an awkward silence will reign while you are cramping for a new topic to talk about. Of course, all this does not dispose to continuation of relations, but we want to tell you this. We all know a wise saying about a quiet whirlpool. And if you make an effort, it is possible that an ocean of passion, handcuffs, melted wax and amateur porn is waiting for you. So take a closer look! Adventurer The most difficult type. Charming with her energy in correspondence, wit, photos and intelligence. Not married, more for ideological reasons. On the Internet more communicates than looking for someone for relationships or one-time sex. Beauty is the one that is not vulgar and unusual beauty that conquers and makes you fall in love. If you can normally express your thoughts in correspondence, and these thoughts are at least a little interesting – your chance to meet is very great. She needs a good adventure. In a short dress or a strict suit, because she worked late today.

Orders “Long Island”. For starters. In half an hour you realize that her life is much more interesting than yours, and she just started to talk about herself. By the end of the evening, you’re already hopelessly in love, and that’s sad. No, no, no, the sex will happen, maybe even today, but then what? Then she’ll be bored with you. In some century, you have thoughts of getting married, and she’s answering your calls less and less often, motivating you to be busy at work. As a result, she’ll leave you in a couple of months, you’ll start drinking bitter, you’ll be kicked out of work and your life will go to hell with your grandmother. Do you need it? Our advice is not to fall in love with such ladies. A couple of romantic dates, a rough night and find the strength to take off in the foggy distance. Leave good memories behind and that’s it. It will be better … In general, dare and do not forget to pay in time for the Internet – because now it is almost as a pledge of your bright personal life!