6 Ways to relax during your work day

Can’t work with the same productivity during the whole working day? We advise you to switch to a short rest in order to recover your strength.


Aboutmans.com recommends using simple techniques and rules that will help you stay productive throughout the day.


Was it possible?

Of course, there is a question, why should you rest at work, if the working time is called that and it is meant for work, not for rest.

Everyone is special, and no one can work with the same productivity throughout the day. Someone works effectively from 10 to 12 hours or from 4 to 6 pm. It is also worth taking into account physical abilities, without rest, concentration decreases, performance falls and mood deteriorates.


How to get a quick break during the working day


Change your working posture

While working, periodically change your body position. If you sit down and get up every half an hour, the muscles will already be a little easier. It’s even better to work standing up for a while.


    Nikolai Gogol worked on writing “Dead Souls” solely while standing.


And in some modern offices allow employees to work lying down, so there is less strain on the spine, the muscles are maximally relaxed, the heart rate slows down, resulting in lower stress levels.


Try to take short breaks of 5-10 minutes every 2 hours, during which you will actively move (as much as possible, of course, within the office).


If there is no place to exercise, simple exercises can be done right at your desk. Stretch in different directions, sit down several times, do bends or knead the feet.


Five-minute self-massage of the neck, shoulders and arms will help to return the ability to work.


There are companies where water coolers are placed as far away from the workplace as possible in order to “stir up” the workers. Also sometimes instead of individual trash cans they put common ones, so that one way or another one has to get up.

Breathe fresh air

Ventilate the room several times a day, at least in the morning or at lunchtime, and during your break find a reason to go outside the office and take a walk in the fresh air.


Alternate tasks

Combining different kinds of work helps you avoid overstressing. If you have several tasks, and each of them can be completed in one working day, you should not spend all 8 hours on only one task. Do several tasks pertaining to different tasks during the day.


And if there’s only one task, you can distract yourself to clean up your desk, make a to-do list, go take papers to a co-worker, or just dream about great plans for a weekend or vacation.


Listen to music

The sounds of a favorite song help many people relax. Try working with headphones, maybe you belong to the category of happy people who can work while listening to your favorite tracks. After all, quite a few people who are distracted by music, irritating and interfere with concentration, then you can try listening to pleasant sounds.

By the way, working with headphones will help not to be distracted by conversations in the team, which, incidentally, also take a lot of energy.


Use aromatherapy

In Japanese offices, for example, in the workspace spread the scents of mint and citrus fruits, which are invigorating and energizing.


Here it will have to agree or with the management, or with colleagues, as the smell that relaxes you, can irritate someone else, or even at all a person can be allergic.


If all your colleagues will be against your idea, then take note that the smell of coffee is invigorating and uplifting. You can put a bag of coffee on your desk and inhale its aroma when fatigue sets in.